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This is Paje, a program to visualize the execution of parallel programs.

Paje is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License

How to install:

On Linux (and other platforms where GNUstep works):

- First, install GNUstep (
  There is a good installation manual on

- Be sure to source the GNUstep environment setting script
  (source /path-to-gnustep/System/Library/Makefiles/GNUstep.[c]sh

- Then cd to Paje's directory and type
  make install

- It should now be possible to execute Paje with:

On MacOS-X (you must have development tools installed)

Like on Linux, except the first step, where instead of installing 
the whole GNUstep package, only GNUstep's "make" package is needed.

There are some example trace files in the Traces directory.

Any problems, questions, etc,
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