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This application is inspired by phpcomic.

If you utilize a proxy server that is .pac
configured, you will need to determine the
actual proxy machine.  In your .netscape
directory there should be a proxyconf file
(brought local to you by netscape) that
will give you this information.  Use
this instead of a proxy configuration file
as your proxy/port information via manual
configuration (and in phpgw configuration).

Comics can either be static or snarfed.  Static 
is simply a fully qualified url to the host site
that inlines the graphic.  Snarfed will download
the graphic to the image directory and set the 
date in the comic data table.  I, also, plan to
allow (at least snarfed images) to be scaled.

Why snarf?  If your phpgw site runs on https,
then static images will be broken (external
links to otherwise unsecure sites).  The 
"work around" for this is snarfing.
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