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pidgin-guifications - toaster popups for pidgin…  more info»


Gary Kramlich <>
Daniel Atallah <>
Stu Tomlinson <>
Kevin Stange <>
Peter Lawler 
Lennert Van Alboom
John Bailey <>
Sadrul Habib Chowdhury

Stu Tomlinson (src rpm, rh8, rh9, fc1, fc2, fc3, mdk9.2)
Lennert Van Alboom (mdk10, mdk10.1)
Tollef Fog Heen (debian, ubuntu)
Daniel Atallah (win32)
Douglas Furlong (fc3 PPC, fc4 i386)
Kyle Gonzales (rhel4)
Chris O'Reilly (arch linux)

see po/AUTHORS

Special Thanks
Nathan Walp for helping with cleaning up the out of tree compile
Andy Korvemaker for the debian packages
Lennert Van Alboom for the mdk10 package
Aaron Bock for the receive message notification
Miah Gregory for leak checking
Nathaniel Waters for the animation formula
Tollef Fog Heen for access to a 64bit machine
Douglas Furlong for the FC3 PowerPC rpm's

Accepted Patches
Eduard Carreras i Nadal
Alexander Orlov
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