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ooo-build- (3.2.1 maintenance update)

    + features:
	+ update extensionaids to version 20100612 [KAMI]
	+ update WatchWindow extension to version [KAMI]
	+ update OxygenOffice templates to version [KAMI]
    + speed up:
	+ faster ODS export with lots of hidden rows (deb#582785) [Kohei]
    + common bits:
	+ allow to start OOo on cifs (i#108106) [Caolan]
	+ non-working Euro Converter wizard (i#100686) [Caolan]
	+ show the control geometric property correctly (bnc#610921) [Noel]
    + Calc bits:
	+ broken cell borders export (bnc#612263) [Cédric]
	+ incorrect automatic print area assignment [Kohei]
    + Draw bits:
	+ mark invisible layers upon document load properly (bnc#606434) [Kohei]
    + Writer bits:
	+ "New table" toolbar behavior (bnc#612013) [Kendy]
    + l10n:
	+ Hungarian translation fixes [Andras]
	+ update translations from the openSUSE community [Petr]
    + KDE4 bits:
	+ non-Oxygen theme crashes (bnc#612491, i#112102) [Petr, pl, Kendy]
    + build bits:
	+ PPC fixes (i#107182 and i#107183) [Rene]
	+ accessories and extensions build [KAMI, Fridrich]
	+ disable gcj support only on openSUSE [Miklos, Petr]
    + Novell bits:
	+ remove one color from the OOo palette to get 100 colors [Kendy] 
    + OxygenOffice:
	+ shuffled patches [KAMI]
	+ update default palette [KAMI]
	+ add Magyar Linux Libertine [KAMI]
	+ update branding and splash screen [KAMI]
	+ broken formatting with Graphite fonts (i#111054) [KAMI]

ooo-build- (3.2.1-rc3)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m19
	+ initial support for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)
	+ initial support for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick)
	+ drop Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) support
    + Draw bits:
	+ blue text color with the invisible layer tab (bnc#606434) [Kohei]
    + l10n bits:
	+ Hungarian translations fixes [Andras]
	+ mnemonics translation in native GTK dialogs (bnc#608572) [Kohei]
    + build bits:
	+ bashism in the upstream configure [Rene]
    + bits:
	+ branding update [Andras]
    + Novell bits:
	+ branding update [Petr, Fridrich]
    + Ubuntu bits:
	+ build on ARM [Caolan, Doko, Chris]

ooo-build- (3.2.1-rc2)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m18 [Rene]
	+ updated extensionaids to version 20100518 [KAMI]
    + common bits:
	+ show the really used default icon theme in options (bnc#603169) [Petr]
    + Calc bits:
	+ pasting time data into two cells crasher (bnc#606975) [Kohei]
    + Draw bits:
	+ associate application/x-wpg with oodraw (bnc#589624) [Petr]
    + Impress bits:
	+ embedded media break on 2nd load [Thorsten]
	+ pressing 'Apply' in the Media Player crasher (bnc#597691) [Thorsten]
    + Writer bits:
	+ document comparsion saving improvements [Thorsten] 
	+ bullets RTF import/export bugs (bnc#569266) [Cédric]
    + l10n bugs:
	+ localize the layouted zoom dialog (bnc#595823)
    + KDE4 bits:
	+ redraw the status bar when needed (bnc#567886, i#107945) [pl, Petr]
    + build bits:
	+ build on MAC (Thorsten)
    + split build:
	+ sort filelists to get repeatable results [AndreasJ]
    + Novell bits:
	+ disable gcj in supported JRE's [Petr]
    + Ubuntu bits:
	+ add support to turn off locking for cifs [Chris]
    + pending:
	+ sheet name in formula column in WatchWindow ext. (bnc#604638) [Kohei]
	+ set FileFormatVersion for the ISO/IEC OOXML presentation filters [Tor]

ooo-build- (3.2.1-rc1)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m17 [Rene, Petr]
	+ support for kFreeBSD [Rene]
	+ update Numbertext extension to version 0.8.2 [Andras]
	+ update Hungarian cross-reference extension to version 0.3 [Andras]
    + performance bits:
	+ note's position calculation [Kohei]
	+ faster string cell XLSX import (bnc#594513) [Kohei]
    + GUI improvements:
	+ better about dialog (i#111425) [Petr]
	+ better 'New Table' toolbar widget [Kendy]
	+ new toolbars crashers (bnc#601634) [Cédric]
	+ better behavior of new toolbars (bnc#603588) [Cédric]
	+ less intrusive approach to the nicer toolbar decorations [Kendy]
	+ menu bar appearance with some GTK+ themes (i#103999, bnc#527356) [Tor]
	+ frame around Font color and Highlighting toolbars (bnc#598534) [Kendy]
    + common bits:
	+ better CJK defaults (i#54320) [Cédric]
	+ metric field limits and units [Cédric]
	+ KDE4 border frame width (i#111464) [Kendy]
	+ allow to start with fresh user configuration again (bnc#599590) [Petr]
    + Calc bits:
	+ another R1C1 parser error (bnc#604903) [Kohei]
	+ default precision to 2 in DBF export (i#111074) [Kohei]
	+ disable text wrap when the cell value is numeric [Kohei]
	+ default display format for general number format (i#111533) [Kohei]
	+ empty cells when fetching ext. range (bnc#600667, i#110595) [Kohei]
    + Impress bits:
	+ more on autoplay PPS/PPSX files (bnc#485645) [Thorsten]
	+ bogus file links in exported presentation PDF (bnc#598816) [Tor]
    + Writer bits:
	+ non-editable documents with forms (bnc#60135) [Cédric]
	+ invisible graphical bullets in ODT export (i#101131) [Caolan, Petr]
    + OOXML export/import:
	+ Ruby DOCS export [Cédric]
	+ document grid DOCX export [Cédric]
	+ sub/superscripts DOCX export [Cédric]
	+ auto-refresh style DOC(X) export [Cédric]
	+ wrong default style name in DOCX export [Cédric]
	+ shape reference PPTX import crasher (bnc#593611) [Radek]
	+ master style placeholders in PPTX import (bnc#592906) [Radek]
	+ char spacing, character style association in DOCX export [Cédric]
    + VBA bits:
	+ make sure error data isn't cleared on raise [Noel]
    + Windows bits:
	+ unopkg.bin crasher [Tor]
	+ avoid UAC prompts (i#111232) [Tor]
	+ monitor detection (bnc#58056) [Thorsten]
    + l10n bits:
	+ update from the openSUSE community [Petr]
	+ fixes for renamed languages (xx-IN -> xx) [Rene]
    + build bits:
	+ build on ARM [Rene]
	+ build with system mysqlcpp [Rene]
	+ build with system mythes 1.2 [Rene]
	+ put mdds into new top level module [Kohei]
	+ parallel build of ct2n extension (bnc#595550) [Petr]
	+ unopkg-regenerate-cache improvements (bnc#597573) [Petr]
	+ clean up; bin support for ooo320 < m15 [Kendy, Rene, Andras, all]
    + split build:
	+ handle git diff headers [Petr]
	+ set correctly the upstream build version (bnc#582120) [Petr]
	+ symlink and into the system python path [Petr]
    + bits:
	+ update branding [Andras]
    + Novell bits:
	+ update branding for the Windows build [Tor]
	+ link against the versioned libmysqlcppconn [Petr]
    + pending:
	+ faster local variable lookup in VBA Basic [Noel]
	+ more on OOXML [Bubli, Cédric, Muthu, Radek, Tor]
	+ better bullet list paragraphs indentation (bnc#593609) [Radek]

ooo-build- (3.2.1-beta3)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m15 [Rene, Noel, Kendy, Petr, Radek]
	+ initial support for OOo4Kids [Eric]
	+ preliminary cppcheck support [Thorsten]
	+ update Numbertext extension to version 0.8 [Andras]
	+ add Hungarian cross-reference toolbar extension [Andras]
	+ update Magyar Linux Libertine fonts to version 20100401 [Andras]
    + common bits:
	+ 64-bit nsplugin fix (i#110747) [Rene]
	+ assertion during HTML import (i#110806) [Thorsten]
	+ missing image in localized helps (i#99165) [Andras]
	+ non-existent topic auxiliary/shared.tree (i#110963) [Andras]
	+ scroll combo box content by default (bnc#591650, i#110227) [Thorsten]
	+ better support for globally enabled nsplugin (i#49590) [Michael, Rene]
	+ reset security preferences in unoxml; allows to use the system redland
	  (i#110523) [Caolan, Rene]
    + Calc bits:
	+ data validation XLS import (bnc#594235) [Kohei]
	+ data pilot deletion crasher (bnc#595617) [Kohei]
	+ better rendering in Asian vertical mode (bnc#595625) [Kohei]
	+ merged icon state after shift left click (bnc#595822) [Kohei]
	+ database functions regression (bnc#594332, bnc#595713) [Kohei]
	+ conditional formatting XLS import regression (bnc#594266) [Kohei]
	+ refreshing problem with vertical stack format (bnc#597658) [Kohei]
	+ deleting rows inside a merged cell (bnc#596414, lp#558968) [Kohei]
	+ do not export negative decimal places value in ODS (i#110634) [Kohei]
	+ UI issues in R1C1 formula syntax mode (bnc#595078, bnc#595080) [Kohei]
    + Impress bits:
	+ various Calc crashers with gcc-4.5 (bnc#588957, deb#576665) [Thorsten]
    + Writer bits:
	+ text input fields crasher [Cédric]
	+ tabs not displayed in shapes (bnc#564454) [Cédric]
    	+ more on caption separator with empty caption text (i#110287) [Andras]
    + VBA bits:
	+ ErrObj behaviour [Noel]
	+ wizard truncation problems (bnc#591768) [Noel]
	+ passing wrong separator for range list (bnc#597351) [Noel]
	+ Err symbol resolution in VBA/non-VBA mode (bnc#597884) [Noel]
    + OOXML:
	+ DOCX font import crasher [Cedric]
	+ add fly frames DOCS export (bnc#581604) [Cédric]
	+ regression in paragraph PPTX import (bnc#479829) [Radek]
    + l10n bits:
	+ Hungarian translation update [Andras]
	+ update strings from openSUSE community [Petr]
	+ do not do extra hacks for en-US-only build [Petr]
	+ truncated translations in Diagram wizard (i#110702) [Andras]
	+ footnote anchor Norwegian Bokmål translation (i#109545) [Thorsten]
	+ Spanish "boolean value" translation fix (deb#576842, i#110674) [Rene]
    + Build bits:
	+ parallel build of ct2n extension (bnc#595550) [Petr]
	+ update prebuilt ooo-cli-prebuilt to version 3.2.1 [Petr]
	+ npwrap.cxx build without GTK (i#110833, gentoo#306181) [Vadim, Petr]
    + FSFhu bits:
	+ do not use NovellOnly stuff [Andras]]
	+ enable CaptionOrderNumberingFirst for Hungarian (i#110273) [Andras]
    + Novell bits:
	+ use --enable-hids (bnc#102592)
    + Ubuntu bits:
	+ switch to fulscreen mode using F11 [Chris]
    + pending:
	+ shared XLS and XLSX import/export [Katarina]

