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Example Expressions and Rules for pmie(1)

The files in this directory contain a number of sample rules
for the Performance Co-Pilot inference engine pmie(1).

In some cases the rules could be used directly.  In others the
rules would require customization (host names, thresholds, rule
evaluation frequency, choose a suitable alarm/action, etc) before
they could be used at a particular site.

Each file contains a set of related rules as follows:

CPU		general CPU utilization and saturation monitoring

DISK		general disk utilization and saturation monitoring

FILESYS		general file system monitoring

RAS		simple reliability and availability monitoring
		(see also the shping PMDA, pmdashping(1))

UAG		examples from the Performance Co-Pilot User's and
		Administrator's Guide

UPM		examples from the Performance Co-Pilot Programmer's

$Revision: 1.2 $
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