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Hyphenation dictionary for Lithuanian

You're looking at the hyphenation tables for for

Language: Lithuanian (lt_LT)
Origin: TeX hyphenation tables by Sigitas Tolusis and Vytas
        Statulevicius.  The original tables can be found at as lthyphen.tex.
Author: Converted to OOo format by Albertas Agejevas <>
License: LaTeX Project Public Licence

To use, put hyph_lt.dic to $OOO/user/wordbook/ and add a line
to $OOO/user/wordbook/dictionary.lst:

  HYPH lt LT hyph_lt_LT

Don't forget to enable hyphenation for Lithuanian in
Tools->Options->Language settings->Writing Aids and maybe set
Tools->Options->Language settings->Languages->Western->Lithuanian.

Then, enable hyphenation in chosen paragraphs by checking
Format->Paragraph->Text Flow->Hyphenation->Automatically.
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