ooo-build- (3.2.1-beta2)

    + features:
	+ Linux alpha port (i#110145) [Caolan, Rene]
	+ automatic scrollbars for writer (fate#309128) [Radek]
	+ multilingual Lightproof grammar checker extension [KAMI]
	+ allow to bundle Magyar Linux Libertine font set [Andras]
	+ update Hungarian Lightproof extension to version 1.2 [KAMI]
	+ dashed and dotted border types in Writer (fate#307731) [Cédric]
	+ experimental VBA import from XLSM documents (fate#309162) [Noel]
    + performance:
	+ large Excel documents import speed up (bnc#582693) [Kohei]
	+ page break preview mode speed up (bnc#504618, i#109935) [Kohei]
	+ page number calculation speed up (bnc#504618, i#109935) [Kohei]
    + common bits:
	+ subtle breakages on MAC [Thorsten]
	+ bridge fix for ARM (i#105359) [Calc, Rene]
	+ badly inserted space by autocorrection [Cédric]
	+ embedding video in Writer/Calc crasher [Thorsten]
	+ fix for UTF-8 encoded hyphen dictionaries [László]
	+ use .uno:NewDoc instead of deprecated slot:5500 [Rene]
	+ use Linux-specific template paths only on Linux [Thorsten]
    + Base bits:
	+ wizard crashers (bnc#587797) [Noel]
    + Calc bits:
	+ better insert new sheet icon [Jimmac, Kohei]
	+ insert new sheet tab crasher (bnc#590187) [Radek]
	+ XLS import with drawing objects (bnc#588927) [Kohei]
	+ machine area slot size and row limit (bnc#588554) [Kohei]
	+ various Calc crashers with gcc-4.5 (bnc#588957) [Thorsten]
	+ matrix results did not work with auto complete (bnc#503918) [Kohei]
	+ XLS export of heights of rows with wrapped text (bnc#580094) [Kohei]
    + Impress bits:
	+ media link reference PPT import crasher (bnc#590442) [Radek]
    + Writer bits:
	+ DOC import crasher with Tcg records (bnc#590359) [Noel]
	+ DOC import loop with Tbc & TbcHeader records (bnc#589794) [Noel]
	+ omit caption separator if caption text is empty (i#110287) [Andras]
    + l10n bits:
	+ src/sdf directory clean up [Andras]
	+ Hungarian UI name order (i#105342) [Andras]
	+ updated ooo-build.pot for last strings [Petr]
	+ more localizable strings for scp2 module [KAMI]
	+ localize framework improvements [Andras, KAMI, Petr]
	+ automated translations of language dependent components [KAMI]
	+ enable CaptionOrderNumberingFirst by default for Hungarian [Andras]
    + build bits:
	+ check for Perl [Miklos]
	+ make distclean fixes [Andras]
	+ Makefile.shared cleanup [Cédric]
	+ VBA scripting parallel build problem [Noel]
	+ allow system redland (i#108911) [Caolan, Rene]
	+ correct Sun Templates Pack installation [KAMI]
	+ do not use versions in extension names [Fridrich]
	+ check for rsync unless using --without-git [Miklos]
	+ separate file list for KDE3 and KDE4 stuff [Miklos, Petr]
    + FSFhuWindows bits:
	+ do not build SDK [Andras]
	+ bundle Magyar Linux Libertine font set [Andras]
	+ set java target to 1.5 for Windows builds [Andras]
    + Go-oo bits:
	+ set java target to 1.5 for Windows builds [Fridrich]
    + Novell bits:
	+ set java target to 1.5 for Windows builds [Fridrich]
    + OxygenOffice bits:
	+ accessories update [KAMI]
	+ build setting update [KAMI]
    + pending:
	+ more border types in Writer [Cédric]

ooo-build- (3.2.1-beta1)

    + features:
	+ LanguageTool extension (fate#308590) [Fridrich]
	+ ConvertTextToNumber extension (fate#307906) [Petr]
	+ support embedded media also for PPT (fate#304532) [Thorsten]
	+ update PostgreSQL driver to 0.7.6a; it adds postgresql.xcu to
	  actually offer this driver in the UI [Rene]
    + speed up:
	+ more on faster ODS import (n#582693) [Kohei]
	+ more on the Calc's external reference manager refactoring
	  (i#103739,i#108064,i#108404,i#109101,i#109168,i#109170) [Kohei]
    + common bits:
	+ toolbar popups crasher [Thorsten]
	+ update recently used list when the document is saved [Radek]
	+ process UTF-8 encoded hyphen dictionaries (i#109543) [Andras]
	+ align style usage with style generation in SVG import [Caolan]
	+ auto caps lock toggling without XTest API (bnc#394949) [Kohei]
    + Base bits:
	+ more on the MySQL Connector [upstream, Caolan, Rene]
    + Calc bits:
	+ search option for filtered cells (bnc#580408) [Kohei]
	+ opcode list for the initial "last used" functions [Kohei]
	+ break links in formulas with external refs (bnc#585094) [Kohei]
	+ allow PDF export on filtered range selection (bnc#585028) [Kohei]
	+ populate string list in standard filter dialog (bnc#584975) [Kohei]
	+ convert locale-specific date strings to values (bnc#584693) [Kohei]
	+ TAB and autocompletion behavior clean up (n#584953, i#18748) [Kohei]
    + Impress bits:
	+ fast boxclipper, use for WMF import (i#72418, bnc#535304) [Thorsten]
    + Writer bits:
	+ preserve character style on 'reset format' [Octavio]
	+ show 'Remove Hyperlink' even with selection [Octavio]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ better connector shape XLSX import (bnc#559393) [Kohei]
    + VBA bits:
	+ broken OOo Writer API (bnc#585410) [Noel]
    + GTK+ bits:
	+ better process glib events on exit [Radek]
    + i18n bits:
	+ updated Hungarian localization [Andras]
	+ do the Hungarian fixes in the right localize.sdf [Andras]
    + build bits:
	+ build with KDE-4.0.4 [Muthu, Petr]
	+ build with gcc-4.5 (i#109853) [Petr]
	+ apply patches with --fuzz=0 [Fridrich]
    + split build:
	+ better handle the parallel build [Petr]
    + FSFhu bits:
	+ update installation set [Timar]
	+ update writingaids to version 20100215 [Timar]
    + GentooExperimental bits:
	+ optional Python 2 [Hanno]
	+ skip build of cppunit and testshl2 modules (i#108080) [Hanno]

