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2010-06-16  Petr Mladek  <>  [e0907d7fb88df5656b4b24c428e108b452d552da]

	Release ooo-build-  (3.2.1 maintenance udpate)

	* version  (3.2.1 maintenance update)
	* tag OOO_BUILD_3_2_1_4

2010-06-16  Petr Mladek  <>  [0184b8c46c399b8cddbc53dcd1a5440cd86050ac]

	Fix syntax error in the apply file

	* patches/dev300/apply: add "i#" before the issue number

2010-06-16  Petr Mladek  <>  [037f0c10c4921d891b5ecb15da4e174d6f1ad8a5]

	Update translations from the openSUSE community

	* po/ooo-build-fi.po:
	* po/ooo-build-fi.sdf:
	* po/ooo-build-lt.po:
	* po/ooo-build-lt.sdf:
	* po/ooo-build-pl.po:
	* po/ooo-build-pl.sdf: update from

2010-06-16  Petr Mladek  <>  [7189fdf8785b6c9ef9e687d16c410c1f8a944b5d]

	make the Euro Converter wizard work again by Caolan (i#100686)

	* patches/dev300/wizards-euroconv-types-not-mediatypes.diff:
	* patches/dev300/apply: corect the media types check; fix by Caolan (i#100686)

2010-06-16  Petr Mladek  <>  [360f9343c84489384de195cc6cf074971ebc97eb]

	Better fix for the KDE4 crasher by pl and Kendy (bnc#612491, i#112102)

	* patches/dev300/kde4-statusbar-redrawing-2.diff: ask a temporary QFrame object
	  for the real border size; fix by Kendy and pl (bnc#612491, i#112102)

2010-06-16  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [de42a432a7646e3e762ef6d51856c3aa6e5213bb]

	Dotted/dashed border in calc: added missing code

	* patches/dev300/border-types-dotted-dashed.diff:

2010-06-15  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [f80ecb6a1e0cc24a21ddf0d35fa25fd42511661d]

	Fixed n#612263

	* patches/dev300/border-types-dotted-dashed.diff:

2010-06-15  Petr Mladek  <>  [d85b62008cba959d1d997442f404d5230b786805]

	show the control geometric propertis correctly (bnc#610921)

	* patches/dev300/extensions-geometry-in-control-propsheet-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/apply: # workaround for regression caused by
	  metric-field-limits.diff; this hack has been created by Noel

2010-06-15  Petr Mladek  <>  [d15464b709b87fc6db0005d13ec246810ade080e]

	Do not pack presets/config/standard.soc.orig

	* bin/piece/file-list-extras:
	* bin/package-ooo: remove the non-wanted .orig file

2010-06-15  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [82526305a4541bf830d95c23fd3e7ec50b5b424b]

	Updated OxygenOffice templates to


2010-06-14  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [21de877115c7983a1ba890ebaf66a3feffb4e8ce]

	Updated Extension Aids to 20100612


2010-06-14  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [5c353e8ce5d5b378347143785c973347e5fdc9b9]

	Updated WatchWindow to version


2010-06-14  Petr Mladek  <>  [023d307b6befc69d0a2b1e07dc0871dd064a80ab]

	Fix kde4-statusbar-redrawing-2.diff to apply

	* patches/dev300/kde4-statusbar-redrawing-2.diff: add path to the mofified file

2010-06-14  Petr Mladek  <>  [3a1b50f81f4ef0716cb9d3bf914cc8e0308614f4]

	do not crash with non-Oxygen KDE4 theme (bnc#612491, i#109176)

	* patches/dev300/kde4-statusbar-redrawing-2.diff:
	* patches/dev300/apply: use better border width; check the area size

2010-06-13  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [8df1d8b171808b184f23ee496d202fda3634e8a2]

	Adds Magyar Linux Libertine to OxygenOffice extra packages

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/scp2_accessories.diff:

2010-06-13  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [f49e145646f187597be96ab62b28e8622c096bbd]

	Updated OxygenOffice distro confs

	* distro-configs/
	* distro-configs/

2010-06-13  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [6e4e48135aeca3d5eea4858dc4fb5a81683764eb]

	Added patch from graphite02 for OxygenOffice only

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/i111054patch20100503.diff:

2010-06-13  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [025506156ab9d10c87db948c950bfe9cb919b373]

	Creting OxygenOffice Linux only section

	* patches/dev300/apply:

2010-06-11  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [c2fbef152566f24c9bcfd74d638e78a1eed95c4d]

	Remove one color from the OOo palette when installing the Novell colors.

	With the Novell colors, we have 111 in total, which introduces a scrollbar for
	just one color (the matrix is 10x11).

	* patches/dev300/novell-palette.diff:

2010-06-11  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [a47f21813f5724e78d5e1f68481ddf486e2e1fb1]

	Fix the New table toolbar tool, n#612013.

	In one case, it was hidden by other toolbars.  This also makes the patch even
	less intrusive :-)

	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-rsc.diff: Update.
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-vcl.diff:

2010-06-10  Miklos Vajna  <>  [39e51b29d0b0a31900b98b2941c06866ef0a1a62]

	Revert "Update Frugalware section list"

	This reverts commit d0695881637ca869087d6431eaa449e5022b8448.

	This is no longer necessary, now that we have a separate DisableGCJ

2010-06-10  Petr Mladek  <>  [bfb600de353ff88f4101753d1e2533935eed0459]

	Disable gcj only on SUSE-based distros

	* patches/dev300/apply: move jvmfwk-disable-gcj.diff to DisableGCJ section;
	  use DisableGCJ section only for SUSE* distros

2010-06-10  Miklos Vajna  <>  [d0695881637ca869087d6431eaa449e5022b8448]

	Update Frugalware section list

	* patches/dev300/apply: remove NovellOnlyUnix from Frugalware.

2010-06-09  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [6ac8e94a545edf6dca30629fd3dd4e483c8ae3f8]

	Update OxygenOffice section

	* patches/dev300/apply:

2010-06-04  Chris Cheney  <>  [c38220b15012cbc7928d02d9b92485ee7075d07c]

	Update Ubuntu specific patches for OOo 3.2.1

	* patches/dev300/ubuntu-no-stack-protector.diff:
	* patches/dev300/ubuntu-palette.diff: Update Ubuntu specific patches for
	  OOo 3.2.1

2010-06-04  Rene Engelhard  <>  [1a14a0e6874393defbf9e68c6b1a42aaea1dd6a8]

	add powerpc fixes from i#107182 and i#107183

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/powerpc-fix-argument-passing-in-a-rare-case.diff:
	* patches/dev300/powerpc-softfloat-support.diff:

2010-06-04  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [90e4ad2f54d47c2248300846b3adb87a30142f77]

	Fix poor performance on saving ods doc with lots of hidden rows.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-ods-export-hidden-rows.diff: the reason
	  came down to the fact that I was comparing the heights of hidden
	  rows in two different ways, which forced Calc to iterate over the
	  entire rows from 0 to MAXROW. (deb#582785)

2010-06-03  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [d5cf3230af31842b6fd8181110e1e657220634b0]

	Restore the second call to ChangeEditMode.

	* patches/dev300/draw-load-layer-visibility-fix.diff:

2010-06-03  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [0b593b4a890a27ba3643896ad9668dd70c76e5fb]

	Properly mark invisible layers upon document load.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/draw-load-layer-visibility-fix.diff: call
	  ResetActualLayer() after the view settings are read to mark
	  invisible layers properly. (n#606434)

2010-06-03  Petr Mladek  <>  [ee2eb0fda0c3a0d59da260e3839e5a55cfb664ef]

	allow to start OOo on cifs; patch by Caolan (i#108106)

	* patches/dev300/backport-ftruncate-check.diff:
	* patches/dev300/apply: check if the file was successfully truncated (i#108106)

2010-06-02  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [969f5efe3379df118c288726cb3edec5b327f040]

	OxygenOffice styled progress bar

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/ooop-splash.diff:

2010-06-02  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [85403d38f40c12a00a3107308da2414fb47137ee]

	Updated patch

	* patches/dev300/ooop-win32-installer-branding.diff:

2010-06-02  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [7a24ec3188363c14414d6a1618694376f07d3c02]

	Updated patch

	* patches/dev300/palette-enhanced-color.diff:

2010-06-02  Fridrich Štrba  <>  [a79380e5c092760e571ab16bb06942344c7ad24f]

	Packaging MySQL connector

	* patches/dev300/extensions_configure.diff:
	* patches/dev300/extensions_packinfo.diff:
	* patches/dev300/scp2_extensions.diff:

2010-06-01  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [b76faf965de2bf980bbdb552320f3b615154f212]

	Fixed incorrect automatic print area assignment.

