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$Source: /repository/php-src/ext/mnogosearch/README,v $
$Id: README,v 1.11 2004/01/17 12:59:36 sniper Exp $

mnoGoSearch extension module for PHP.

For details please refer to

If used with mysql you should not use bundled mysql library 
in the php distribution. You should use native mysql 
library. To do this you should compile php with specefying mysql-dir
(for example --with-mysql=/usr, not --with-mysql).

To compile PHP with CVS versions of mnogosearch (not with official releases)
you must open configure script of mnogosearch in your editor. Find
line like the following:

VERSION=x.x.x-`date "+%d%m%Y"`

where x.x.x is the mnogosearch version number like 3.2.16 or so.
Then just remove -`date "+%d%m%Y"`. After that this line should be

After complete you should reconfigure, recompile, reinstall mnogosearch and
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