ooo-build- (3.2.1-alpha1)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m12 [Rene]
	+ toolbar popups refactoring [Cédric]
	+ media embedding (i#83753) [upstream, Thorsten]
	+ support for dotted and dashed borders [Cédric]
	+ writer document comparing [Tzvetelina, Thorsten]
	+ "insert new sheet" tab in Calc (fate#308396) [Kohei]
	+ distributed text alignment support (fate#308334) [Kohei]
	+ update the prebuilt gdocs version to 2.1.0 (bnc#568399) [Petr]
	+ insert current date/time via Ctrl-/Shift-Ctrl- (fate#307762) [Kohei]
	+ English function names instead of localized ones (fate#308029) [Kohei]
    + performance:
	+ faster XLSX export (bnc#558577) [Kohei]
	+ faster external reference handling (i#109168) [Kohei]
    + Common bits:
	+ prefer OOo over okular and k* [Rene]
	+ beginning of small screen mode [Radek]
	+ SVG import crasher (bnc#560255) [Thorsten]
	+ AFM parser crasher (bnc#535485) [Thorsten]
	+ crash in headless mode (i#108681) [Thorsten]
	+ colorspace calculation fix [Thorsten, Cédric]
	+ textpropreader limit in svdfppt.cxx [Thorsten]
	+ lots autocorrection stuff improvements [Cédric]
	+ Add starmath to docs, for EDU project [Thorsten]
	+ exception handling in SVG import [Caolan, Thorsten]
	+ x86_64 bridge fixes (i#98028, bnc#575704) [Caolan, Petr]
	+ extensions with nonstandard merge points crasher [Thorsten]
	+ valgrind test and other corner cases fixes [Kohei, Thorsten]
	+ various GNOME quickstarter fixes (i#108918, bnc#575555) [Caolan, Petr]
    + Base bits:
	+ Table wizard does not start (i#107917) [upstream, Rene]
	+ ReportBuilder crasher (i#108914, bnc#575698) [Petr, others]
    + Calc bits:
	+ modified date reset to '0' (bnc#581634) [Kohei]
	+ CSV dialog parameters storing (i#108645) [Kohei]
	+ hidden rows heights XLS export (bnc#573938) [Kohei]
	+ correctly query last flagged row (bnc#568146) [Kohei]
	+ error when saving ODS document as XLSX (bnc#566581) [Kohei]
	+ pagenation when printing selected cells (bnc#569328) [Kohei]
	+ Keep track of cells containing SUBTOTAL (bnc#578802) [Kohei]
	+ better formula variable separator config check (bnc#556142) [Kohei]
	+ incorrect cell positioning during row insertion (bnc#578588) [Kohei]
	+ drilling down on field member crasher (i#103347, bnc#573456) [Kohei]
	+ dis-joint ranges highlighting while in chart mode (bnc#568016) [Kohei]
    + Impress bits:
	+ avoid looping in draw/impress [Thorsten]
	+ BadMatch crasher during slideshow (i#107763) [Thorsten]
	+ sounds spanning multiple slides in PPT import (bnc#515553) [Radek]
	+ mis-detection of cloned displays (bnc#578730, bnc#551391) [Thorsten]
    + Writer bits:
	+ create style via API (i#108426) [Cédric]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ chart export [Fong]
	+ autofit on in OOXML import [Thorsten]
	+ image wrapping in DOCX import [Cédric]
	+ numbering in DOCX import (bnc#580106) [Cédric]
	+ better connector shape XLSX import (bnc#549331) [Fong]
    + VBA bits:
	+ moduleinfo fixes [Noel]
	+ lots container control fixes [Noel]
	+ fire MultiPage_Change event when needed [Noel]
	+ remove extra GROUPNAME prop from VCLXImageControl [Noel]
	+ library location so VBA services work for Windows [Noel]
	+ support copy of worksheet to 'other' document via API [Noel]
	+ 'exe' checkbox under Load/Save|VBA Properties options [Noel]
    + KDE4 bits:
	+ override existing files [Roman]
	+ multiple auto-extension checkboxes [Roman]
	+ 3rd party plugin should not cause crash (bnc#548354) [Roman]
    + l10n bits:
	+ Spanish translations fix [Eduardo]
	+ ooo-build.pot update [Andras, Petr]
	+ add eu helpcontent2 auxiliary [Rene]
	+ updated Hungarian translation [Andras]
	+ new strings from SLED11-SP1 translators [Petr]
	+ applying extra SDF files (i#109378) [KAMI, Petr]
	+ Spanish accelerators fix (i#102645) [upstream, Rene]
	+ really localize the layout dialogs (deb#570378) [Petr]
	+ duplicate formula names in Spanish localization (i#109407) [Rene]
	+ localize Vendor in the Windows installer (bnc#571489) [Andras, Petr]
    + build bits:
	+ unowinreg.dll build with gcj [Rene]
	+ XLSX filter build cleanup [Doko, Rene]
	+ look for moc in QT4DIR first [Arkadiusz]
	+ build python properly on win32 [Thorsten]
	+ export GITTAG environment variable [Roman]
	+ build with internal Cairo on Linux [Fridrich]
	+ HelpLinker miscompilation with gcc 4.3 [Rene]
	+ build --disable-vba fix (i#108853) [Eric, Thorsten]
	+ better system-graphite with STLport buildfix [Rene]
	+ don't statically link against mono in climaker [Thorsten]
	+ ability to share more up-stream sources using --with-git [Kendy]
    + MAC port:
	+ make OpenGL transitions work [Eric]
	+ remote update fix (i#107648) [upstream, Thorsten]
	+ disable flock of upstream repositories [Thorsten]
    + Win32 port:
	+ support for win32 VS8.0 [Thorsten]
	+ PDF import fix (bnc#569319) [Fridrich, Tor]
	+ allow oowintool detect the java 1.6.x too [Fridrich]
	+ allow to disable stuff requiring vista SDK [Thorsten]
	+ pack msvcr71.dll; make sure that Java stuff works [Tor]
    + ArkLinux bits:
	+ new option to disable the gstreamer avmedia backend [Bernhard]
    + Debian bits:
	+ home on NFS problems [Rene]
    + Frugalware bits:
	+ switch from KDE3 to KDE4 [Miklos]
	+ update system-mozilla settings [Miklos]
    + bits:
	+ update intro [Andras]
	+ enable numbertext and lightproof extensions [Andras]
    + Go-oo bits:
	+ do not support Windows 9x [Fridrich]
	+ branding for the Windows installer [Fridrich]
	+ use internal openssl; fixes DOC import [Fridrich]
	+ support build with the lowest possible GTK+ [Fridrich]
    + Novell bits:
	+ look for Agfa Monotype font tarball in right place [Tor]
	+ decode URI escapes in subject when sending E-mail (bnc#575653) [Tor]
    + pending:
	+ build ooo2gd from sources [Kohei]
	+ build watchwindow from sources [Kohei]
	+ more on Win32 crosscompilation [Fridrich]
	+ more on OpenGL-based canvas implementation [Thorsten]
	+ support variable formula syntax in WatchWindow [Kohei]

ooo-build- (3.2-rc1)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m8 [Rene, Petr]
	+ allow to add Watch Window extension [KAMI]
	+ possibility to add a subscription menu [Kendy]
    + performance:
	+ DBF import performance by 75% (bnc#558505) [Kohei]
	+ string intern optimization for PC 850 code pages [Kohei]
	+ do not load any VBA crap from non MSO documents [Noel]
	+ do not always load presenter screen (i#107568) [Thorsten]
    + Common bits:
	+ layout dialogs crashers [Thorsten]
	+ few WMF/EMF+ import fixes [upstream, Radek]
	+ file read from sftp-folder (bnc#465102) [Tor]
	+ pasting from Firefox crashers (bnc#553819) [Tor]
	+ unnecessary exceptions in sfx2 (i#107512) [Kendy]
	+ better wording of the always save option check box [Kohei]
	+ saving when locking is not supported (bnc#560877, i#107511) [Kendy]
    + Calc bits:
	+ Lotus import crasher (bnc#565184) [Kohei]
	+ connector styles XLS import (bnc#559393) [Kohei]
	+ minor bugs in datapilot ODS import/export [Kohei]
	+ line count of move-copy sheet dialog (bnc#559438) [Thorsten]
	+ random ListBox::CalcMinimumSize() results (bnc#557230) [Thorsten]
	+ support XLSX export for more that 65536 rows (bnc#504623) [Kohei]
	+ conflict between formula and decimal separators (bnc#556142) [Kohei]
	+ number of the sheet in the "Insert Sheet" dialog (bnc#559445) [Petr]
    + Writer bits:
	+ image position in DOC import [Cédric]
	+ update table format when pasting a value (bnc#564789) [Cédric]
    + VBA bits:
	+ macro properties fixup (bnc#566030) [Noel]
	+ listindex, radiobutton, listbox events (bnc#560355, bnc#561639) [Noel]
    + build bits:
	+ build with g++-4.4 [Cédric]
	+ build with mono-2.6 [Petr]
	+ enable lockdown stuff for everyone [Kohei]
	+ fix build with internal mysqlcppconn [Rene]
	+ fix "--with-tag=dev300-latest" to work [Thorsten]
    + Debian bits:
	+ use -O2 on PPC [Rene]
	+ build mysqlc against stlport [Rene]
    + OxygenOffice:
	+ some new settings to OxygenOffice configuration [KAMI]

ooo-build- (3.2-beta4)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m6 [Rene]
	+ support iceape/icedove/iceweasel in open-url [Rene]
	+ add option for the save icon behavior (bnc#556125) [Kohei]
    + speed up:
	+ filtering performance in presence of cell notes (bnc#556927) [Kohei]
    + Common bits:
	+ French autocorrection improvements [Cedric]
	+ fullscreen WM hints (bnc#551402) [Thorsten]
	+ work with odf-converter again (bnc#557368) [Tor]
	+ un-set Cairo font options crasher (i#59127) [Caolan, Thorsten]
	+ find the moved help when registering extension (i#107283) [ab, Petr]
    + Calc bits:
	+ filter removing crasher (bnc#558564) [Kohei]
	+ percent format getting unlimited precision (bnc#555889) [Kohei]
	+ return correct flag value from R1C1 parser (bnc#557475) [Kohei]
	+ incorrect range separator for disjoint ranges (bnc#556268) [Kohei]
	+ TAB key to auto-complete word and move cell cursor (i#18748) [Kohei]
	+ incorrect XLS import of sheet protection options (bnc#542024) [Kohei]
    + Writer bits:
	+ OLE objects DOC import (bnc#557965) [Noel]
	+ returning from writer fullscreen mode crasher (i#107248) [Thorsten]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ regression on image DOCX import [Cedric]
	+ sections DOCX import crasher (bnc#548701) [Cedric]
	+ temporary make the XLSX export a separate library [Kendy]
	+ wrong type and position of connector shape in XLSX import (bnc#549331) [Fong]
    + VBA bits:
	+ late document event crasher (bnc#558907) [Noel]
	+ mappings between imported local names and orig excel name [Noel]
    + l10n bits:
	+ Hungarian fixes [Andras]
	+ updated ooo-build translation from the openSUSE community [Petr]
    + build bits:
	+ support new languages: ast,bo,id,is,my,si,om,ug,uighur [Rene]
	+ proper error handling during tree checkout in unpack [Thorsten]
    + Gentoo bits:
	+ install GTK [Hanno]
	+ build MySQL stuff in GentooUnstable [Hanno]
    + Go-oo/Novell bits:
	+ updated writingaids to version 20091204 [Petr]

