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Net::Radius Modules

The modules included here provide an interface to the RADIUS
protocol. It consists of the following modules:

Net::Radius::Packet	- Deals with RADIUS packets
Net::Radius::Dictionary	- Deals with RADIUS dictionaries

This module is essentially the original RADIUS-1.0 distribution by
Christopher Masto plus a number of changes and fixes by Luis Muñoz and
Ian Smith.

It has been changed so that it better fits the CPAN namespace. See the
other README.* files in this archive for additional information.

The installation follows the standard protocol...

$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test
$ make install

The ./examples directory contain a number of simple examples.

This code supports the use of vendor specific attributes. This
type of attribute is defined in RFC-2138 and is used to support
'propietary' extensions on top of the base RADIUS specification.

There are two new kinds of entries in the RADIUS dictionary in
order to specify VSAs.

VENDORATTR <vendor> <attribute> <id> <type>

This entry is used to create a new kind of vendor attribute,
such as in this example

VENDORATTR 	9 	cisco-avpair 	1 	string

This creates a new vendor-specific attribute for vendor 9 (Cisco
Systems), with name 'cisco-avpair'. This attribute is identified by
numeric id '1' and is associated with a string value.

The second type of entry allows the specification of named values.
The following is an hypotetical example of named value entry.

VENDORATTR	9	cisco-enum	254	integer
VENDORVALUE	9	cisco-enum	Value-1	1
VENDORVALUE	9	cisco-enum	Value-2	2
VENDORVALUE	9	cisco-enum	Value-3	3

Alternatively, you can use the widely deployed FreeRadius dictionary
files' syntax of:

VENDOR		Cisco		9
ATTRIBUTE	Cisco-AVPair	1	string		Cisco

About the stability, this code has been in very active use at a
largish ISP with millions of users using a variety of network
equipment with impressive results. It has been succesfully used under
FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and Tru64.

There's copious support material along with this distribution. Please
do take a look.


If  you consider this  a valuable  contribution, there  is a  web page
where you can express your gratitude. Please see (English) (Spanish)


I have no control on the machanisms involved in the storage or
transport of this distribution. This means that I cannot guarantee
that the distribution you have in your hands is indeed, the same
distribution I packed and uploaded.

Along the distribution file, you should have a file with the extension
".asc". This contains a GPG "detached signature" that makes it
impossible for anybody to alter this distribution. If security is of
any concern to you, by all means verify the signature of this file and
contact the author if any discrepancy is detected.

You can find more information about this at the following URL



Original work (c) Christopher Masto. Changes (c) 2002,2003 Luis
E. Muñoz <>.

This software can be used under the same terms as perl itself. It also
carries the same warranties.

Please send bug reports (or patches) as well as feedback and
suggestions to

When submitting bugs, it is very important that you include the
relevant information for reproducing the bug. Packet dumps are most

Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (Darwin)

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