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parted - The GNU disk partition manipulation program…  more info»



* Rework backtrace support.
* Code cleanups.
* Added --enable-selinux configure option to enable linking libparted with
  libselinux and libsepol.
* Disable ext2fs resize for now, tell user to use resize2fs.

* Fix loop in print_all().
* Introduce the -list command-line switch.
* Make mktable aliased to mklabel.
* Warn before mklabel and mkfs.
* Code cleanups in _partition_warn_busy(), _disk_warn_busy(),
  _partition_warn_loss(), and _disk_warn_loss().
* Avoid warning about user permissions when using --version.
* Fix 'print' command help.
* Proper print when there are no extended partitions, but partition names.

* Generate SHA-1 digest of the archive files and upload those along with the
  actual archive files.
* Update translation files.
* Remove automatically generated files from version control.
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