ooo-build- (3.2-beta3)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m5
	+ Numbertext extension [KAMI]
	+ build on Linux hppa [Caolan, Rene]
    + speed up:
	+ bunch of useless flush calls in rdb code [Thorsten]
	+ page break update and printing performance (bnc#554955) [Kohei]
	+ row's hidden state lookup during pagenation (bnc#554955) [Kohei]
    + Common bits:
	+ better document status icon in the status bar [Jimmac, Kohei]
    + Calc bits:
	+ more on flat_segment_tree implementation [Kohei]
	+ better icons in the datapilot popup window [Jimmac, Kohei]
	+ datapilot position in XLS export/import (i#106583) [Kohei]
	+ storing custom display names for datapilot tables (i#106975) [Kohei]
    + Draw bits:
	+ malformed Bezier curve printing (bnc#553219) [Thorsten]
	+ more on custom shapes gradient color (bnc#485637) [Thorsten]
    + VBA bits:
	+ more Writer VBA API [Fong]
	+ more on sheet protection [Noel]
	+ event helper crasher (bnc#438606) [Noel]
	+ find fails to wrap search when it fails (bnc#554261) [Noel]
    + build bits:
	+ allow build with patch-2.6 (i#107027)
	+ update Lightproof extension to version 1.2.2 [KAMI]
	+ update Google Docs and Zoho extension to version 1.9.0 [Fridrich]
    + Novell bits:
	+ update Novell branding for OOo-3.2 [Petr]

ooo-build- (3.2-beta2)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m4 [Petr, Rene]
    + speed up:
	+ do not call `uname` during start (i#106891) [Michael]
    + Common bits:
	+ broken find&search dialog (bnc#552450) [Jan]
	+ broken colors in PDF export (i#106523) [Caolan, Rene]
	+ erasing elements in toolkit layout code (i#106575) [Thorsten]
    + Calc bits:
	+ more on automatic adjusting decimal numbers (bnc#541973) [Kohei]
	+ disable paste mode when the input mode is active (i#102456) [Kohei]
	+ rot. text + border in XLS import (i#38709, bnc#549728) [Daniel,Kohei]
    + Writer bits:
	+ recorded changes editing (bnc#545815) [Fong]
	+ image size DOC export (bnc#554549, i#59648) [Miguel, Tor]
	+ background color and bullet indentation DOC import (bnc#547308) [Fong]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ more on shapes DOCX import [Cédric]
    + VBA bits:
	+ control name override logic [Noel]
	+ selection reset after paste [Noel]
	+ combobox binding data import in userform (bnc#539220) [Fong]
    + build bits:
	+ cws-extract and rebased CWSes [Kendy]
	+ distro independent search for icons in /usr/share [Rene]
	+ use --additional-sections, instead of multiple --distro's [Kendy]
    + Novell bits:
	+ switch back to the internal saxon (bnc#547157) [Petr]
    + Optional:
	+ GNOME-2.26 session mgmt. and screensaver (i#106372) [Caolan, Thorsten]
    + Experimental:
	+ more on Win32 crosscompilation on Linux [Jesús]

ooo-build- (3.2-beta1)

    + features:
	+ support ooo320-m2 [all]
	+ NLPSolver extension (fate#304653) [Petr]
	+ oooblogger extension (fate#304555) [Petr]
	+ Google Docs and Zoho extension (fate#304577) [Fridrich]
	+ optional icon themes (i#105062, bnc#529404, bnc#537541) [Petr]
    + speed up:
	+ use stringbuf in SVG export [Thorsten]
	+ cache fontconfig's pre-match substitution results (bnc#529532) [Kohei]
    + common bits:
	+ XML parser crasher [Radek]
	+ opacity SVG import [Thorsten]
	+ WebDAV locking stuff rework [Tor]
	+ many KDE4 integration fixes [Roman]
	+ set dev-install icons to small ones [Cedric]
	+ regression in WMF import (bnc#417818) [Radek]
	+ more on fontconfig/cairofont stuff [Caolan,Thorsten]
	+ wrong kerning on Linux (bnc#464436, i#26519) [Cedric]
	+ inserting uiconfiguration ( menus/toolbar ) (i#105154) [Noel]
	+ keep locks after saving documents via WebDAV (bnc#464568) [Tor]
	+ better fix for quick-starter unload crasher (i#101245) [Michael]
	+ save non-English file names with KDE4 dialog (deb#536664) [Roman]
	+ driver string action and font object EMF+ import (bnc#519715) [Radek]
	+ prevent multiple window resize when maximised (i#104469) [Chris, Rene]
    + Base bits:
	+ UPDATE db record failure (i#104088) [Caolan, Rene]
    + Calc bits:
	+ selection change and status icon (bnc#548116) [Kohei]
	+ range selection for RTL languages (bnc#542684) [Kohei]
	+ Force-interpret formula cell results (bnc#540563) [Kohei]
	+ check for the General number format type (i#46511) [Kohei]
	+ broken SUBTOTAL cell function after undo (bnc#545287) [Kohei]
	+ erroneous export of OCX combo box controls (bnc#540566) [Kohei]
	+ automatically adjust the number of decimals (bnc#541973) [Kohei]
	+ skip filtered cells during search or replace (bnc#539282) [Kohei]
	+ unicode strings in external ref URIs (i#103918, i#104166) [Kohei]
	+ disable context menu on non-selectable cells (bnc#542024) [Kohei]
	+ SHA1 hash algorithm for sheet and doc password by default [Kohei]
	+ zero bytes encryption inside cond. formatting (bnc#541058) [Kohei]
	+ selection of cells on protected sheets by default (bnc#538559) [Kohei]
	+ cell selection handling when cell is being edited (bnc#541269) [Kohei]
    + Draw bits:
	+ slides printing page offset (bnc#537931) [Radek]
    + Impress bits:
	+ wrong text bounds [Thorsten]
	+ missing drag rect on mac [Thorsten]
	+ PPT import crasher (bnc#546758) [Radek]
	+ bullet size PPT import (bnc#515972) [Radek]
	+ dock presentation minimizer toolbar [Thorsten]
    + Writer bits:
	+ Non-breaking spaces fixes [Cedric]
	+ UNO API related to fields [Cedric]
	+ unknown fields DOC import (i#61075, i#89667) [Cedric]
	+ allow to add param into form field during import [Fong]
	+ two consecutive text fields in DOC import (bnc#546416) [Cedric]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ collapsed paragraphs at the end of the sections DOCX import [Cédric]
	+ VML shapes missing and bad sizes in DOCX import (bnc#549300) [Cedric]
	+ styles without stylesheet definition DOCX import (bnc#545717) [Cédric] 
    + VBA bits:
	+ some wae fixes [Noel]
	+ controls visibility (bnc#542132) [Noel]
	+ AutoFilterMode macro (bnc#549383) [Noel]
	+ more on transient imported autotext [Noel]
	+ misc IBM fixes (i#104203, i#103653) [IBM, Novell]
	+ support for default member with automation bridge [Noel]
	+ boolean arguments to worksheet functions (bnc#541735) [Noel]
	+ more fixes for automation (bnc#535086, bnc#535087, bnc#535088,
	  bnc#535089) [Noel]
	+ Do While Not "foo"="" " causes date type mismatch (i#105321) [Fong]
	+ IsEmpty RTL function fails with non-object params (bnc#541749) [Noel]
	+ object not cleared when entering new stack frame (bnc#541755) [Noel]
    + Win32 bits:
	+ restore MSO file associations on uninstall [Tor]
	+ building against the August 2009 DirectX SDK [Tor]
	+ include gdiplus.dll for Win2k support (bnc#522833) [Tor]
	+ do not restart soffice.bin on Windows either (bnc#524250) [Tor]
    + l10n bits:
	+ lots fixes [KAMI]
	+ Russian and Slovak autocorection update (i#91304) [Petr]
    + build bits:
	+ build with db-4.8 [Rene]
	+ build on arm [Doko, Rene]
	+ DejaVu font stuff clean up [Tor]
	+ build with boost=1.36 (i#105772) [Petr]
	+ building with internal cairo [Fridrich]
	+ build with xulrunner 1.9.1 (Firefox 3.5) [Chris]
	+ read cairo link flags from pkgconfig (i#105834) [Petr]
	+ hacky tinderbox-like build loop for ooo-build [Thorsten]
	+ default to  --with-git; packagers use --without-git [Kendy]
	+ download the upstream sources from [Kendy]
	+ non-conflicting config for KDE3 and KDE4 (i#105127, bnc#539035) [Petr]
    + split build:
	+ install extensions MIME type icon [Petr]
	+ install startcenter.desktop (bnc#548534) [Petr]
    + integrated extensions:
	+ add Sun Template Pack support for Hungarian language [KAMI]
    + testing:
	+ writer core unit tests [Thorsten]
    + Debian bits:
	+ mysqlc build with STLport [Rene]
	+ search icons in /usr/share [Rene]
	+ update MySQL stuff from CWS [Rene]
    + Novell bits:
	+ use xulrunner-1.9.1 on openSUSE-11.2 [Petr]
	+ branch configuration for openSUSE-11.2 [Petr]
	+ enable EMFPlus section for SLED10 (bnc#232232) [Radek, Petr]
	+ used internal boost on SLED10, openSUSE-10.3, openSUSE-11.0 [Petr]
    + experimental:
	+ boxclipper [Thorsten]
	+ Writer navigation [Ovcica]
	+ more on autolayout code [Dona]
	+ more on quick diagramming [Thorsten]
	+ building on Windows using Interix [Tor]
	+ more on Writer doc comparison [Tzvetelina]
	+ build with system graphite on i386 [Caolan, Rene]
	+ 1st letter auto correction internationalization (i#20348) [Cedric]

ooo-build- (3.1.1-beta2)

