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pdf-presenter-console - multi-monitor presentation tool (ala Keynote) for PDF files…  more info»


Pdf Presenter Console Changelog

Version 1.1.1

- Fixed: Compile error with newer vala versions due to wrong property

- Fixed: Typo in help text

Version 1.1

- Implemented: Controllable interface for cleaner controller code.

- Fixed: Install target is now executable.

- Fixed: Warnings shown in one-screen-presentation-mode, due to non existant
  process indicator.

- Implemented: Presentation timer as its own GTK Widget

- Implemented: Support for negative timer values (aka overtime)

- Implemented: Different Timer colors for normal time, the last x minutes and

- Implemented: Made last-minutes time configurable

- Fixed: Library paths were not used correctly for compilation

- Implemented: Fullscreen window as own Gtk class

- Fixed: Problem which caused the windows not be displayed on the correct
  displays using the Xfce4 Xfwm window mananger.

- Implemented: Command line option to set the size of the current slide in the
  presenter screen

- Implemented: A few more common key bindings

- Implemented: Hide cursor after 5 seconds timeout

Version 1.0

- Initial release

   Local Variables:
   mode: rst
   fill-column: 79
   vim: et syn=rst tw=79
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