	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-extend-print-area.diff: the old
	  code failed to properly set print area when the right end
	  has no data cell but just objects (such as chart objects).

2010-06-01  Fridrich Štrba  <>  [3221d7f2aa949c168e520f127187442d993aa937]

	Build project languagetool if the build type is LANGUAGETOOL

	* patches/dev300/postprocess-extra-extensions.diff:

2010-06-01  Fridrich Štrba  <>  [aa422789c618a50a4e36279107e507311d2df832]

	Trying to restore the goddies that went by error

	* patches/dev300/scp2_extensions.diff: trying to restore
	  the goodies were removed [by error :(] in

2010-05-31  Andras Timar  <>  [9f72ef70a00f154d228152d171ea96e0cafe12a4]

	hu translation fixes

	* src/sdf/fixes-hu.sdf:

2010-05-30  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [e850394d78aa4b5ece1fcc69b61f594a40027915]

	Small cosmetic fixes that caused build breakage

	* patches/dev300/scp2_makefile_accessories.diff:

2010-05-30  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [8153dd821c50ba3b01a0b705407e3f0a4257f180]

	Update Extension aids to 20100530.


2010-05-28  Petr Mladek  <>  [c3de1d0e74253ed34b5ce78e8852b816638ee7b1]

	Release ooo-build-  (3.2.1-rc3)

	* version  (3.2-rc3)
	* tag OOO_BUILD_3_2_1_3

2010-05-28  Petr Mladek  <>  [b8fc6bbc27882f2f0d969001ba88f8d9ce83bf1b]

	Default tag ooo320-m19

	* default tag ooo320-m19; builds fine here...

2010-05-28  Rene Engelhard  <>  [436fbede7e130ef0924fc0be58cdd4a4843f5c2a]

	fix bashisms in upstream configure (== vs. =)

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/configure-test-operator.diff:

2010-05-27  Chris Cheney  <>  [027800c5fd182a9a797335062ebf6a6800a5fee4]

	Add the Ubuntu ARM patches for Maverick

	* patches/dev300/apply: Add the Ubuntu ARM patches for Maverick

2010-05-27  Chris Cheney  <>  [9e6c5e76189d6a20b22927d901daa21078d00ec4]

	Ubuntu fixes for building on ARM (from 3.2 branch)

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/arm-vis.diff: Fix configure check to test for a visibility
	  bug in GCC on ARM.
	* patches/dev300/ubuntu-arm-thumb.diff: Build with -fno-schedule-insns instead
	  of -Os on ARM to work around GCC register spill errors.

2010-05-27  Fridrich Štrba  <>  [41134493889e4d3030bd15a209e0f13576a001b3]

	Remove patchability patches and move progress-bar

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-reportbuilder-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-reportbuilder.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-scp2-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-scp2.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-sdext.diff:

2010-05-27  Chris Cheney  <>  [629d8c3ef2c098936a1f86f0ed9094419e99972b]

	Patch to add Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) support

	This patch adds support to build under Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick).

	  src/Ubuntu.dic: Patch to add Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) support.

2010-05-27  Chris Cheney  <>  [5f573652f5afd1e2708d057b8e42ea33ec4786de]

	Patch to drop Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) support

	This patch removes support to build under Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid.

	  patches/dev300/apply: Patch to remove Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) support.

2010-05-27  Chris Cheney  <>  [17470d3e4edb695fcbbc7eb3b4660551293f97a4]

	Patch to add Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) support

	This patch adds support to build under Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid.

	  src/Ubuntu.dic: Patch to add Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) support.

2010-05-26  Petr Mladek  <>  [159fc1c3ad83732f44a7a2fcacd4b19885deac7a]

	Update the Novell branding for OOo-3.2.1

	* src/openintro_nld.bmp:
	* src/openintro_nld.svg:
	* src/openintro_nld_eval.bmp:
	* src/openintro_nld_eval.svg: replace 3.2 with 3.2.1

2010-05-26  Thorsten Behrens  <>  [6ce7bc2058982141d9a2adf01d32d89e09c70738]

	Blind fix was verified, moving from novell to general section

	* patches/dev300/apply: moved patch win32-monitor-fix.diff

2010-05-26  Andras Timar  <>  [d3f1f32537fd9836af5a357b73a8f715dc38d5e4]

	updated branding

2010-05-26  Andras Timar  <>  [9b3132ed85254459912d4c87b7bfebceda3277c9]

	hu translation fixes

2010-05-25  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [3a2e5cddfaf7cb17dc26aabe5cafc5ffb72222a0]

	Set the text color blue when the layer tab in Draw is set invisible.

	In Draw, the tabs of invisible layers should display blue text, but
	the text color remained black. (n#606434)

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-insert-new-sheet-tab-svtools-fix.diff:

2010-05-25  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [93709df8845f0ef82e4791ac3ca922287de2c53a]

	When launching native GTK dialogs, translate mnemonics properly.

	* patches/dev300/ok-cancel-btn-add-accel.diff: replace '~' with
	  '_' when launching native GTK dialogs. (n#608572)

2010-05-25  Petr Mladek  <>  [89dbb3bb1fc8fb28c907449aa549dfee2f6d4f90]

	Release ooo-build-  (3.2.1-rc2)

	* version  (3.2-rc2)
	* tag OOO_BUILD_3_2_1_2

2010-05-25  Petr Mladek  <>  [501f0e5cb908e6814e2dcfbbffcf6f22166f0b2b]

	Show the really used default icon theme in options (bnc#603169)

	* patches/dev300/optional-icon-themes-without-oxygen.diff:
	* patches/dev300/optional-icon-themes.diff: check also the icon theme
	  prefered by the native widget plugin (bnc#603169)

2010-05-25  Rene Engelhard  <>  [cb8c6375244cf9d7d73e1dc700a1ef61784259f1]

	we need a m19 with Mac OSX source changes, thus m19 == final?


2010-05-25  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [221455e15c0e59fcc3717838490f46790b54c00a]

	Revert "Disabling ok-cancel-btn-add-accel.diff for the release."

	This reverts commit e6cdecf94aa0847cdc6c8d686a5f85ad4a90eaa6.

2010-05-25  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [e6cdecf94aa0847cdc6c8d686a5f85ad4a90eaa6]

	Disabling ok-cancel-btn-add-accel.diff for the release.

	In some of the dialogs, this causes the buttons to have text like [~OK] on the
	button, instead of the accelerator :-(

	* patches/dev300/apply:

2010-05-25  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [838bfa4fab074246878ed832a3a655ffd96317a7]

	Set FileFormatVersion for the ISO/IEC OOXML presentation filters

	(cherry picked from commit 30eaed3a3e874198622737d86706798471d64ce9)

2010-05-24  Kalman Szalai - KAMI  <>  [c600e48ae8b1e1028c2617dc2cac8c8f855135c1]

	Updated Extensionaids to 20100518


2010-05-24  Petr Mladek  <>  [ce501e0c1791d266d636094ec4c52e10a2acd917]

	Update other files with Wei Ming Khoo

	* patches/dev300/go-oo-team.diff:
	* src/easter/people.txt:
	* src/go-oo-team.png:

2010-05-24  Petr Mladek  <>  [1c62cbd803f7aa17f392d645be54362666234b62]

	Add Wei Ming Khoo to the Go-oo team

	* src/easter/weimingkhoo.png: add

2010-05-24  Petr Mladek  <>  [3a8e3d899865cf9a18af36d5055761e4913b366a]

	redraw the status bar when needed in KDE4 (bnc#567886, i#107945)

	* patches/dev300/kde4-statusbar-redrawing.diff:
	* patches/dev300/apply: backport from CWS vcl109; fix by pl

2010-05-21  Petr Mladek  <>  [de42716088f065fe89c3691e930547c6d09c1c87]

	associate application/x-wpg with oodraw (bnc#589624)