    + feature:
	+ target ooo310-m17 [Rene]
	+ animated border for copied range [Kohei]
	+ better modified status icon in statusbar (i#103862) [Kohei]
	+ surface shades, custom shapes gradient color (bnc#485637) [Thorsten]
    + common bits:
	+ squeezed check boxes in sub menus (bnc#523852) [Kendy]
	+ show templates installed as extension (bnc#512146) [Thorsten]
	+ single-point polygons in fontwork crasher (bnc#526342) [Thorsten]
    + Calc fixes:
	+ sorting when the first row was not 0 (bnc#524215) [Kohei]
	+ string cell format during text file import (bnc#523414) [Kohei]
	+ non-default max column/row size for range names (bnc#522833) [Kohei]
    + Draw:
	+ autoshape geometry on model change [Thorsten]
	+ avoids messing with fontwork glyph polygons (bnc#485637) [Thorsten]
    + VBA bits:
	+ broken Styles.Add [Fong]
	+ toolbar XLS import [Fong]
	+ broken toolbar import [Noel]
	+ typename issue (bnc#525649)[Noel]
	+ better heuristic for deleted ctrls [Noel]
	+ support for tooltips and separators [Noel]
	+ HTMLSelect activex objects XLS import (bnc#523191) [Noel]
	+ Financial functions (bnc#525633, bnc#525635, bnc#525642, bnc#525647)
    + OOXML bits:
	+ pivot table XLSX export (bnc#505917) [Jan]
	+ animations PPTX export (bnc#497570) [Radek]
	+ blip luminance PPTX export (bnc#497570) [Radek]
	+ better header/footer DOCX import (bnc#519201) [Cédric]
    + l10n bits:
	+ Russian translation update [Rail]
	+ Hungarian translations update [KAMI]
	+ translations update by openSUSE community [Petr]
	+ Spanish translation of the autofilter menu (i#103840) [Petr]
    + Win32 bits:
	+ too long .msp file name [Tor]
    + built bits:
	+ convwatch support [Thorsten]
	+ tweakconfig extension for OOo debugging [Thorsten]
    + Novell bits:
	+ updated Novell branding [Tor]
    + experimental:
	* Canvas/drawinglayer gradient rework [Thorsten]
	+ more on autolayout code [Dona]
	+ more on Win32 crosscompilation on Linux [Jesús]
	+ don't read multiple lines from csv stream [Kohei]

ooo-build- (3.1.1-beta1)

    + features:
	+ target ooo310-m16 [Rene]
	+ new unopkg add --link option [Caolan]
	+ new -bulk option to convert documents on the command line [Florian]
    + common bug fixes:
	+ updated Graphite font technology stuff [Herbert, Rene]
	+ avoid sticky state of fullscreen window (i#103145) [Thorsten]
    + Calc fixes:
	+ XLS import crasher (bnc#520556) [Kohei]
	+ scrolling with large selection (n#518426) [Kohei]
	+ determine in-line array size more reliably [Kohei]
	+ more on row and flags manipulations (n#516406) [Kohei]
	+ hyperlink strings XLS import (bnc#521447, i#103520) [Kohei]
	+ COUNTIF with external references (bnc#521624, i#102750) [Kohei]
	+ absolute path generation for external doc URI (i#103317) [Kohei]
	+ clink on hyperlinks behavior in Calc (i#103587, n#523005) [Kohei]
	+ document is modified when switching external link (i#103598) [Kohei]
     + Impress fixes:
	+ no impress layout pane in master page mode (i#73289) [Liang, Thorsten]
    + Writer fixes:
	+ RTF export crash (bnc#462657) [Kendy]
	+ lost indentation during DOC import (bnc#518731) [Florian]
    + VBA bits:
	+ ComboBox binding data import in userform [Fong]
	+ create toolbar/menubar in document scope [Fong]
	+ variable as VBA constant (bnc#521820) [Fong, Noel]
	+ set Enabled/Disabled to menu item (i#103486) [Fong]
	+ automation objects, automation bridge wrapper (bnc#507501) [Noel]
	+ WorkBook.PrecisionAsDisplayed, and CommandbarControl.Enabled, support
	  workbook auto_open event, builtin toolbar (bnc#520228) [Fong]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ shape map crash [Radek]
	+ action buttons PPTX export (bnc#497570) [Radek]
	+ footnote in a table DOCX import crasher (bnc#518741) [Cédric]
    + l10n bits:
	+ ooo-build.pot update [Petr]
	+ Serbian translation update [Nix, KAMI]
    + build bits:
	+ dmake and environment variables with space (i#101786) [Kendy]
	+ make target to create ctags file [Cédric]
    + Go-oo bits:
	+ enable system dictionaries [Petr]
	+ new branding (bnc#493593) [Jakub, Petr]
    + Experimental:
	+ autolayout code [Dona]
	+ ocrimport extension [Jonathan]
	+ Win32 crosscompilation on Linux [Jesús]
	+ animated border for copied range [Kohei]
	+ slideshow on drawinglayer plus canvas gradients brush-up [Thorsten]

ooo-build- (3.1.1-alpha2)

    + features:
	+ target ooo310-m14 [Rene, Petr]
	+ Oxygen icons theme for KDE4 [Roman]
	+ OOXML export enabled by default [OOXMLCrew]
    + general bug fixes:
	+ more on the KDE support [Roman]
	+ better KDE3/KDE4 detection [Kendy]
	+ selection engine's auto repeat interval (bnc#514395) [Kohei]
	+ early startup race in generic vcl plug (i#103148) [Thorsten]
	+ sticky fullscreen window state for xinerama (bnc#480324) [Thorsten]
    + Calc fixes:
	+ slow down scrolling interval (n#514395) [Kohei]
	+ unsupported encryption XLS import crasher (i#102906) [Kohei]
	+ non-scrolling formula reference selection (bnc#512060) [Kohei]
	+ more optimization for increased row limit (bnc#514156) [Kohei]
	+ chart update problems with Excel documents (bnc#491898) [Kohei]
	+ non-initiated reference mode in selection range (bnc#512060) [Kohei]
	+ selection area before setting autofilter arrows (bnc#514164) [Kohei]
	+ strip time elements only when fields contains dates (i#94695) [Kohei]
	+ autofill marker position when expanding selection (bnc#514151) [Kohei]
    + Impress fixes:
	+ lots fixes of numbering (i#101269) [Thorsten]
	+ isotropic fit-to-size scale (i#94086) [Thorsten]
    + Writer:
	+ table shifted left margin DOC export (i#100473) [Florian]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ blank paragraphs DOCX import [Cédric]
	+ reduce the number of dummy page styles DOCX import  [Cédric]
	+ collapsed paragraphs at the end of the sections DOCX import [Cédric]
    + VBA bits:
	+ load problem for non MSO documents [Noel]
	+ maximum range selection and scrolling [Noel]
	+ Window.Zoom should affect only current sheet [Noel]
	+ fallback to the calling document as active doc [Noel]
	+ property value "BulletId" could be greater than 255 (i#103021) [Fong]
    + build bits:
	+ silent idlc and deliver [Thorsten]
	+ update prebuilt cli dlls for ooo310-m13 [Petr]
	+ java target version also for libbase-1.0.0.jar [Petr]
	+ Use -Wl,--as-needed only with ld > 2.17 (i#89511) [Petr]
	+ Allow to force another list of langs using FORCE_OOO_LANGS [Petr]
    + split build:
	+ KDE4 subpackage [Petr]
    + Novell bits:
	+ enable extensions in distro-config [Petr]
    + Slackware bits:
	+ do not check for PAM (bnc#514511) [Kohei]
    + Experimental:
	+ writer filter API [Florian]
	+ Windows build cross-compilation [Jesús, Fridrich]

ooo-build- (3.1.1-alpha1)

