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OpenLDAP Contributed Software README

OpenLDAP provides a number of freely-distributable LDAP software
packages.  Though distributed with OpenLDAP, they are not part of
OpenLDAP.  Some packages may be out of date.  Each package in
this directory has it's own use and redistribution restrictions
as documented within the package.

Current contributions:
		GTK-based frontend from Predrag Balorda

		TCL API from NeoSoft

		PHP3-based frontend from Predrag Balorda

		General purpose command-line LDAP client, modeled
		after ISODE's DISH (DIrectory SHell) client.
		Contributed by Eric Rosenquist.  See saucer/README
		and its man page for more information.

Please submit your contributions using the OpenLDAP Issue
Tracking System <>.

$OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/contrib/README,v 2000/09/08 15:03:48 kurt Exp $
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