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This directory contains a series of test scripts which are used to
verify basic functionality of the LDAP libraries, slapd, and slurpd.

	To run all of the tests, type "make test".
	To run BDB tests, type "make bdb".
	To run HDB tests, type "make hdb".
	To run LDBM tests, type "make ldbm".

The test scripts depends on a number of tools commonly available on
Unix (and Unix-like) systems.  While attempts have been made to make
these scripts reasonable portable, they may not run properly on your
system.  You may have to adjust your path so that compatible versions
of tools used are available to the scripts and/or you may have to
install replacement tools.  Platform specific hints may be found at:

To modify the debug level the tests run slapd with, set the SLAPD_DEBUG
environment variable.
	env SLAPD_DEBUG=1 make test

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