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	$Id: README,v 1.1 2005/02/26 06:58:41 njacobs Exp $

The source code contained within this project implements the Free Standards
Group (FSG) Open Printing API (PAPI) and specific components around it.
Specifically included are the following:

	* Core PAPI attribute support
	* A PAPI library with dynamic backend support
	* PAPI support on top of lpd/bsd/rfc-1179 protocol
	* PAPI support on top of IPP
	* BSD/SYSV command implementations on top of the PAPI interface
	* lpd/bsd/rfc-1179 protocol listening support
	* IPP protocol listening support

The core PAPI attribute support is common to each PAPI implementation provided
here and is seperated into it's own shared library to reduce duplication of
code and delivery.  The PAPI library (and the rfc-1179 and IPP support) is
built such that linking with resolves symbols in libpapi-core
as well.  The PAPI library support for rfc-1179 and IPP is built into
individual loadable modules that are each complete implementations of
the PAPI on their own (less the attribute support).  The modules are
called Print Service Modules (PSM) and are named psm-lpd and psm-ipp
respectively.  Either of them can be used to replace libpapi on your
system to only support that protocol. 

Delivered components:

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