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pcsc-lite-acr38u - ACS ACR 38 USB (acr38u) Smartcard Reader driver for PCSC-lite…  more info»


Title   : README 
Hardware: ACS ACR 38 USB Smartcard Reader
Author  : David Corcoran
License : See file COPYING

This package is a shared library called acs38Driver.bundle which is 
the library used to talk to the IFD Handler interface and PC/SC Lite.  
To build this reader driver do the following:


Type ./configure
     make install


1. Due to the difference in location to put header files between 
PCSCLITE-1.2.9betaX and earlier version, it is highly recommended to 
uninstall earlier PCSCLITE (or at least remove the header files)

2. In order to build and install the driver, the source files should be 
located in a path that does not contain spaces. Otherwise, "make install" 
will fail.
/home/user1/this is bad/ACR38_LINUX_XXX_P/

Edward Cheung <>
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