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This is a quick hack to aid refactoring pcb2gcode.
Needs python 2.7, meld

Uses some of the example files that come with the (awesome) gerbv project.

The script accepts 4 parameters:
    buildold:	   run pcb2gcode on all four example projects, save results and use as output of "old" version
    buildnew:	   same as buildold, but use as output of "new" version in comparison
    cmp:	   compare output of "old" and "new" version
    clean:	   remove files created by buildold and buildnew

It is used as follows:
   1) run "python buildold"
   2) refactor pcb2gcode
   3) run "python buildnew"
   4) run "python cmp"
   5) if the output differs:
      	 a) meld is automatically called so you can check what has changed
	 b) you fix your mistakes, continue with 3)
      if the output is the same:
      	 a) celebrate, then send me your improvements ;-)
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