	* desktop/ add application/x-wpg to MimeType (bnc#589624)

2010-05-21  Rene Engelhard  <>  [ba6042b35d2821cd39b219518322c57ac13829c1]

	OOO320_m18 == 3.2.1 rc2


2010-05-21  Petr Mladek  <>  [02d19c9045d623dc4393eb10062f117a6da31e0c]

	layouted zoom dialog was not localized (bnc#595823)

	* patches/dev300/layout-generate-localize-sdf.diff: the localized strings
	  were searched in wrong file (bnc#595823)

2010-05-21  Petr Mladek  <>  [ab5f47b17d5a8cb773b0b53e2c8adecb8de80de2]

	Disabled gcj in supported JRE's (NovellLinuxOnly)

	* patches/dev300/jvmfwk-disable-gcj.diff: disable gcj in javavendors_linux.xml;
	  OOo newer really worked with it
	* patches/dev300/apply: apply the above diff in NovellLinuxOnly section
	* patches/dev300/build-java-1.4-enable.diff: update to apply

2010-05-21  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [14d4043b6384f6a1a1e2947edc779ffe46221f99]

	RTF bullet roundtrip fixes

	The RTF import code wasn't using the new numbering code: that introduced
	problems when loading and saving the same simple RTF files.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/sw-num-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/sw-rtf-num-fix.diff:
	   Enhanced and renamed the patch to have a more significant name

2010-05-20  Petr Mladek  <>  [79b8f937160eb0591be151bd7b2b96fc2bf12f0c]

	Sort filelists to get repeatable results

	* bin/piece/install-devel-helper: sort filelists; fix by Andreas Jaeger
	  <aj at suse dot de>

2010-05-20  Petr Mladek  <>  [e21905bd478e76676a916f8e02c0fcf1274e9ac6]

	Fix repeated postprocess installation

	* bin/piece/post-inst-postprocess: force removing of

2010-05-19  Chris Cheney  <>  [275dce9de504ce941389f1b15a6f763124d6086a]

	Add support to turn off locking for cifs.

	However, coreutils 7.4 still does not recognize cifs yet.

	* patches/dev300/soffice-opengl-and-locking-config.diff: Add support to turn
	  off locking for cifs.

2010-05-19  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [fdaf78eb13e30b8f658c33d1518ac49f3cd35428]

	Fixed n#569266: RTF export bugs WRT bullets

	cherry-picked from 3.2.0 branch

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/sw-num-fix.diff:

2010-05-19  Thorsten Behrens  <>  [3573438122230eedcaa7c43bcf14a7cd122ccb9f]

	Fix embedded media to break on 2nd load

	* patches/dev300/apply: added below patch
	* patches/dev300/cws-impressmedia01-linkfix.diff: replace Package URI
	  with proper relative path on storing, otherwise reload of doc will
	  loose you the embedded media file.

2010-05-18  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [21fd06310ddcc71ccfd2bd1d94df9ff3cb30dfc7]

	Added IZ number for a patch.

	* patches/dev300/apply:

2010-05-18  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [7c33820f635e7ef4e9c4374ae73943453dbcd30f]

	Fixed a crasher in Calc when pasting time data into two successive cells.

	* patches/dev300/calc-general-type-auto-decimal-disable-linebreak.diff:
	  Keep all modified pattern attribute instances since the old patterns
	  are still referenced in the subsequent loop. (n#606975)

2010-05-18  Thorsten Behrens  <>  [e6d597a421e39ab63624c07186715d26697e38b4]

	Moved rsid xml attributes to officeooo experimental NS

	* patches/dev300/writer-doc-comparison.diff: the code adds two new
	  attributes to odf, rsid and paragraph-rsid. moved those to the experimental namespace, and
	  made the whole storing conditional to "odf next" mode (the
	  default). Checked that older versions don't barf on the unknown

2010-05-17  Thorsten Behrens  <>  [3bbc9c350a306ff88146c3b9c0ce71ea4c8222a0]

	Fix crash due to missing slot call parameter

	* patches/dev300/apply: added below patch
	* patches/dev300/cws-impressmedia01-slotparams-fix.diff: make sure
	  SID_INSERT_AVMEDIA is executed with two parameters given. This
	  patch also goes all the way to make gallery sounds to be embedded,
	  too - avoiding the nasty surprises of privately-added gallery items
	  suddenly missing on the target machine. Fixes n#597691.

2010-05-14  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [f130a005c60ed3e7fbea87490685ad9845f9e29c]

	Patch for the WatchWindow extension.

	* extensions/watchwindow/watchwindow-leave-ref-flags-alone.diff:
	  We should not reset the flags of reference tokens from formula
	  cells, as it alters their appearance when they get displayed.

2010-05-14  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [d59e6921b43b91c50be26e3d946ddd4db0f11a4c]

	Fixed build.xml for the watch window extension.

	* extensions/watchwindow/build.xml:

2010-05-14  Thorsten  <thb@thorstens-computer.local>  [12071dc0341f24d661fd71c8a82df5ed7dbd8a3e]

	Fix mac build

	D	patches/dev300/apple-remote-update.diff: patch is upstream
	M	patches/dev300/apply: removed apple-remote fix
	M	patches/dev300/transogl-crossplatform.diff: adapted to
	        copyright header changes

2010-05-13  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [167f27d5a6facd69babdcb37177415821bd5c532]

	Fixed build breakage on Windows due to mdds.

	* patches/dev300/mdds-makefile-mk.diff: apparently the makefile
	  was not correctly written.

2010-05-13  Petr Mladek  <>  [cc44a8bea8a303c15b6f931297ab76b71bb9c747]

	Branch ooo-build-3-2-1 (stable branch for OOo-3.2.1)

	* branch ooo-build-3-2-1: based on ooo-build, version, tag OOO_BUILD_3_2_1_1

2010-05-13  Petr Mladek  <>  [5e278298d80b330727e4fc322f008c6006295fb7]

	Release ooo-build-  (3.2.1-rc1)

	* version  (3.2-rc1)
	* tag OOO_BUILD_3_2_1_1

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [5d9eac3f1f79ffaa7fa3cb327ca4c5b07de02bea]

	disabled slightly risky patch before release

	* patches/dev300/apply:

2010-05-13  Petr Mladek  <>  [906599112a14f662ebdd4ac7d193bb584c8c5ef7]

	Update ooo-build translations from openSUSE community

	* po/ooo-build-*.po: update from
	* po/ooo-build-*.sdf: update by "make update-sdf"

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [0805a47e85eed011e3bc8fcd24b0a545b2572efd]

	remove patch which went upstream

	* patches/dev300/transogl-transitions-slideshow.diff:

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [332bb218e1382020e6f820269ff79043e6619f86]

	reenabled lost patch, updated to make it apply

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-transitions-newsflash-pptin.diff:

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [21e0f16379adb35705c0caabb1008041e9f8fd3d]

	remove patches which went upstream

	* patches/dev300/transogl-mesa-fallback.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-pixmap-to-texture.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-shader-transitions-1.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-shader-transitions.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-sync-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-transitions-newsflash.diff:

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [2f2e0efe01c5af749bbbafc7005600eb236e5c96]

	remove patches which went upstream

	* patches/dev300/transogl-dispose-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-fix-dual-head.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-fix-first-slide.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-fix-presenter-view.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-fix-remote.diff:

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [bc7f9b1a7f5e771cb57887563872ef85147991ee]

	remove patches which went upstream

	* patches/dev300/transogl-buildfix-pixmap-ext.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-buildfix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-debug-time.diff:
	* patches/dev300/transogl-detect-fix.diff:

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [610d9d05daf211d42e6f2f4b725933c985229663]

	updated and reenabled orphaned patch

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/emf+/emf+-canvas-vcl-clear.diff:

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [ad49835945ad18385e273b6de38288ce5444a689]

	removed patches which went upstream

	* patches/emf+/emf+-canvas-line-width.diff:
	* patches/emf+/emf+-canvas-smooth-poly.diff:
	* patches/emf+/emf+-canvas-vcl-non-closed-polygons.diff:

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [dcc2d918f076a0923d1b7c360e8e45d4b3d534fd]

	removed patch which went upstream

	* patches/dev300/slideshow-plugin-transition-fix.diff:

2010-05-13  Radek Doulik  <>  [01d613e9ca72e98d7f67b5a430c3313304e560c1]

	svx-ppt-bullet-offset-fix.diff (n#593609)

	- forgot to enable it, so enabling it now

	* patches/dev300/apply:

2010-05-13  Rene Engelhard  <>  [6f37844d64a9a56e30baa3ab9fd5abea8d1b6099]

	clean up mdds copying a bit

	* bin/ add SYSTEM_MDDS variable
	* bin/unpack: remove duplicate check, don't try to copy when using
	* (basic) conditional to ste ooo-builds SYSTEM_MDDS

2010-05-13  Rene Engelhard  <>  [40a2ddb72d0c7d5bde81fba001516f2c8d390c7b]

	implement system-mdds

	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-flat-segment-tree.diff: use <> instead of ""
	* patches/dev300/mdds-build-dependency-sc.diff: mdds -> MDDS:mdds,
	* patches/dev300/system-mdds.diff: add parts
	* patches/dev300/apply: apply system-mdds.diff

2010-05-12  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [b4179eaeafd70cfcd13d8cb95a8481f4ba218159]

	Fixed bug in automatic adjustment of decimals when printer matrics are used.