    + features:
	+ support ooo310-m13 [Petr]
	+ KDE4 vcl plugin and file picker [Roman, Kendy]
	+ initial support for SmartArt import [Thorsten]
	+ autoplay .pps/.ppsx files (bnc#485645) [Thorsten]
	+ custom sort in datapilot tables (bnc#443361) [Kohei]
	+ DataPilot's custom names ODF import/export (bnc#479062) [Kohei]
	+ option to turn off auto number recognition in HTML import [Kohei]
	+ sheet options and password ODS import/export (i#60305,i#71468) [Kohei]
    + speed up:
	+ progress bar during formula calculation (i#102566) [Caolan, Kohei]
	+ cell range selection & cursor placement (bnc#511006) [Kohei]
	+ column-wise sorting in Calc (bnc#504827) [Kohei]
	+ more on faster sheet switch (bnc#495140) [Kohei]
    + bug fixes:
	+ USHORT vs. SCROW or SCCOL (bnc#509768) [Kohei]
	+ cursor after drag-n-dropped (bnc#508872) [Kohei]
	+ slow page style changing in Calc (n#503482) [Kohei]
	+ multi-range copy-n-paste crasher (bnc#509209) [Kohei]
	+ rows filtered via autofilter crasher (bnc#495140) [Kohei]
	+ merged cell attribute flag corruption (bnc#508867) [Kohei]
	+ shifted translations of OOo Calc options (bnc#507643) [Kohei]
	+ replace 'Manual Break' with 'Page Break' in Calc's menu [Kohei]
	+ Launch language chooser for all HTML import (bnc#506095) [Kohei]
	+ show cursor in all panes in split-view mode (bnc#433834) [Kohei]
	+ do not move the cursor when making a selection (bnc#502717) [Kohei]
	+ custom language and number options for CSV import (bnc#510168) [Kohei]
	+ surface shades, custom shapes gradient color (bnc#485637) [Thorsten]
	+ misplaced rotated groups in PPT import (bnc#485637) [Thorsten]
	+ creating tables in Impress (bnc#483951, i#100275) [Thorsten]
	+ fit to frame text feature crasher (bnc#508621) [Radek]
	+ MM_TEXT map mode support in WMF (bnc#417818) [Radek]
	+ relative size calculation in SVG import [Thorsten]
	+ crash on quit after DOC import (bnc#505704) [Tor]
	+ fix SDK to actually find the libraries (i#101883) [Rene]
	+ default button in enter password dialog (i#102230) [András, KAMI]
	+ HTML OLE controls as OCX controls DOC import (bnc#485609) [Florian]
	+ duplicit accept/reject menu entries (bnc#249775,i#6191) [Andras, Petr]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ prefer odf-converter over native OOXML filters (bnc#502173) [Kendy]
	+ set flavour to EXC_OUTPUT_XML_2007 in XLSX export (bnc#502090) [Jan]
	+ XML_useAutoFormatting XLSX export (bnc#497560) [Jan]
	+ styles XLSX import/export (bnc#497563) [Jan]
	+ row limit in XLSX export (bnc#504623) [Jan]
	+ autoFilter XLSX export (bnc#497559) [Jan]
	+ rotated text PPTX export(bnc#498737) [Radek]
	+ transitions PPTX import (bnc#480243) [Radek]
	+ various PPTX import issues (bnc#377727) [Radek]
	+ text hyperlinks PPTX export (bnc#499124) [Radek]
	+ shapes visibility PPTX import (bnc#480243) [Radek]
	+ paragraph line spacing PPTX export (bnc#498737) [Radek]
	+ shape fill properties PPTX import (i#101563) [Thorsten]
	+ placeholder text style PPTX import (bnc#479834) [Radek]
	+ subtitle placeholder PPTX import (bnc#480243) [Radek, Thorsten]
	+ text body properties priority in PPTX import (bnc#403402) [Radek]
	+ un-connected connector shapes PPTX export (bnc#499129) [Thorsten]
	+ hidden slide PPTX import and export (bnc#480229, n#499131) [Radek]
	+ header, footer, datetime, pagenumber PPTX import (bnc#480243) [Radek]
	+ page break after tables in DOCX import (bnc#478945, i#101661) [Cédric]
	+ footnote character properties DOCX import (bnc#478972) [Cédric]
	+ extra paragraph in DOCX import (bnc#478977) [Cédric]
	+ better outline DOCX import (bnc#478583) [Cédric]
    + VBA bits:
	+ toolbars import [Noel]
	+ more on the Word support [Noel]
	+ macro execution via VBA API [Noel]
	+ crasher caused by resize event [Noel]
	+ rework use of getCurrentDocument [Noel]
	+ vbadocumentbase::getPath (bnc#507745) [Noel]
	+ add application.quit API (bnc#510003) [Noel]
	+ initial version of new macro resolver [Noel]
	+ checkbox access via VBA API (bnc#507400) [Noel]
	+ vbadocumentbase::getFullName (bnc#507745) [Noel]
	+ active newly added worksheet (bnc#507758) [Noel]
	+ default value control setting (bnc#507748) [Noel]
	+ allow worksheet to be passed as param (bnc#507760) [Noel]
	+ add to support menubar related objects (bnc#508113) [Fong]
	+ code name incorrectly imported for sheet (bnc#507768) [Noel]
	+ userform filter and userform controls visibility (i#88878) [Noel]
	+ auto calculation of shift direction for delete (bnc#508101) [Noel]
    + Win32 bits:
	+ multi language install sets build fix [KAMI]
    + l10n:
	+ Hungarian translation update [András]
	+ extensions installation localization [KAMI]
	+ French and Portuguese translation update [KAMI]
	+ localize fails with duplicated symlinks (i#102296) [Petr]
	+ really apply non-language-specific SDF files (n#507643) [Petr]
    + built bits:
	+ make testtool work out-of-the-box with ooinstall -l [Thorsten]
	+ add 'make dev-install' and 'make smoketest' targets [Thorsten]
	+ allow to use git to download the up-stream sources [Kendy]
	+ clean up Lightproof extension integration [Tor]
	+ do not build full-dependency for Win32 [Thorsten]
	+ enable dbus support again on Linux [Thorsten]
	+ build with system zlib [Caolan, Petr]
	+ build with glibc-2.10.1 [Hanno]
	+ build on Mac [Thorsten]
	+ build with icu-4.2 [Rene]
	+ various build problems [all]
	+ truly silent build [Thorsten]
    + split build:
	+ make sure that the Lotus Wordpro stuff is applied [Petr]
    + Ark bits:
	+ update Ark-specific patches for ooo310
    + Go-oo bits:
	+ add branding to the released tarball [Petr, Fridrich]
	+ build with STLPort to be compatible with the upstream [Fridrich]
    + Novell bits:
	+ keep dbus disabled for SLED10 [Petr]
	+ update installer branding [Jimmac, Petr]
    + OxygenOffice bits:
	+ configure bits [KAMI]
	+ Added HU for SUN templates [KAMI]
	+ update extension aid to 20090523 [KAMI]
	+ support update from upstream build [KAMI]
	+ always create backup files of documents [KAMI]
	+ updated OxygenOffice Professional extras [KAMI]
	+ OOoWikipedia incompatibility with OOOP3.1 [KAMI]
    + Ubuntu:
	+ better javaldx error message [Rene]
    + Experimental:
	+ workaround to build with mono-2.4 (bnc#471379) [Petr]
	+ KDE4 address book [Roman, Kendy]

ooo-build- (3.1-rc1)

    + features:
	+ initial support for ArchLinux [AndreasR]
	+ initial support for Slackware [Christoph]
    + bug fixes:
	+ ODS export freeze (bnc#501029) [Kohei]
	+ more on slow ODS import (bnc#498547) [Kohei]
	+ custom sort in DataPilot tables (bnc#443361) [Kohei]
	+ more on DataPilot custom sort popup window (bnc#443361) [Kohei]
	+ pasting a formula into formula input field freeze (bnc#500985) [Kohei]
	+ put back the paper orientation printer props (bnc#83925) [Thorsten]
	+ templates and a11y crasher (i#86443, bnc#497879) [Upstream, Petr]
	+ detect new monitor in GTK (i#101184) [Caolan, Phillip, Thorsten]
	+ flat ODT files indentation (lp#226075, bnc#437561) [Chris]
	+ guard against wrong dpi (i#101145) [Caolan, Thorsten]
	+ "Search&Replace" and a11y crasher (bnc#500267) [Jan]
	+ broken "Paste Special" (bnc#497708) [Cédric]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ picture layout PPTX import (bnc#49285, bnc#480223) [Thorsten]
	+ max level of a TOC field DOCX import (bnc#478583) [Cédric]
	+ parent styles DOCX import (bnc#478583) [Cédric]
	+ Normal style DOCX import (bnc#478583) [Cédric]
	+ numbering DOCX import (bnc#478583) [Cédric]
	+ notes DOCX export crasher (bnc#497417] [Jan]
    + VBA bits:
	+ sheet control geometry attributes crasher (bnc#500006) [Noel]
    + build bits:
	+ build with gcj [Rene]
	+ build with gcc-4.4 [Chris]
	+ bin support for < ooo310-11 [Rene]
	+ packaging .so symlinks on Debian/Ubuntu [Chris]
	+ support "and" and "not" operators in apply [Petr]
    + Debian bits:
	+ add JDBC Driver classpaths [Rene]
    + OxygenOffice:
	+ add Lightproof extension [KAMI]
	+ better packages with SUN Professional templates [KAMI]
    + Ubuntu bits:
	+ update for ooo310-m11 [Chris]
	+ Ubuntu dictionary update [Chris]
	+ force use of gvfs fuse path [Chris]
	+ show only local files with GTK file chooser [Chris]
    + Experimental:
	+ sheet protection options ODF import/export [Kohei]
	+ legacy Excel password ODF import/export [Kohei]
	+ VBA volatile bits [Kohei, Noel]
	+ document context call [Noel]


