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1) The functionality of language component depends
heavily on fairly static installation. If the structure
of your installation changes (due to software update for
example), it is possible for the language component to get lost in the
process. You may need to reinstall the language component with the
following command (executed as root):


2) It is possible that in the future new versions of will
become incompatible with current versions of The
worst possible scenario is that this incompatibility will *break* the
installation of both and This is
really possible; I am not exaggerating here. has certain
weak points in handling external components.

To solve the problem, this binary package has been
set to conflict with any newer (and older) versions. It
means that when you install a new version of, you can no
longer use the old package; it has to be updated
too (or compiled again from source package). Minor
updates such as security updates should work without installing a new
version of

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