	The automatic decimal adjustment failed when the "Use printer matrics for
	text formatting" option was checked in the Options dialog.  This patch fixes
	it. (i#111559)

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-general-type-auto-decimal-printer-matrix-fix.diff:

2010-05-12  Rene Engelhard  <>  [d300c2a96502f5d2f0d0e0608245084614e2aba5]

	actually we don't have the MDDS BUILD_TYPE yet so revert that for now :)

	* patches/dev300/mdds-build-dependency-sc.diff:

2010-05-12  Rene Engelhard  <>  [3a18110f9bd4bf6608a336443da940e9d3444738]

	fix some minor hickups in new mdds

	* patches/dev300/mdds-build-dependency-sc.diff: mdds -> MDDS:mdds to pepare for
	* patches/dev300/mdds-prj-build-lst.diff: add dep on BOOST:boost

2010-05-12  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [6a6112791605f622e64fcb6b432400b838fbe3a1]

	Download mdds_0.3.0.tar.bz2 which is now required to build sc.

	* bin/unpack:

2010-05-12  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [a532d6fb47ce8b31e3c1ba59cec4898ca03ca6d3]

	Create a new mdds top level module.

	Also consolidate all hunks related to segment tree implementation
	into a single patch.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-extend-print-area.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-flat-segment-tree.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-import-dbf-sc.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-last-rowflags-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-ods-import-cellstyles.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-ods-import-row-height.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-page-and-manual-breaks-fwd-iterator.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-speedup-pagebreak-update.diff:
	* patches/dev300/mdds-build-dependency-sc.diff:
	* patches/dev300/mdds-makefile-mk.diff:
	* patches/dev300/mdds-prj-build-lst.diff:
	* patches/dev300/mdds-prj-d-lst.diff:

2010-05-12  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [ef997eac4bffee9efe4df2833bfd6ac18e7be882]

	Fixed build problem for ooxml autoplay

	* patches/dev300/ooxml-autoplay-fix.diff:

2010-05-12  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [84353803f071cc9dd20562f2628c6677f27ab542]

	Apply some of the KDE4 diffs on all platforms

	They touch only KDE4 code anyway, and other diffs that are used on all
	platforms depend on context introduced by them.

2010-05-12  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [012b1bd633f923ec48800a05d59cc685a8f8253c]

	Adjust the default display format for general number format.

	Numbers represented by IEEE 754 double precisions always have
	trailing rounding errors, which makes it impossible to keep or
	strip trailing zeros the mathematically correct way.  We need
	to copromise here.

	See i#111533 for more detail.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-general-type-auto-decimal-ieee754-fix.diff:

2010-05-12  Petr Mladek  <>  [f3c9dcfaf745d8c43114aee0aeac506600789506]

	unopkg-regenerate-cache improvements (bnc#597573)

	* bin/unopkg-regenerate-cache: write error message when ooo_home is not defined
	  or does not exist; exit when the current extension source could not be copied
	  or zipped; add --force option to regenerate the chache without any particular
	  broken extension; it might be more useful in general to regenerate a randomly
	  broken UNO cache (bnc#597573)

2010-05-12  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [635736e0c324739b4cab7735e14b5ba3ec7d25bb]

	Fixed OOXMLExportDevel build

	 * Getting all the ooxml-filters patches in a correct order
	 * Don't build OOXMLExport321 when building OOXMLExportDevel

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/ooxml-autoplay-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/ooxml-filters.diff:

2010-05-12  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [b334b53be3127901b8c10f229471b5ccd65ad2bf]

	Fixed ooxml-filters.diff for m17

	* patches/dev300/ooxml-filters.diff:

2010-05-12  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [84d613e9d4ab2e8cc72a49a7ec46aac1df847f2f]

	CJK defaults options change

	Compatibility option for expanding spaces with lines containing manual
	break is toggled off for CJK locales

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/cjk-default-compatibility.diff:

2010-05-12  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [cd7d636d9626569d8a36968ba2ff23652393cd7f]

	Update the 'Undo' and 'Redo' toolbar tools too.

	* patches/dev300/apply: Add.
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-svx-undo-redo.diff: The update.
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-svx.diff: Move the undo/redo related bits
	  to the patch above.
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-vcl.diff: Fix redrawing of the title when

2010-05-12  Rene Engelhard  <>  [da30f7f1d5fe7b55d39c9ec5c88b07a825e69a76]

	fix system-mythes for mythes 1.2

	* patches/dev300/fix-system-mythes-for-mythes-1.2.diff: handle -lmythes1.2
	* patches/dev300/system-lpsolve-rpath.diff: adapt
	* patches/dev300/apply: adapt

2010-05-12  Petr Mladek  <>  [09ddd4be587553d98469599e15375f91e9942b1a]

	Set correctly the upstream build version in the split build (bnc#582120)

	* bin/piece/install-generic: get the version from solenv/inc/

2010-05-12  Petr Mladek  <>  [5e45e307b4d998eb38af8acf5df3fabc7e845d5a]

	Split build of extensions in ooo320-m17 fix

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/piece-mysqlc.diff:
	* patches/dev300/piece-reportbuilder.diff:
	* patches/dev300/piece-sdext.diff:

2010-05-12  Petr Mladek  <>  [3f3593f94999aa3e12846cf051ba35942addca2e]

	handle git diff headers in the split build

	* bin/ filter out the git headers; it is hard to keep the right
	  git headers with the related hunks; patch tool is confused with the
	  non-related index entry; it is not really needed

2010-05-12  Petr Mladek  <>  [f6f182d93a7565e8ef877dbb3596f48ba1297e15]

	Updated the prebuilt setup_native_packinfo to ooo320-m17

	* bin/unpack:
	* update tarball version

2010-05-12  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [57699fc1e7c7843b623c80d08927b8f88de62a08]

	Removed redundant header, added some comments

	* patches/dev300/apply:

2010-05-11  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [bb5d066d9d7872e187b7d974fcd6805815944893]

	Fixed another R1C1 parser error.

	The R1C1 parser failed to parse an expression involving minus operators
	e.g. R[-2]C-R[-1]C, due to the '-' occurring both within the reference
	strings and as a subtraction operator.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-formula-r1c1-parser-fix.diff: dynamically change
	  character modifier based on the preceding character so that '-'
	  following '[' can have an extra modifier value. (n#604903)

2010-05-12  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [e3f309806ee9fae66c432249de417f0a8388a173]

	Only one section owner allowed...

	* patches/dev300/apply: Fix.

2010-05-12  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [a01167cbe69f385e63a68a2c83dbba6ff26f4e12]

	Updated the 'New table' widget to the new look of the toolbars.

	* patches/dev300/apply: Update.
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-fix-new-table.diff: Remove.
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-svx-tables-columns.diff: New.
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-vcl.diff: Small update of the condition
	  when the popup title is shown.

2010-05-12  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [3c2cbb46e5424270b0e6da017ccbe82ca2c71b13]

	Less intrusive approach to the nicer toolbar decorations.

