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Class::Eroot is a simple object persistence engine that can persist any
datatype.  Some objects will need to have an extra method or two added to
their classes, but this is probably the exception rather than the rule.

Here's the blurb from the manpage:

"The Eternal Root (eroot) is given references to the root objects of any
object hierarchies which must persist between separate invocations of the
application.  When the eroot's destructor is called, the eroot will find all
objects referenced in the object hierarchies and will store them.  All
objects will be restored (if possible) when and if the B<Continue> message
is sent to the eroot."

This package also include Class::Template, which builds getter/setter
methods for structs and classes.

Dean Roehrich

# changes/bugs fixed since 14mar95 version:
#  - removed some 'defined' checks on 'ref's--bonehead bug.
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