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  This is /kolab, an RPM-based OpenPKG software package hierarchy.
  This filesystem area contains software which was automatically
  installed through OpenPKG RPM packages from

  Short OpenPKG RPM query command summary:

  $ /kolab/bin/rpm -qa
    (q)uery list of (a)ll installed packages

  $ /kolab/bin/rpm -qi <name>
    (q)uery (i)nformation about package <name>

  $ /kolab/bin/rpm -qlv <name>
    (q)uery (v)erbose (l)ist of installed files of package <name>

  Use "eval `/kolab/etc/rc --eval all env`" from within a user's
  Bourne (Again) Shell startup script (.profile or .bashrc) in
  order to activate this hierarchy and all of its packages. 

  In case of any questions or problems post to the OpenPKG project 
  user support mailing list <>. For more
  details about OpenPKG visit

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