	* patches/dev300/apply: Apply the new files.
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-rsc.diff:
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-svx.diff:
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-vcl-nwf.diff:
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-vcl.diff:

2010-05-12  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [eda5b3bd2c2bbc2e57d4b7e2d954ef65004d7d74]

	Fix the KDE4 border frame width.

	* patches/dev300/apply: Add.
	* patches/dev300/kde4-border-frame.diff:

2010-05-11  Radek Doulik  <>  [ae46dc000a1c26ab71efeaede26b9b94da19fdb9]

	added patch to fix bullet list paragraphs indentation n#593609

	- fixes TextRulerAtom record import, where we sometime ended up with bullet offsets close to 0xffff

	* patches/dev300/svx-ppt-bullet-offset-fix.diff:

2010-05-11  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [2a9beffda15eb47b0c8a7f0c99efbfec401f6446]

	Added muthu's patch, implementing OOXML Calc UI hooks

	* patches/dev300/apply:

2010-05-11  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [ae0e9fdd3d7d539715ba6aa65bc61b16c664daa8]

	Make getVersion() method public

	* patches/dev300/ooxml-filters.diff:

2010-05-11  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [286a1b59c74a4c6de94656e9a30f3a520e8458d8]

	Added meaningful FileFormatVersion entry

	XclExpXmlStream::getVersion() reads it

	* patches/dev300/ooxml-filters-calc.diff:

2010-05-11  Radek Doulik  <>  [e63f951c3a9849f1207f3a073a42a6e26be827f5]

	fixed reading tab stops in text ruler atom

	* scratch/mso-dumper/src/

2010-05-11  Radek Doulik  <>  [da9884417b67e5f2795f20a171b5380015b4b25c]

	added TextRulerAtom record handler

	* scratch/mso-dumper/src/
	* scratch/mso-dumper/src/

2010-05-11  Muthu Subramanian, in Author Name  <>  [97aafc794cc0814790073690bc397d10334481cc]

	Adding Calc UI Hooks for ooxml.

	* patches/dev300/ooxml-filters-calc.diff:

2010-05-11  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [76d67fec846f7847216ebdadd73021a1e044a9f1]

	Add also OOXML Presentation AutoPlay type and filter fragments

	* patches/dev300/ooxml-autoplay-fix.diff: New file. Note that this
	  diff file depends on pptx-autoplay-fix.diff having being already
	* patches/dev300/apply: Add it to OOXMLExportDevel

2010-05-11  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [eb77867aa7070e79bea5e33acac30d4ec04a7afb]

	Fix diff syntax glitch

2010-05-11  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [c684ed8728364b32cb682651a92695bc8769ce39]

	Add OOXML type and filter fragments for presentations

	* patches/dev300/ooxml-filters.diff: Add new .xcu files for Office
	  Open XML Presentation and Presentation Template.

	M	patches/dev300/ooxml-filters.diff

2010-05-11  Thorsten Behrens  <>  [ed8a3ca8e9f72759572752fb318ba6c10cf28569]

	Fix monitor detection for win32

	* patches/dev300/apply: added below patch
	* patches/dev300/win32-monitor-fix.diff: weed out inactive monitors
	  in vcl, to avoid e.g. external, but disconnected screens to
	  receive presenter screen. Fixes n#580562.

2010-05-10  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [8d080b5109a9f8765e5ee3a60d4bcaeba643c94c]

	Enhanced ooxml-filters.diff and unapplied it

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	    Moved the ooxml-filters.diff into some experimental section

	* patches/dev300/ooxml-filters.diff:
	    Using FileFormatVersion value to distinguish the OOXML versions

2010-05-10  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [6264126e4feea97570231868c29d6186988405d2]

	Exported the <w:lid> for Ruby in docx

	* patches/dev300/docx-fixes02.diff:

2010-05-10  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [267cbead9e763dbae3b5a1743f4e56d9388086e8]

	'\n'  too much :(

	* patches/dev300/xlsx-shared-xlsx-arabic-export-crash.diff:

2010-05-10  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [3fe692b98b3ba73f91d11013d9d73ae29de21393]

	Different fix to prevent crash in bnc#497419

	The crash is caused by exporting NULL mxTokArray (it is NULL
	in all but one cells that contain shared formula). So here's
	check for NULL value in SaveXML(). If it is done earlier in
	ctor, extra NAME (xls) or extra <definedName> (xlsx) are

	* patches/dev300/xlsx-shared-xlsx-arabic-export-crash.diff:

2010-05-10  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [a27692b726839b293bafbeb479eb0680d0c515fa]

	Fork win32-prebuilt-writingaids-zip.diff for m17

	Forgot to commit the modified win32-prebuilt-writingaids-zip.diff

2010-05-10  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [6a8c767e92d871df2575aed086e12fbcb92637a0]

	Fork win32-prebuilt-writingaids-zip.diff for m17

2010-05-08  Rene Engelhard  <>  [0b5dc1b95015f6db2f88e780aa4f00030ab38039]



2010-05-07  Rene Engelhard  <>  [3039845d306ab722166c74da76e6769eb2257aef]

	port reportdesign-mention-package-l10n.diff to m17

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesign-mention-package-l10n-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesign-mention-package-l10n.diff:

2010-05-07  Petr Mladek  <>  [da60f53f7a48beb3cd23e9175106503079eba6de]

	update diffs for ooo320-m17

	* patches/dev300/default-no-registration-menu-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/default-no-registration-menu.diff:
	* patches/dev300/helpcontent-scalc-01-localize-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/helpcontent-scalc-01-localize.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-reportbuilder-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-reportbuilder.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-scp2-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-scp2.diff:
	* patches/dev300/redirect-extensions-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/redirect-extensions.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesigner-no-license-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesigner-no-license.diff:
	* patches/dev300/scp2_extensions-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/scp2_extensions.diff:
	* patches/dev300/svtools-wmf-clipperf-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/svtools-wmf-clipperf.diff:
	* patches/dev300/vcl-netbook-export-small-screen-mode-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/vcl-netbook-export-small-screen-mode.diff:
	* patches/dev300/vcl-netbook-m16.diff:
	* patches/dev300/vcl-netbook.diff:
	* patches/emf+/emf+-svtools-m16.diff:
	* patches/emf+/emf+-svtools.diff:
	* patches/dev300/apply: update for ooo320-m17

2010-05-07  Noel Power  <>  [a5d4f48bbf71873897af6e0cf889277f93a4339b]

	add local static variables to fast cache

	* patches/test/vba-directlocalvaraccess.diff:

2010-05-07  Rene Engelhard  <>  [85554dd655098b1bb485ff42ba0c5c779dfb085b]

	remove broken .orig hunk

	* patches/dev300/fix-arm-eabi-bridge.diff:

2010-05-07  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [30cc0a15425d015d958d087a3e9ec92237cb4c82]

	Added symbols to enable instantiation of xlsx export filter

	in a shared filter
	* patches/dev300/xlsx-shared-xlsx-shared-import-and-export.diff:

2010-05-07  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [306939db66ccb9fd921eea8059eb9d22d48ecf6b]

	Don't put bogus file links in exported presentation PDF

	In some cases when exporting a PDF from a presentation, we are asked
	to export an empty "link annotation", which gets turned into a rather
	bogus file: link to the directory the presentadion document is in.
	Just don't bother handling such empty "link annotations". Should fix

	* patches/dev300/skip-empty-links-in-pdf.diff: New simple patch to
	* patches/dev300/apply: Add it to Fixes.

2010-05-07  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [a1646c50bad25768d400b14b15f68bb91154a53a]

	Make space for progress bar in openintro_nld.bmp

	Make it wider and move the red "Novell" text down to make space for
	the progress bar's new size and location.

2010-05-07  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [7daaad0388963409115ebe86dd5952fb8cef24da]

	Don't bother with fix-arm-eabi-bridge.diff on Windows

	It creats armhelper.S and deletes armhelper.s which gets interesting
	on a case-insensitive file system.

