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YAPC(3)          User Contributed Perl Documentation         YAPC(3)

       YAPC - Yet Another Perl Conference information and documenta‐

       Organize an open source conference.

       This module contains documentation and some support code for
       proposing, planning, and executing a technical conference.
       While the specifics are relevant to a series of conferences
       supported by the Yet Another Society, the content may be
       informative for any group with an interest in promoting col‐
       laborative efforts and discussion on a focused technical

       The intended audience is a small but dedicated crew that
       would intend to take on such an event as the Yet Another Perl
       Conference, a grass-roots conference and symposium series on
       the Perl programming language.  These conferences have been
       carried out in a stronghold of interest by small local core
       groups, with the aid of the local users groups and members of
       the community.

       Corporate sponsorship is used to lower the cost of participa‐
       tion and raise the quality of the services offered, in return
       for good will, recognition, and the ability to help create
       the atmosphere where conversations can flourish, and keep the
       endeavor vital.

       The first Yet Another Perl Conference was held in Pittsburgh,
       PA at Carnegie Mellon University in 1999, and had about 275
       participants.  The event was attended by a small but mighty
       group of interested and interesting Perl people, including
       Larry Wall, who delivered to opening keynote on the first day
       of the two-day event.

       The event was such a success that it was repeated, again at
       Carnegie Mellon University, in 2000 -- and dubbed YAPC North
       America 19100, in honor of all the "year 2000" concerns of
       the time.  Attendance was some three hundred and fifty peo‐

       Leon Brocard and Greg McCarroll took it on themselves to
       carry out the first European YAPC in 2000 also, at the Insti‐
       tute for Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London, with the theme
       "The Art of Perl."  Some two hundred people attended, and
       volunteers from London and surrounding areas helped in force.

       In 2001, YAPC North America left Pittsburgh for Montreal,
       where Richard Lafferty and Luc St-Louis chaired the confer‐
       ence at the University of Montreal. About four hundred and
       twenty people attended.  Once again, local groups turned out
       in numbers to volunteer for any and all tasks.

       The European YAPC went into another strong year with
       YAPC::Europe 2001 at Hogeschool Holland, Amsterdam, with a
       Security theme.  Ann Barcomb, Jouke Visser, and a large and
       dedicated crew from the Netherlands, created an excellent at‐
       mosphere for both talks and discussion, raising the overall
       standard once again.

       Kevin A. Lenzo <>.

       Copyright (C) 2000, 2001 Yet Another Society.  Free use and
       redistribution of this document is encouraged under the same
       terms as Perl itself.

       YAPC::Venue, perl(1).

perl v5.8.8                  2001-10-25                      YAPC(3)
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