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opensm - OpenIB InfiniBand Subnet Manager and management utilities…  more info»



OpenSM provides an implementation for an InfiniBand Subnet Manager and
Administrator. Such a software entity is required to run for in order
to initialize the InfiniBand hardware (at least one per each
InfiniBand subnet).

The full list of OpenSM features is described in the user manual
provided in the doc sub directory.

The installation of OpenSM includes:

   opensm - the SM/SA executable
   osmtest - a test program for the SM/SA
   libosmcomp.{a,so} - component library with generic services and containers
   libopensm.{a,so} - opensm services for logs and mad buffer pool
   libosmvendor.{a,so} - interface to the user mad service of the driver
   iba/ib_types.h - IBA types header file
   complib/ - component library includes
   vendor/  - vendor library includes
   opensm/  - public opensm library includes
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