2010-05-07  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [c3e643dc5be4470a76738282abe55d87cdf84f31]

	Fix for n#603588: toolbar decorations

	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-fix.diff:

2010-05-07  Radek Doulik  <>  [e2e1e02c0980e40c9f119c51ffecdeed566f072a]

	fixes crash in document attached to n#593611

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/oox-drawingml-fix-apply-shape-reference-crash.diff:

2010-05-07  Noel Power  <>  [f858fc1b03a40880f52b945c70fee2c47ad488f1]

	make sure error data isn't cleared on raise, testdocument update too

	* patches/vba/vba-tweak-errorobj.diff:
	* scratch/sc-vba/testvba/TestDocuments/MiscOnErrorTests.xls:

2010-05-07  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [7171b009776a5e7b38094b0855f3aa24a390d8b8]

	Ruby export for .docx

	* patches/dev300/docx-fixes02.diff:

2010-05-07  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [da68dc868cefe1212879e2ca1bebb811193ff849]

	Fixes for the metric field limits and units

	When changing the uni of the field the upper/lower limits values weren't
	adapted... leading to some strange stuffs when displaying the fields in
	a different unit.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/metric-field-limits.diff:

2010-05-06  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [6e3c97bdbd83443c7267f24e29020cba49345648]

	Fixed patch dependency issue.

	* patches/dev300/apply: moved the patch down.

	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-outlining-with-notes.diff: removed
	  an unnecessary hunk.

2010-05-06  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [544f9fe4857fe7dcdc849143e273357903021bf9]

	Calculate note's position *only once* after outline change is complete.

	There is absolutely no need to re-calculate notes positions on every row
	visibility change.  We can do this *once* after the outline level change

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-outlining-with-notes.diff:

2010-05-06  Petr Mladek  <>  [bc252d8ca48c0d500b9c694f34f0583bdf34215f]

	symlink and into the system python path (split build)

	* bin/piece/file-list-ure: the symlink might be useful for 3rd-party projects,
	  for example, see
	* bin/piece/ set OO_LIBDIR

2010-05-06  Petr Mladek  <>  [ac3711ff188da5bf960e881a182f3c06e0982e41]

	link against the versioned libmysqlcppconn (NovellLinuxOnly)

	* patches/dev300/mysqlcppconn-static-mysql-binding.diff: set
	  MYSQLCLIENT_STATIC_BINDING; we do not want to require the devel package;
	  FIXME: this should be set automatically when you use the system mysqlcppconn
	* patches/dev300/apply: add the above in NovellLinuxOnly section

2010-05-06  Petr Mladek  <>  [8d1a2052b91a52c057d4b96d8609de8e31e462be]

	More strict build dependency for the ct2n extension (bnc#595550)

	* patches/dev300/ct2n-build.diff: depend on PREDELIVER_FLAG_FILE

2010-05-06  Petr Mladek  <>  [cb2458497702aa4c3e1bc975d3d193c66a9e4320]

	ooo-build version in the about dialog

	* distro-configs/
	* distro-configs/ use "ooo-build x.y.z" instead of
	  "Build x.y.x" in the about dialog; it is more clear; also the string
	   is just below the upstream's "OOOXmy (Build:z), so we should not use
	   two "Build" strings so close

2010-05-06  Petr Mladek  <>  [b59bb80d07a02e03de0e666cc00d76de9db056c0]

	about dialog improvements

	about-dialog-cleanup.diff, i#111425, pmladek

	* patches/dev300/about-dialog-cleanup.diff: put back the ooo-build version;
	  allow to cut&paste the versions; remove the strange border around the
	  copyright text
	* patches/dev300/apply: apply the above patch
	* patches/dev300/about-build-ver-readability.diff: fix to apply after

2010-05-06  Petr Mladek  <>  [96a8ee121ad968b92353111b21b4b323de45842c]

	graphical bullets invisible after saving documents on 64bit Linux (i#101131)

	* patches/dev300/sw-64bit-Size-mismatch.diff:
	* patches/dev300/apply: add Caolan's cast fix (i#101131)

2010-05-06  Rene Engelhard  <>  [07acf383696676504bc646191b09284b2bc20c81]

	update kFreeBSD port patch to fix odk

	* patches/dev300/cws-kfreebsdport01v2-m15.diff:
	* patches/dev300/cws-kfreebsdport01v2.diff:

2010-05-06  Rene Engelhard  <>  [0e8ac2b6b3e3c9a4f7ae30bf8e30e48bb09906ef]

	update fix-arm-eabi-bridge.diff

	* patches/dev300/fix-arm-eabi-bridge.diff:

2010-05-06  Rene Engelhard  <>  [440662c50f13d68a4f140946a384d876ae3b4388]

	m17 is supposed to be rc1


2010-05-05  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [3b5d8aa7d707cf2a00388a0b794c6a92d6423817]

	'New Table' toolbar widget rework.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-fix-new-table.diff: New.

2010-05-05  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [262df21696921144d695674d66bd4e2868528263]

	fixed context to make patch apply with m15

	* patches/dev300/xlsx-shared-xlsx-shared-import-and-export.diff:

2010-05-04  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [bb9c3ed6ee36892740199492675bcc513efc699a]

	Disable text wrap when the cell value is numeric.

	This is in line with what Excel does under similar conditions.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-general-type-auto-decimal-disable-linebreak.diff:

2010-05-04  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [6639c95b0b7ed1ff5a11b6afdbe815cf0d6b4614]

	Fixed merging of toolbar decoration patches

	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-fix.diff:

2010-05-04  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [e96266589c9b7c4cbcd81a77da1ac757c638af2e]

	Export style auto-refresh in doc(x) files

	* patches/dev300/docx-fixes02.diff:

2010-05-04  Noel Power  <>  [117bd57d7bcfe9e65da6cb2f4bca8168bef2ff6f]

	adjust errobj patch for latest ab75 changes

	* patches/vba/vba-tweak-errorobj.diff:

2010-05-04  Noel Power  <>  [922c72b1e55061f0072850ff6da22ea990937847]

	some improvements for performace patch, new version of Err test doc

	* patches/test/vba-directlocalvaraccess.diff:
	* scratch/sc-vba/testvba/TestDocuments/MiscOnErrorTests.xls:

2010-05-03  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [0fae6cd00d53aece64e7dcf4e8f604deadc94901]

	Updated class diagram, mostly with Writer's exploration result.

	* doc/class_diagram.odg: more class annotation in sw module.

2010-05-03  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [9c56d1263af5f88df15fde79e57ea1ec63de340a]

	Updated class diagram.

	* doc/class_diagram.odg:

2010-05-03  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [da4bd9b087f11f6d361eff01c2d4a8b0d4ca9527]

	Slight performance improvement in xlsx import wrt string cell import.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-xlsx-import-string-cells.diff: avoid
	  unnecessary string copying & avoid using text cursor when the cell
	  only has one string portion.  Using text cursor API is quite
	  expensive. (n#594513)

2010-05-03  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [00827d282912d19a5fddc508e803ea43d9f6dcc5]

	Fixed n#601634 and merged code from cws-cbosdo01

	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-fix.diff:

2010-05-03  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [d76eb0294470310e3d7ea7bcb835d4cde9971e8d]

	Removed the toolbar-decoration stuffs

	* patches/dev300/cws-cbosdo01.diff:
	  removed for later merge in the toolbar-decoration.diff

2010-05-03  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [29891af4f095266a2304835f0c72b78a37860086]

	Fix for n#601355

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/field-patch-lock.diff:

2010-05-03  Katarina Machalkova  <>  [579ee2bae3041e013ce0516fa69621d32b8ef8d1]

	Removed some redundant patches

	(identical to those without xlsx-shared- prefix)
	* patches/dev300/xlsx-shared-border-types-dotted-dashed.diff:
	* patches/dev300/xlsx-shared-calc-distributed-cell-text-sc.diff:
	* patches/dev300/xlsx-shared-calc-perf-xls-import-cellstyles.diff:

2010-05-03  Radek Doulik  <>  [163acb2a812157da7ed4e5af48c9c29db397c0b4]

	use placeholders master style, fixes partialy n#592906

	* adds debug dumps as well

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/oox-import-helper-debug-dump.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-pptx-import-fix-placeholder-text-style-1.diff:

2010-05-01  Rene Engelhard  <>  [2a9ea9f24a5231ebacbd154258aea6ad38229e1e]

	remove some orphaned (and obsolete/not working) patches

	* patches/dev300/extensions-system-java.diff:
	* patches/dev300/i95118.diff:
	* patches/dev300/no-fontooo-wizard.diff:
	* patches/dev300/solenv-no-extension-license.diff:

2010-05-01  Thorsten Behrens  <>  [f99370db9a9931804bb2500e4ed6dbdcd6f63f9e]

	Make pause slide _not_ wait for key in autoslideshow mode

	* patches/dev300/pptx-autoplay-fix.diff: amended patch

2010-05-01  Andras Timar  <>  [982081d99e4734123757a5c8856273ea4d9dc760] hack is no longer needed

	StarOffice has been renamed to Oracle Open Office. Hungarian definite
	article is the same for OOO and OOo therefore upstream and downstream
	Hungarian translations are in sync now.

