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pgpgpg - Wrapper for using GnuPG in programs designed for PGP…  more info»


                         pgpgpg - Version 0.13

    Pgpgpg  is  a  wrapper arround Gnu Privacy Guard which takes PGP 2.6
command  line  options,  translate them and then call GnuPG (Gnu Privacy 
Guard) to perform the desired action.

    PGP and GnuPG are encryption programms with high security encryption
engines.  However,  PGP is available without a fee but is not realy free
software.  GnuPG  on  the  other  hand  is  realy free software and have
additionally features but have a different command line syntax then PGP.

    The  goal  of pgpgpg is to plug in a command line syntax in front of 
GnuPG equal to PGP 2.6.

    Pgpgpg  is  free  software  and  protected by the Gnu General Public
License. Pgpgpg is written by Michael Roth <>.

    To  run pgpgpg you need GnuPG (The GNU Privacy Guard). Find out more
about GnuPG on

    However, until now this README is the only documentation. But if you
familiar with PGP 2.6, using pgpgpg should be straight forward. For news
and updates look at

    You will find detailed instructions about how to compile and install
pgpgpg in the file named INSTALL.

Testing and Bug-Hunting
    If  you  have  problems  using pgpgpg you could try to run configure
with  the  "--enable-debug"  option and rebuild pgpgpg. With this option
their will be some hints on stderr which could help you and me.

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