    + features
	+ support ooo310-m11 [Rene]
    + bug fixes:
	+ slow ODS import (bnc#498547) [Kohei]
	+ disable experimental NATIVE_TOCs [Florian]
	+ wrong Evolution driver (bnc#496902, i#101439) [Petr]
	+ loop the A/V when the 'loop' flag is set [Caolan, Kendy]
	+ various DOC import bugs (bnc#417814, bnc#417818) [Florian]
	+ table row height in PPT import (bnc#483951, i#100275) [Thorsten]
	+ StyleTextProp with empty text PPT import (bnc#485630) [Thorsten]
	+ GTK quickstarter crashes on disable/exit (i#101245) [Caolan, Petr]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ dates DOCX export [Kendy]
	+ spacing DOCX export (bnc#493673) [Kendy]
	+ section columns DOCX export (bnc#497556) [Kendy]
	+ more on nested table DOCX export (bnc#499118) [Kendy]
	+ cell width and height DOCX export (bnc#497554) [Kendy]
	+ endless loop in bookmarks DOCX export (bnc#498755) [Kendy]
	+ shapes DOCX import crasher (bnc#478945, bnc#478982) [Cedric]
	+ some DOCX VML import side effects (bnc#478595) [Cédric]
	+ more on layout PPTX import (bnc#480223) [Radek]
	+ XLSX export crasher (bnc#497419)
	+ build libxlsx and libpptx separately [Kendy]
    + VBA bits:
	+ bad initialise call when editing userform module (bnc#497923)
    + build bits:
	+ fixed build on MacOS [Thorsten]
	+ fixed build on Win32 [Tor]
    + updated Gentoo, OxygenOffice bits [Andreas, KAMI]
    + experimental stuff:
	+ document is locked after userform is closed (bnc#494964) [Noel]
	+ Range.Insert with non-empty clipboard (bnc#498325) [Noel]
	+ faster sheet switch (bnc#495140) [Kohei]


    + features
	+ support ooo310-m10 [Rene]
    + bug fixes:
	+ F9 update didn't update charts (i#101273) [Kohei]
	+ infinite loop on exporting ODS document (bnc#497610) [Kohei]
	+ crash when exporting notes with hyperlinks (i#101159) [Caolan, Kendy]
	+ many input field stuff improvements (bnc#248354, bnc#400884) [Florian]
	+ more on stepping back one animation effect (i#48179) [Andre, Thorsten]
	+ loosing slide preview in notes on PPT export (i#101051) [Thorsten]
	+ restore the pre-3.0 Impress ruler behaviour (i#101269) [Thorsten]
	+ avoid dupe sound with presenter screen [Upstream, Thorsten]
	+ Impress animation UI fix [Upstream, Thorsten]
    + VBA bits:
	+ fix treatment of null if 'If' comparison (bnc#496844) [Noel]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ view zoom in XLSX import (bnc#494603) [Jan]
	+ disable untested animations PPTX export [Radek]
	+ tables DOCX export (bnc#492916, bnc#492896) [Kendy]
	+ initial support for VML in DOCX import [Cédric]
	+ merged many DOCX import fixes:
	    + tables (i#90093,  i#97804, i#92544, bnc#478965) [Cédric]
	    + pictures: (i#96021, i#97645, bnc#457490) [Cédric]
	    + redlines (i#91883, bnc#478562) [Cédric]
	    + misc: i#93783, i#100176 [Cédric]
    + Win32 bits:
	+ many build fixes [Tor]
    + build bits:
	+ java target in jfreereport (bnc#496747) [Petr]
    + experimental:
	+ more on the split build [Petr]
	+ Redim or Dim of array run time error (bnc#495604) [Noel]


    + features:
	+ bin obsolete Kohei's Calc solver [Kohei]
    + speed up:
	+ line stroking with antialiasing (i#10085) [AW, Thorsten]
    + bug fixes:
	+ max column XLS import (bnc#495140) [Kohei]
	+ entering value into any cell crasher [Kohei]
	+ DataPilot hide list fixes (bnc#483379, i#100619) [Kohei]
	+ hitting the Tab key incorrectly removes selection [Kohei]
	+ dragging in datapilot after changing source range (i#86791) [Kohei]
	+ DataPilot's dynamic source range is not working (bnc#494948) [Kohei]
	+ mark formula cells within chart data ranges dirty (bnc#491898) [Kohei]
	+ avoid subpixel clipping in cairocanvas (bnc#489451) [Thorsten]
	+ better fix for slideshow animation speed [upstream, Thorsten]
	+ return/esc in Impress custom animation dialog [Thorsten]
	+ clipboard and text scaling fixes [upstream, Thorsten]
	+ missing crasher [upstream, Thorsten]
	+ do not eat ctrl-<keycode> [Thorsten]
	+ vcl freeze [upstream, Thorsten]
	+ non-functional mono bridge [Petr]
	+ more system python fixes [Rene, Petr]
	+ Don't overwrite files in KDE Save As dialog (bnc#487952) [Kendy]
	+ missing icons in the presenter screen console (bnc#448305) [Petr]
    + VBA bits:
	+ disable not-enough-tested project reference and toolbar/menu
	  customizations for word [Noel]
	+ use value of default property if it exists (bnc#494990) [Noel]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ bodyPr's vert, anchor and anchorCrt import (bnc#479829) [Radek]
	+ can't remove text imported from DOCX (bnc#492875) [Cédric]
	+ DOCX headers/footers export freeze (bnc#492916) [Kendy]
	+ nested tables logic, styles, alignment in DOCX import (bnc#492903,
	  bnc#478965) [Cédric]
	+ absolute references import (bnc#493528) [Florian]
	+ font spacing import (bnc#479822) [Radek]
	+ XLSX export enable [Jan, Kendy]
    + Win32 bits:
    + l10n:
	+ Russian ooo-build translation update [Rail]
    + build bits:
	+ honor debug mode when building internal Cairo [Thorsten]
	+ missing Base64.class (i#100620) [Hanno]
	+ warning removal in sc module [Kohei]
	+ various build fixes [all]
    + updated Gentoo, Novell, Ubuntu bits [Chris, Petr, Hanno]
    + experimental:
	+ more on the split build [Petr]
	+ assigning optional parameter fails (bnc#494667) [Noel]
	+ document is locked after userform is closed (bnc#494964) [Noel]


    + features
	+ support ooo310-m9 [Rene]
    + speedup:
	+ configmgr node sort (i#100743) [Michael]
	+ lang guessing optimization (i#100757) [Michael]
	+ hugely accelerate calc HTML import (i#100827) [Michael]
    + bug fixes:
	+ datapilot grouping breakage (bnc#491637) [Kohei]
	+ ctrl-[ and ctrl-] Calc hotkeys (bnc#464359) [Kohei]
	+ disable autofilter in datapilot output (bnc#484600) [Kohei]
	+ bin problematic cell cursor moving changes (bnc#388770) [Kohei]
	+ field member visibility quick editing (bnc#483379, i#100619) [Kohei]
	+ DOC export problems (bnc#479068, i#100473, i#100918) [Florian]
	+ better solution for the system python [Caolan, Rene]
	+ bin ugly gail version number warning [Petr]
    + VBA bits:
	+ compare basic syntax compile error (bnc#488588) [Fong, Noel]
	+ import customizations from global templates [Noel]
	+ suppress duplicate import of template data [Noel]
	+ various compiler fixes [Noel]
    + OOXML bits:
	+ many XLSX import fixes (bnc#479396, bnc#480854, bnc#480876,
	  bnc#481317, i#100544) [Jan]
	+ OLE2 shapes import and VML drawing lookup (bnc#485418) [Radek]
	+ gradient/bitmap fill background import (bnc#383555) [Radek]
	+ polylines and polygons import
    + build bits:
	+ new unopkg-regenerate-cache helper script [Petr]
	+ fix updating localizations from external sources [Rene]
	+ new --enable-defuzz-patches configure option [Petr]
	+ regenerated many diffs to apply cleanly [Petr]
	+ fix ccache usage [Jan]
	+ various build fixes
    + updated Novell bits [Petr]
    + experimental:
	+ initial implementation of OOXML export filters (fate#304564,
	  fate#304566, fate#304567) [Cedric, Jan, Jon, Kendy, Radek]
	+ more on the split build [Petr]


    + features:
	+ support ooo310-m7 [Rene]
	+ ooo-build is in git now, see
    + bug fixes:
	+ more on skipping data in hidden cells when rendering charts
	  (bnc#404190, i#81209) [Kohei]
	+ charts with non-default formula syntax (bnc#487350) [Kohei]
	+ messages about missing directories with templates (i#100518) [Petr]
    + VBA bits:
	+ custom menus import from word documents crasher [Noel]
	+ enable filter to process builtin menubar [Noel]
	+ compile issue (i#100578) [Noel]
    + OOXML import:
	+ master page style only for placeholder shapes (bnc#485417) [Radek]
	+ docx nested tables (i#92544, bnc#478965) [Cédric]
	+ external references import (bnc#480868) [Jan]
	+ autoFilter in table part (bnc#479381) [Jan]
    + l10n:
	+ updated ooo-build.pot [Petr]
    + build bits:
	+ do not lost ARCH_FLAGS from the environment [Petr]
	+ enforce alignment for typesconfig [Rene]
	+ easier ccache usage [Jan]
	+ bin support for < ooo310-m7 [Rene]
    + experimental:
	+ more on the split build [Petr]
	+ initial support for SmartArt import [Thorsten]


    + features:
	+ support ooo310-m6 [Rene, Tor, ...]
    + speed up:
	+ symbol visibility in comphelper, svg [Thorsten]
	+ startup performance problem in the migration code [Kohei]
    + bug fixes:
	+ allow to specify lang on HTML import into Calc (bnc#484272) [Kohei]
	+ datapilot output and new sheet destination (bnc#483446) [Kohei]
	+ merge flags when a new row is inserted (bnc#484599) [Kohei]
	+ more on multiline formula reference (i#35913) [William]
	+ autocorrection in Calc (bnc#472395, lp#271774) [Kohei]
	+ custom name of datapilot table (bnc#484157) [Kohei]
	+ cairocanvas colorspace miscalculation [Thorsten]
	+ Sun Report Builder fixes (i#100249) [Rene]
	+ backported some fixes [Rene]
	+ lock renewal code [Tor]
	+ many DOCX import fixes [Cédric]
	+ crash on startup with the GTK+ plugin [Michael]
	+ placeholder layout fix (bnc#485316, bnc#480223) [Radek]
	+ user friendly migration of java settings (i#99619) [Petr]
	+ tabs export problem causing broken TOC (bnc#479068) [Florian]
    + VBA bits:
	+ apply imported image for all image sizes [Noel]
	+ worksheet events rework [Fong]
	+ template name API fix [Noel]
    + build bits:
	+ GCC warnings in stlport (i#100223) [Gökçen]
	+ various build fixes [Fridrich, Rene]
    + updated Go-oo, Novell, Ubuntu bits [Fridrich, Petr, Rene]
    + experimental:
	+ more on the split build [Petr]