	* bin/
	* bin/
	* bin/localize-ooo:
	* bin/unpack:

2010-05-01  Andras Timar  <>  [41a5f8767bcf258c7fb877d7bb0145985fb2ac1e]

	most of hu fixes went upstream

	* src/sdf/fixes-hu.sdf:

2010-05-01  Andras Timar  <>  [ef104d709e5b5acbfdcfbbe514f6a831e2c9abc3]

	Bin unused and already upstreamed diffs

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/padmin-dialog-resize.diff:
	* patches/dev300/sw-dialogs-resize.diff:

2010-04-30  Rene Engelhard  <>  [6d2cedd906dcd69cb8a536ccf3bf5319c03813d5]

	remove convert if in install-artwork because we don't support m12 anymore

	* bin/install-artwork:

2010-04-30  Rene Engelhard  <>  [51343a6861a63679fbdad9869d9d60f5eb0e6c55]

	fix calc-formula-option-tree.sdf for renamed languages (xx-IN -> xx)

	* src/sdf/calc-formula-option-tree.sdf:

2010-04-30  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [00525e91250d56cc9b681b4be29e1e261f4e40d4]

	Added the OOXML Text import / export in IO dialogs

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/ooxml-filters.diff:

2010-04-30  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [d9096865aef00171a99a38a9875657236f9468bc]

	Draw frame around Font color and Highlighting toolbar boxes, n#598534.

	Fixes also the wrong name of the Font color box.

	* patches/dev300/toolbar-decorations-fix.diff: Update.

2010-04-30  Rene Engelhard  <>  [68a7980b7f655fb92f23e6b3835014bb4d14ed85]

	update ARM EABI bridge fix

	* patches/dev300/apply: adapt, and make armeabi-softp-buildfix.diff
	  < dev300-m66
	* patches/dev300/branch_directly_to_cpp_vtable_call_on_arm.diff: remove
	* patches/dev300/fix-arm-eabi-bridge.diff: use this, from armeabi02 cws

2010-04-29  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [de28badf8e836836ef9edbe7a5b82ae28ec638f5]

	Fix apply file syntax glitch

2010-04-29  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [af67fec822f56dbf8f46f0dadb66ef793d6fea8f]

	docx export: wrong default style name

	The name of the "Default" style is changed to "Normal" when exporting to
	WW8 or DOCX: otherwise Word doesn't takes the correct default values for
	the document.

	This helped to fix the Asian grid char spacing: fixed in both WW8 and
	DOCX exports as well

	* patches/dev300/docx-fixes02.diff:

2010-04-29  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [e4741df5d9fd9871bfec26fdac26e2f0b9e6528e]

	Misc docx export fixes

	* patches/dev300/docx-fixes02.diff:
	    * Fixes char spacing, character style association
	    * Implement document grid export

2010-04-28  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [25e5a1a5b231bec684eeab2b89d31fa9b8457c55]

	Trim empty cells at the bottom of columns when fetching external range.

	See n#600667 and i#110595 for details.

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/calc-extref-trim-empty-cells.diff:

2010-04-28  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [358b73fe5ffe739a1cadffadd5fe24e28cfa0fff]

	Add issue number to win32-avoid-uac.diff

	* patches/dev300/apply: Add issue number to win32-avoid-uac.diff.

2010-04-28  Fridrich Štrba  <>  [e39f04957edc10b1e0899214bec9792086af087d]

	Restore NovellWin32 patchability wrt. 3.2.0 lost after branding update

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-reportbuilder.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-scp2.diff:
	* patches/dev300/patchability-sdext.diff:
	* src/
	* src/

2010-04-28  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [d52de88fad1fdfe0c93d9f10d8ff3f716d883789]

	Avoid unopkg.bin crash on non-Unix

	* patches/dev300/ooo83878.unopkg.enablelinking.diff: Accept the --link
	  switch on all platforms. (But it will not do anything except on

2010-04-28  Rene Engelhard  <>  [fd61363144d709a58ec28e197985b30928fdc0d1]

	remove bogus dbumiscres.src resources deleting

	* patches/dev300/reportdesign-mention-package-l10n-m15.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesign-mention-package-l10n.diff:

2010-04-27  Rene Engelhard  <>  [29a412c93a05348fc13ee986594e5ac254a8360e]

	port LocalizeFixes patches to m16

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/es-fix-buleano-m15.diff:
	* patches/dev300/es-fix-buleano.diff:
	* patches/dev300/helpcontent-scalc-01-localize-m15.diff:
	* patches/dev300/helpcontent-scalc-01-localize.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesign-mention-package-l10n-m15.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesign-mention-package-l10n.diff:
	* patches/dev300/sc-autofilter-l10n-es-m15.diff:
	* patches/dev300/sc-autofilter-l10n-es.diff:

2010-04-27  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [22f9508719e1eb4930c3474e000506457ecd576e]

	Even more UAC avoidance

	* patches/dev300/win32-avoid-uac.diff: Avoid "install", too... This is fun.

2010-04-27  Rene Engelhard  <>  [43841b7a526a3296798786003cd4895ae26f00a9]

	port non-l10n patches to m16

	* patches/dev300/cws-kfreebsdport01v2-m15.diff: rotate
	* patches/dev300/cws-kfreebsdport01v2.diff: update for openssl 0.9.8n
	* patches/mono/mono-scp2-m15.diff: rotate
	* patches/mono/mono-scp2.diff: update
	* patches/dev300/apply: adapt

2010-04-27  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [f9ec30d6f83a49f3a05b5b31218c8b35dc9c4829]

	More UAC avoidance

	* patches/dev300/win32-avoid-uac.diff: Also avoid the magic word "update".

2010-04-27  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [14a1d3b0500565e51a60ab3a1b0d3f49e87fbdc1]

	Correct menubar appearance with some GTK+ themes

	* patches/dev300/moblin-netbook-theme.diff: New diff. Use correct text
	  colour for menu bar entries when picking colours from the GTK+ theme.
	  Fixes a problem noticed especially with the Moblin Netbook theme.
	* patches/dev300/apply: Add it to Fixes.

2010-04-27  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [966cc6443ea4516c59eef6eaf400dbd73ef8f3c7]

	Fork optional-icon-themes.diff depending on KDE4

	* patches/dev300/optional-icon-themes-without-oxygen.diff: New diff. Like
	  optional-icon-themes-without-oxygen.diff, but without the changes
	  introduced by kde4-oxygen-icons.diff.

	* patches/dev300/apply: Use it if not KDE4.

2010-04-26  Petr Mladek  <>  [9b9aff11121da43a955961ea9794dec49d0b5d37]

	Bin unused and already upstreamed diffs

	* patches/dev300/gcc4-visibility-sc.diff: bin
	* patches/dev300/mono-2.4-workaround.diff: bin
	* patches/dev300/sd-builddep.diff: bin
	* patches/dev300/sfx2-shutdownicon-3layer.diff: bin
	* patches/dev300/solenv-cwsid.diff: bin
	* patches/dev300/tools-resmgr-set-defaultlocale.diff: bin

2010-04-26  Andras Timar  <>  [4c75eb0cba177c41b1dc956713150ac35a594be3]

	Numbertext 0.8.2 and Hun. crossref 0.3

	* bin/unpack: removed version numbers from filenames
	* bumped version numbers
	* patches/dev300/scp2_extensions.diff: removed version numbers

2010-04-26  Petr Mladek  <>  [4a9dcf54674c96b60d7e229f305271530a1b1b40]

	Fix migration code to work if no older configuration is available (bnc#599590)

	* patches/dev300/desktop-config-migration.diff: copy the old config files
	  only they exist and the initialization succeed (bnc#599590)

2010-04-26  Petr Mladek  <>  [8184dd6ab526e0780029251d82dbbeb5577ae9db]

