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POE::Component::IRC README             

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction
2.  Availability
3.  Prerequisites
4.  Installation
5.  Bugs and Wish List
6.  Disclaimer
7.  Copyright
8.  Developer Information


	POE::Component::IRC is a POE (Perl Object Environment) component
which provides a convenient way for POE applications to create a tiny
IRC client session and send and receive IRC events through it. If that
first sentence was a bit too much, go read the POE documentation over
and over until it makes some sense.


The latest stable version of POE::Component::IRC will be available on
CPAN, in the directory /authors/id/B/BI/BINGOS/ . A more complete mirror,
which includes recent alpha or beta releases, can be found at .

The real bleeding-edge stuff is in the PoCo-IRC svn repository, which is
available at


	POE. (Duh. :-)  Specifically, version 0.17 or better. It also
requires Carp and Socket, but if you find yourself lacking either of
those, you're in more trouble than we can help with anyways...

	If the module finds POE::Component::Client::DNS installed it
will use it to resolve the IP address of the servername given to connect.

	POE::Component::SSLify is required for SSL links.


	Same as any other Perl module, right? Unpack the tarfile, cd into
the resulting POE-Component-IRC-whatever directory, and do this:

	perl Makefile.PL
	make install

You can find sample code in the "examples" subdirectory of the distribution;
these scripts make a good template for your own bots, if you need one.


	To report bugs, email the maintainer or preferably

	Patches against the current CPAN distribution will be accepted.


	This module is provided "as is". If it makes your computer
explode, your hair fall out, your cat develop rabies, your house burn
down, whatever -- it's not our fault. Period. Ha ha, so there! :-)

	Furthermore, note that this module is still under active
development. The author reserves the right to gratuitously break old
code for the good of the rest of mankind, although it's unlikely that
that sort of thing will happen often.


	The copyright for POE::Component::IRC belongs to Dennis Taylor,
the poor bastard who wrote this thing up in the first place. It's
distributed under the same terms as Perl itself (that is, either the
Artistic License or GPL as you prefer). Please see the license that
came with your Perl distribution for details.


	Current maintainer Chris "BinGOs" Williams

	POE::Component::IRC was conceived and written by Dennis "fimmtiu"
Taylor, with piles of ideas and advice donated by Rocco "dngor"
Caputo, of POE fame, and Kevin "oznoid" Lenzo. Further testing,
support and encouragement were provided by the exceedingly tolerant
members of the EFnet channel #perl. Thanks to the following IRCers:

	Abys, for writing cool stuff and keeping me up-to-date on the bugs
	Addi, for testing and bug-hunting
	cherem, for constant motivational needling and prodding
	obvious, for spleen assistance
	stimps, for an excellent chili recipie
	and last but not least, my spleen! ("purl, spleen cheer!")

	Apologies to anyone I forgot!

	Check the Changes file for further contributors.
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