    + features:
	+ support ooo310-m4 [Kohei, Rene, ...]
    + bug fixes:
	+ more on WebDAV locking [Tor]
	+ support sheet tab colors Excel import/export [Daniel]
	+ import/export field's precision correctly (n#479025) [Kohei]
	+ Named ranges with Excel A1 or R1C1 syntax (bnc#481200) [Kohei]
	+ copy & paste of non-contiguous regions (n#447003, i#25855) [Kohei]
	+ allow to step back one animation in slideshow (i#48179) [Thorsten]
	+ mail merge bugs and regressions [Michel]
    + VBA bits:
	+ more on the support for VBA in Writer [Noel, Fong]
	+ Application.CommandBars function [bnc#459458] [Fong]
	+ autotext and OLE objects (i#99786 & i#99790) [Noel]
	+ close event handler crasher [Noel]
    + l10n:
	+ small Hungarian translation fixes [Andras]
    + build bits:
	+ renamed sources [Petr]:
	    + libs_core       -> libs-core
	    + libs_gui        -> libs-gui
	    + libs-extern     -> libs-extern
	    + libs_extern_sys -> libs-extern-sys
	+ split and renamed sources [Petr]:
	    + l10n --> extras
	           `-> help
	+ build on MIPS [Rene]
        + various build fixes [Rene, Kohei, Fridrich, Tor, Noel, Petr, ...]
	+ more fixes of --with-srcdir [Fridrich]
    + experimental:
	+ more on the split build [Petr]
	+ more on KDE4 support [Bernhard]


    + features:
	+ support ooo310-m2 [Tor, Rene, Kohei, Petr, ...]
	+ Excel export encryption and sheet protection [Kohei]
	+ initial support for VBA in Writer [Noel, Fong]
	+ new startcenter.desktop [Rene]
    + bug fixes:
	+ more on the layouted dialogs [Jan]
	+ some fixes in the SVG import [Thorsten]
	+ more on the fit list to size stuff (i#94086) [Thorsten]
	+ more on skipping data in hidden cells when rendering charts
	  (bnc#404190, i#81209) [Kohei]
	+ more on multiline formula reference (i#35913) [William]
	+ data pilot default output to new sheet (i#50886) [Kohei]
	+ always use A1 syntax in DDE function (bnc#442143) [Kohei]
	+ missing x-values of numeric or dates  (bnc#463199) [Kohei]
	+ Excel 2007 compatible row limit (bnc#443634, i#30215) [Kohei]
	+ another grammar type for English Excel formula syntax [Kohei]
	+ allow finding and replacing empty cells (i#49380, n#415352) [Kohei]
	+ swap behavior for Backspace and Delete in Calc (bnc#460465) [Kohei]
	+ formula syntax option migration from 3.0 to 3.1 (bnc#466064) [Kohei]
	+ un-select tabs when switching sheet (i#70320, bnc#396894) [Rail, Kohei]
	+ infinite loop when pasting over cells in Calc (bnc#478309) [Patrick]
	+ multiple chart types in a single chart (i#95934, bnc#437322) [Kohei]
	+ merging and unmerging cells on multiple sheets (bnc#213205) [Kohei]
	+ "Identify Categories" in data pilot (bnc#447182, i#96171) [Kohei]
	+ don't export color values as number formats (i#97563) [Kohei]
	+ store ranges using CONV_OOO (bnc#463305, bnc#461263) [Kohei]
	+ visible field members in page field list (i#96591) [Kohei]
	+ allow to import quoted fields as text (bnc#433378) [Kohei]
	+ English Excel formula syntax parsing (bnc#422145) [Kohei]
	+ formula variable separators (i#92056, bnc#447164) [Kohei]
	+ another DataPilot and filtered ranges regression [Kohei]
	+ document Calc localized separator in helpcontent [Kohei]
	+ custom names in data pilot (bnc#338014, i#22029) [Kohei]
	+ external defined name import on XLS documents [Kohei]
	+ autofill failed to increment "1 foo" (i#5550) [Kohei]
	+ XLS import crasher (bnc#447560, bnc#458985) [Noel]
	+ referenced cells highlighting (bnc#469395) [Kohei]
	+ broken stacked-area chart (bnc#472264) [Kohei]
	+ chart export into ODF fix (bnc#461264) [Kohei]
	+ formatting in part of a cell (i#96853) [Kohei]
	+ "always save" in Calc (bnc##450789) [Kohei]
	+ avoid internal Err:529 (bnc#440808) [Kohei]
	+ XLS export write error (i#99097) [Daniel]
	+ custom sheet tab colors option [Daniel]
	+ do not lost charts (bnc#476293) [Kohei]
	+ copy sheet crasher (bnc#478187) [Noel]
	+ SXC import crasher (bnc#467536) [Jon]
	+ shapes export into XLS (i#96858) [Noel]
	+ missing Gallery-resident custom shapes (bnc#479056) [Noel]
	+ text color and alignment in PPT import (bnc#443127) [Thorsten]
	+ DirectX canvas when the device is lost (bnc#445628) [Thorsten]
	+ allow to change stroke color and width during a slideshow (i#97972)
	  [fredus, ssaboum]
	+ outline numbering in master document  (i#96092, bnc#445536) [Amelia]
	+ pagebreak enhancements (bnc#396648) [Amelia]
	+ preference over gnumeric (bnc#463510) [Petr]
	+ optional outplace OLE editing (i#98970) [Thorsten]
	+ make atk/a11y work again (i#98533, bnc#457611) [Michael]
	+ recognize a directory as a folder with neon (i#98288) [Caolan]
	+ accelerators for the en-US locale (bnc#463733, i#97088) [Kendy]
	+ find & replace dialog crasher (bnc#477854) [Kohei]
	+ file name in the mail subject (bnc#459176) [Tor]
	+ disable the entire first start wizard [Kohei]
	+ pyuno for python-2.6 (bnc#448776) [Petr]
	+ SMTP dialog fix [Rene]
    + VBA bits:
	+ more on the user forms and controls [Noel, Fong, Kohei]
	+ run time error with ColorIndex function (bnc#459479) [Noel]
	+ deal with alternative macro action specifications [Noel]
	+ ComboBox.ListIndex runtime error (bnc#476891) [Noel]
	+ XLS import crasher (bnc#447560, bnc#458985) [Noel]
	+ GetBasic called on Shell crasher (i#98240) [Noel]
	+ VPageBreak and VPageBreaks objects porting [Han]
	+ DateSerial function regression (i#97038) [Fong]
	+ IsError problems (bnc#469762) [Noel]
	+ VBA constants namespace errors [Han]
	+ new simple template object [Noel]
	+ spaces in resource names [Noel]
	+ service macros rework [Noel]
	+ commandbar issues [Fong]
    + Win32 bits:
	+ drop support for Win9x [Tor]
    + l10n:
	+ update ooo-build translations from the openSUSE community [Petr]
	+ allow localization of "Table Data View" and "Bibliography" [Andras]
	+ string truncations in some dialogs [Andras]
    + build bits:
	+ update --with-internal-gcc to gcc-4.2.3 and binutils-2.18 [Fridrich]
	+ make_pair<>()-like type generator functions (i#98625) [Thorsten]
	+ missing inline specifier (i#96585) [Thorsten]
	+ better packaging of Sun templates [KAMI]
	+ fix --with-srcdir to work [Fridrich]
	+ printf arguments cleanup [Rafael]
	+ even more quiet build [Cedric]
	+ installer speed up [Michael]
	+ fixes for ARM [Matthias]
	+ MCS path [Jo]
	+ various build fixes [all]
    + updated Gentoo, GO-OO, Novell, OxygenOffice bits [Hanno, Fridrich, Petr,
    + experimental:
	+ split build [Petr]


    + speed up:
	+ symlinks in registries [Michael]
    + bug fixes:
	+ more on the VBA export [Fong]
	+ disabled some experimental layout stuff by default (bnc#442036) [Jan]
	+ non-numeric letter sequence detection (bnc#439441) [Kohei]
	+ mark document as modified when password changed [Kohei]
	+ COUNTA and string literal (bnc#446622) [Kohei]
	+ pivot cache field import (bnc#433658) [Kohei]
	+ user path in scripting framework [Rene]
	+ blinking text in slideshow [Thorsten]
	+ EMF import crashes [Radek]
	+ broken find & replace dialog (bnc#439222) [Jan]
	+ compilation of the mono sample (bnc#444353) [Radek]
	+ adds version info to cli_uno_bridge.dll assembly (bnc#361463) [Radek]
	+ saving files on Novell teaming via WebDAV (bnc#440514) [Kendy, Petr]
	+ using GIO in non-GNOME WM (i#96170, n#442678) [Michael, Petr]
	+ can't import userforms from Word (bnc#447015) [Noel]
	+ bin version from the man page [Petr]
    + VBA bits:
	+ dropdown list keeps the focus (bnc#444156) [Noel]
	+ macro project tree does not show new modules (bnc#444984) [Fong]
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