	Release ooo-build-  (3.2.1-beta3)

	* version  (3.2.1-beta3)
	* tag OOO_BUILD_3_2_0_99_3

2010-04-26  Petr Mladek  <>  [74296ee07fee39dfb42830ec75ee893c98faf618]

	Updated ooo83878.unopkg.enablelinking.diff to the last version from Caolan

	* patches/dev300/ooo83878.unopkg.enablelinking.diff: update from

2010-04-26  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [bcd90cd99e82064f0bde2b56a81c8a3b53ee4fed]

	Exported sub/superscripts in docx

	* patches/dev300/docx-fixes02.diff:

2010-04-26  Noel Power  <>  [bacd6f7226a17f56edf12e0ec78df5c356791159]

	remove some orphaned patches ( keep other by  moving them to VBAUnused )

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/control-visibility-in-designmode.diff:
	* patches/dev300/cws-pflin10.diff:
	* patches/vba/n353260-datevalue.diff:
	* patches/vba/userform-filter-dialog-vba.diff:
	* patches/vba/vba-combobox-data-rowsource-fix.diff:
	* patches/vba/vba-window-api-fix.diff:
	* patches/vba/vba-worksheetfunctions-fix.diff:

2010-04-24  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [f54ec85c838627324f87c61ba43fd5b40481e565]

	Drop orhpaned patches that are upstream

	* patches/dev300/import-export-dialogmodel.diff
	* patches/dev300/link-with-comphelper.diff
	* patches/dev300/win32-mergemodule-pm.diff: Delete.

2010-04-24  Tor Lillqvist  <>  [1459869b82057fcd3477cf6f13338982c4fed41c]

	Add patch to avoid UAC prompts on Windows

	* patches/dev300/win32-avoid-uac.diff: New patch. Don't try to run
	  temporary programs with "setup" or "patch" in their names.

	* patches/dev300/apply: Add it.

2010-04-23  Thorsten Behrens  <>  [2db530d104f2287b30e37c6c69c6192bd7249cc5]

	Orphaned patch cleanup

	* patches/dev300/apply: added unittesting-more-sw (commented-out)
	* patches/dev300/pdfimport-system-poppler.diff: removed, upstream
	* patches/dev300/sd-more-title-styles.diff: removed, upstream
	  (slightly different, but functionally equivalent)

2010-04-23  Andras Timar  <>  [3ce738d1d1b570e3fb0638ea17449ef17803f99f]

	Fixed vendor name for localized Windows installer

	* bin/unpack:

2010-04-23  Andras Timar  <>  [aad32dd4531897ff26f92bfdd339b15321bd1c81] splash and vendor name fix

	* patches/dev300/apply:
	* patches/dev300/fsfhu-splash.diff:
	* patches/dev300/fsfhu-vendor-win32.diff:

2010-04-23  Cédric Bosdonnat  <>  [aea81dc8c340518595445871bca3dd2843d32915]

	Removed useless patches: both upstreamed

	* patches/dev300/cjk-insert-forbidden-characters-into-i18npool.diff:
	* patches/dev300/xmloff-import-crash-fix-for-i90562.diff:

2010-04-23  Kohei Yoshida  <>  [21f10c24ee1f98dcaa862eb138890469bb1276d1]

	Removed patches that we no longer need.

	* patches/dev300/calc-external-ref-decode-unicode-uri.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-external-ref-modify-link-modified.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-general-type-auto-decimal-svtools-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-xls-import-shared-formula-refwrap.diff:
	* patches/dev300/csv-import-preserve-options-officecfg.diff:
	* patches/dev300/csv-import-preserve-options-sc.diff:
	* patches/dev300/cws-koheimultirangecopy-sc.diff:
	* patches/dev300/enable-xls-export-encryption.diff:

2010-04-23  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [5ce1d6aae57f364b7d20f0aa3c706b24890f338e]

	One more obsolete patch.

	* patches/vba/oovbaapi-disable-vba-m238.diff: Kill.

2010-04-23  Noel Power  <>  [89dec760cdd9fdba507eb4ab24cee685e1739e7d]

	performance improvement for vba basic ( faster local variable lookup )

	* patches/test/vba-directlocalvaraccess.diff:

2010-04-23  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [c465adc02327e4f217e04629e0dc50c76447c00b]

	More m13/m14 unused patches removed.

	* patches/dev300/field-patch-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/fit-list-to-size-ooxml-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/svx-hacky-htmlselect-control-import-m13.diff:

2010-04-23  Jan Holesovsky  <>  [4642aed1eb34556299293152c9f9fd4fb043bcec]

	OLDEST_SUPPORTED=ooo320-m15 + the appropriate cleanup.

	* patches/dev300/apply: Kill everything older than m15.
	* patches/dev300/basegfx-boxclipper-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/bridges-testcppu-x86_64-fixes.diff:
	* patches/dev300/buildfix-extensions-npwrap-no-gtk.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-note-position-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-filtering-with-notes-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-page-and-manual-breaks-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-speedup-pagebreak-update-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/calc-perf-table-hidden-flags-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/connectivity-build-fix-mac.diff:
	* patches/dev300/connectivity-build-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/cws-impressmedia01-backport-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/cws-impressmedia01-backport-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/debian-splash-m12.diff:
	* patches/dev300/default-no-registration-menu-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/default-no-startup-wizard-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/desktop-config-migration-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/docx-export-enable-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/docx-export-enable-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/extensions_deliver-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/find-moved-help.diff:
	* patches/dev300/fit-list-to-size-m7.diff:
	* patches/dev300/fix-es-accelerators-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/fix-gtk-a11y-gail-version-warning.diff:
	* patches/dev300/helpcontent-scalc-01-localize-m7.diff:
	* patches/dev300/helpcontent2-auxiliary-cfg-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/i107917.diff:
	* patches/dev300/i109407_BUSCAR.diff:
	* patches/dev300/layout-post-cws-layoutdialogs2-mysteriously-missing-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/libxmlsec-findcerts.diff:
	* patches/dev300/mysqlc-from-OOO320_m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/mysqlc-missing-buildfixes-from-DEV300.diff:
	* patches/dev300/novell-palette-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/novell-win32-installer-branding-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/novell-win32-odma-m12.diff:
	* patches/dev300/ooo83878.unopkg.enablelinking-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-fix-list-style-apply-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-fix-placeholder-layout-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-import-drawing-font-spacing-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-import-text-vert-anchor-and-anchorctr-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-pptx-import-fix-placeholder-text-style-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-pptx-import-fix-subtitle-placeholder-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-pptx-import-fix-text-body-properties-priority-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-pptx-import-fix-text-body-vert-2-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-pptx-import-fix-text-body-vert-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/oox-smartart-import-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/pdfimport-no-license-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/pptx-filter-as-a-separate-lib-m12.diff:
	* patches/dev300/pptx-gfx-layout-fix-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/presentation-minimizer-no-license-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/presenterscreen-no-license-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/redirect-extensions-m12.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reduced-disable-auto-spellcheck.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesign-mention-package-l10n-m7.diff:
	* patches/dev300/reportdesigner-no-license-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/scp2-user-config-ooo3-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/scp2_extensions-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/sd-sound-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/sdext-minimizer-docked.diff:
	* patches/dev300/sfx2-qstart-nocrash.diff:
	* patches/dev300/slideshow-effect-rewind-sdext-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/solenv-installer-unopkg-call-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/speed-local-link-except-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/sw-uno-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/unxsplash-rework-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/vcl-drawtransparent-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/vcl-free-renderpicture.diff:
	* patches/dev300/vcl-gtk-2.8-unsupported-link-colors.diff:
	* patches/dev300/vcl-xinerama-clone-fix.diff:
	* patches/dev300/win32-cygwin-1.7-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/writerfilter-docx-numbering-m13.diff:
	* patches/dev300/xlsx-shared-import-and-export-m14.diff:
	* patches/dev300/xmlhelp-build-without-java.diff:
	* patches/vba/cws-npower12-m13.diff:
	* patches/vba/cws-vbasupportdev300-m13.diff:

2010-04-23  Thorsten Behrens  <>  [fa2039940234d54422d1f4beee6f861322c918f0]

	Temp disabled go-oo splash, needs fixing

	* patches/dev300/apply:

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