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This file is part of GNU Parted
Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
              Free Software Foundation Inc.

This file may be modified and/or distributed without restriction.  This is
not an invitation to misrepresent who contributed to GNU Parted.


We need to keep track of copyright (see the Maintainer HOWTO on

Leslie Patrick Polzer   <>
        * parts of 1.6.24 PedUnit API
        * GPT pth_* functions and block size fixes
        * debugging framework
        * ext2 "strange layout" fix (experimental)
        * support for physical block sizes
        * SCO BFS support

        Snail Mail:
        Am Kirchberg 15
        89537 Giengen

Andrew Clausen          <>
	* all FAT code (libparted/fs_fat)
	* all linux-swap code (libparted/fs_linux_swap)
	* some reiserfs glue code (libparted/fs_reiserfs) with Umanets
	* most of the API (with lots of discussion with Lennert Buytenhek)
	* generic filesystem code (filesys.c) and device code (device.c)
	* exception code (exception.c, debug.c)
	* partition table code (disk.c)
	* dos partition support (disk_dos.c)
	* mac partition support (disk_mac.c)
	* mips partition support (disk_mips.c)
	* loopback support (disk_loop.c)
	* some of the PC98 code (disk_pc98.c), with Masahiro Sakai.
	* misc. hacking on all disk_*.c code
	* low-level I/O code (device.c, geom.c, linux.c)
	  - init_scsi() stolen from gnome-gfdisk via Matt Wilson.
	* constraint solver (natmath.c, constraint.c)
	* command-line, and fdisk-like frontend (parted/*)
	* stubs for ntfs, hfs, xfs
	* hacked on libparted/fs_ext2 a fair bit (bug fixes, error handling,
	support for > 1024 groups, etc.)
	* libparted/mbr.s (the MBR boot loader code)
	* misc hacking on GNU/Hurd port
	* major surgery on GUID Partition Table (GPT) support (disk_gpt.[ch])
	* progress meter support (libparted/timer.c include/parted/timer.h)

	Snail mail:
	18 Shaw St
	Ashwood, 3147

Lennert Buytenhek       <>
	* original ext2 code (libparted/fs_ext2)
	* discussion/ideas for API

Matthew Wilson		<>
	* basis of partition table and device code (disk.c, disk_dos.c,
	and device.c)  Has morphed into something that looks completely
	different now :-)
	* bug fixes
	* BSD disklabel support (disk_bsd.c)
	* Python bindings to libparted
	* Don't detect AIX physical volumes as msdos partition tables
	* Code for manipulating AIX PVs

Martin von L�wis	<>
	* German translations

Baty Jean-Marc		<>
	* French translations

Hiroshi Takekawa	<>
	* Japanese translations

Eliphas Levy Theodoro	<>
	* Brazillian Portugese translations

Dmitry S. Sivachenko	<dima@Chg.RU>
	* Russian translations

Timshel Knoll		<>
	* man pages (parted.8 partprobe.8)
	* bug fixes

Ivo Timmermans		<>
	* Dutch translations

Ryoji Kawagishi		<>
	* Japanese translation of doc/USER (user documentation)
	(replaced by Okuji's version, now)

Okuji Yoshinori		<>
	* doc/
	* contributions to Japanese translations

Masahiro Sakai		<>
	* most of the PC98 support (disk_pc98.c), with Andrew Clausen
	* lots of tedious work on parted/strlist.c

Damien Genet		<>
	* parted.m4

Ben Collins		<>
	* Sun disk label support (libparted/disk_sun.c)
	* stubs for UFS

Vincent Stelh�		<>
	* move syntax patch (make END specification optional).  Trivial
	for copyright purposes (no disclaimer needed)

Neal H Walfield		<>
	* GNU/Hurd port - libparted/gnu.c

Thomas Roelz		<>
	* misc bug fixes

Matt Domsch		<>
	* GUID Partition Table (GPT) support (disk_gpt.[ch],
	* misc bug fixes, including end-of-device workaround
	in libparted/linux.c

Kjetil Torgrim Homme <>
	* Norweigen translations

J�rgen Tegn�r <>
	* Swedish translations

Keld Simonsen <>
	* Danish translations

Richard M. Kreuter <>
	* converted doc/USER to texinfo (doc/parted.texi)

Miquel Matas <>
	* Catalan translations

Andreas Dilger <>
	* lots of mix bug fixes/cleanups

Vicente E. Llorens <>
	* Spanish translations

Yury Umanets <>
	* basis of libparted/fs_reiserfs

Bernardo Jo�o Torres da Silveira <>
	* pt_BR translation of FAQ and parted.texi

Wojciech Polak <>
	* Polish translations

Miloslav Trmac <>
	* Czech translations

Maxim V. Dziumanenko <>
	* Ukrainian translations

Giuseppe Sacco <>
	* Italian translations

Guillaume Knispel <>
	* nearly all hfs and hfs+ code (libparted/fs_hfs)
	* hfs+ support for mac partitions (disk_mac.c)
	* sync_fast code (linux.c gnu.c geom.[ch] device.[ch] )
	* various fixes (parted.c ui.c filesys.c disk_dos.c disk.c
	doc/parted.texi doc/API disk_gpt.c disk_mac.c unit.c fs_fat/traverse.c)

Chris Lumens <>
	* interactive help fixes for filesystem types
	* gcc-4 pedanticism cleanups

Wei-Lun Chao <>
	* Taiwanese dialect of Chinese (Cantonese?) translations.

Tran Thi Hoang Quyen <>
	* Vietnamese translations

Eduardo Maestri Righes <>
	* hidden partitions support
	* setting MS Reserved partitions through "set" command.

Arif E. Nugroho <>
	* Indonesian translations

Ithamar R. Adema <>
	* BeOS support

David Cantrell <>
	* Added support for Promise SX8 devices (original patch from Jeremy
	Katz <>)
	* Brought IBM/Red Hat DASD patches forward to parted-1.7.x
	Original IBM authors: Volker Sameske <>
	                      Horst Hummel <>
	Original Red Hat authors: Phil Knirsch <>
	                          Harald Hoyer <>
	* Prevent SIGFPE when FAT sector size is 0
	* Add virtual DASD (VIODASD) on iSeries support
	* Use O_DIRECT I/O to prevent first partition corruption on GPT disks
   * Prevent sector reading exceptions from ped_geometry_check() on Mac

Peter Jones <>
	* Add ped_exception_get_handler()
	* /dev/mapper read/write support on Linux (via libdevmapper)

Darren Lavender <>
	* Fix SIGSEGV in parted 1.6.19 and assertion error in 1.7.0
	* Add support for LUN/device resize detection and option GPT
	header corruption
	* Fixed off-by-one error in GPT header that allowed for overlap
	between LDAs of LastUsableLBA and PartitionEntryLBA in backup GPT

Olaf Hering <>
	* Fixes for Macintosh disk label code

Debarshi Ray <>
   * Display disk model and transport type in parted(8).
   * Handle ped_unregister_disk_type() cases when disk_types is not
   NULL and instances where the specified type is not registered.
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