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packETH - A GUI packet generator tool…  more info»


packETH-1.7 (C) 2003-2010 by Miha Jemec, <>
Covered under the GPL.

To run the program type (for sending you need the SuperUser rights):
./packETH (from the source directory; here you already have the path and default config file)


The usage of the program should be pretty straightforward. As you will see, there are 4 main windows (first three buttons from the left side). I called them:
- Builder - the page where you build the packet you want and where you can send it once
- Gen-b - generator for sending the packet currently build inside Builder
- Gen-s)- geenrator that allows you to pick up to 10 previosly built packtes and send them in different manner
- Pcap window - open a tcpdump/wireshark capture file and put this packet in builder

If you get into problems, please feel free to contact me.  


Miha Jemec, Slovenia
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