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Version 2.16 12/16/07:
  * Really fixed the G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED errors on non-Windows platforms.

Version 2.15 12/16/07:
  * Use large PRPL icons for scalling (alxorlov)
  * Make sure notification popups' context menus are drawn on-screen.
  * Changed mini and Penguins themes to display screen name instead of
    conversation name when displaying typing notifications--fixes the
    "       is typing" bug.
  * Fixed build on Windows and other systems where G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED
    in libpurple headers causes compilation issues.
  * Fixed "make installer" target so it works in cross-compile environments.

Version 2.14 5/5/07:
  * Fixed a brokenness in that caused configure to fail

Version 2.13 5/4/07:
  * Cleaned up the remaining non history references to gaim

Version 2.13beta7 4/30/07:
  * Changed a ton of Gaim and gaim to Pidgin and pidgin, respectively

Version 2.13beta6 1/19/07:
  * Repackaged for Gaim 2.0.0beta6

Version 2.13beta5 11/10/06:
  * Removed our addition of the XML PI since Gaim's
    xml_node_to_formatted_string does it for us now.  This fixes sf bug

Version 2.13beta4 10/18/06:
  * Updated to work with Gaim 2.0Beta4
  * Moved from gettext to intltool
  * possibly other minor changes

Version 2.13beta3.1 8/22/06:
  * Implemented email notifications.
  * Notifications for accounts that are still "connecting" are not shown.
  * Removed compatibility with Gaim 1.x.y.

Version 2.13beta3 3/29/06:
  * Implemented file transfer notifications
  * Fixed the "doesn't unqueue conversations correctly" bug.

Version 2.13beta2 1/24/06:
  * Updated to work with Gaim 2.0.0beta2

Version 2.13beta1 12/17/05:
  * Updated to work with gaim 2.0.0Beta1

Version 2.12 8/2/05:
  * Fixed 'Show While Away' bug

Version 2.11 7/30/05:
  * Hit the 10,000 lines of code mark
  * New notifications correctly get the use gtk theme, width, and height
    settings from a master theme if it exists.
  * New notifications will be created to use the gtk theme by default.
  * Notifications can now have aliases in the theme editor.
  * Fixed context menu from crashing Gaim when the buddy is not on your list.
  * Fixed a bug in the context menu for chat join/parts where IM focused the
    chat rather than the user.

Version 2.10 4/8/05:
  * Fixed a bug where the notification height was actually being saved as the
    notification's width if it was using the gtk theme.
  * The currently selected theme for a buddy list node is now properly shown.
  * At long last, animation.
  * Clicking on chat notifications works again.
  * Added notification priorities, see the FAQ for more information.
  * Fixed notifications not showing on 64bit machines. (Tollef Fog Heen)
  * Added back the "Show while away" preference.

Version 2.9 2/10/05:
  * Theme items that were partially off the notification are now rendered.
  * Default font and background can now be set via a gtkrc.
  * Multiple monitor support fully works on both xinerama and win32, including
    setting which monitor to display the notification.
  * All items in the text editor will now be shown in the NLS if it is
    translated, thanks to Nathan Fredrickson for helping me pin this down.

Version 2.8 1/8/05:
  * Fixed the notification titles disappearing in the theme editor (maxcow)
  * Fixed text not showing if no font was set for the notification and the gtk
    theme also didn't have a font.

Version 2.7 1/6/05:
  * Added "Master Notifications" to the theme editor.
  * Added a "Get More" button to the theme list, which displays the theme
    tracker in a web browser.
  * Themes now follow the gtk theme's settings if theres no font, font color,
	or notification background set.
  * Fixed the %r token.
  * Fixed buddy icons showing in typing events.
  * Fixed open conversation action not working for new conversations.
  * Fixed open conversation crashing gaim, if the conversation was closed
    before the notification went away.
  * Fixed notifications only showing for buddies.
  * Fixed notifications appearing partially on screen if the windows taskbar
    was on the top or left and set to stay on top of other windows.
  * Removed monitor/screen preferences for win32.  Notifications will show on
    the monitor with the taskbar.

Version 2.6 12/16/04:
  * Added the ability to select a theme or no theme for buddies contacts and
    groups.  Check the faq for more info.
  * Fixed notifications covering taskbars on win32
  * Fixed monitor pref not working.
  * Fixed a leak in notification finding
  * Fixed memory leaks in theme loading (Miah Gregory)
  * Fixed the context menu, so it works on all notifications.
  * Made editing a theme name for a theme that was loaded, then saved, unload
    and auto reload.
  * Duplicating text items now actually works without crashing gaim.
  * Moved "Max Visible Guifications" to the advanced page
  * Moved the remaining appearance preferences to the new general page
  * Moved the mouse page to the genernal page
  * Removed "Sign On Delay" preference, defaulted to ten seconds
  * Removed "Zoom" preference
  * Removed 'Hide chat join/leave messages' defaulted to no
  * Removed 'Hide notifications for focused conversations', defaulted to yes
  * Removed 'Show contacts as one guification', defaulted to yes
  * Removed 'Show Guifications while away', defaulted to yes
  * Removed 'Show alias if set', defaulted to yes

Version 2.5 11/24/04:
  * Removed "Show during screen saver" pref, and defaulted to no.
  * 64bit compiler warnings and crashes fixed (Nathan Walp)
  * Added the ability to move items and notifications up and down in the theme
  * Added a role to the guifications windows.  Some may find this useful.

Version 2.4 10/14/04:
  * Added back the pangoft2 dependency.  Yes this means text is readable 
  * Added a copy theme button to the theme tab
  * Fixed a crash bug if you sorted themes by summary and a theme didn't 
    have a summary

Version 2.3 10/7/04:
  * Removed pangoft2 dependency
  * Removed horizontal and vertical offset prefs for the stack.  We now use
    the _NET_WORKAREA atom to position accordingly
  * Theme info pane now shows what notifications and how many of that type
    that a theme supports
  * Added a 'Nick Spoken' event
  * Bug where we see our own chat messages fixed
  * Implemented show contacts as one guifications
  * Added throttling for events

Version 2.2 9/16/04:
  * Added preference to not show when the screen saver is active
  * Made the columns of the notification and theme lists sortable
  * Fixed buddy icons not working
  * Added a duplicate button to the theme editor's toolbar to duplicate a
    notification or an item
  * Fixed image corruption when it's copied to the theme dir
  * Icon items of buddy icons or status icons fallback to the protocol icon
    if the person does not have a buddy icon or is not a buddy.
  * Updated to work with gaim 1.0.0

Version 2.1 8/26/04:
  * Fixed the off by one bug for 'Max Visible Guifications' pref
  * The return of mouse preferences
  * Gtk 2.0 support (again)
  * Drag-and-drop theme installation
  * Icon types and sizes no longer need to be explictly set
  * Added a pref to hide conversation notifications if the conversation has
  * Added topic-changed notification
  * %r format token fixed
  * Moved to SourceForge's CVS server
  * Themes now save in a human readable xml format
  * Added the ability to create a notification anywhere in the theme editor
  * Added the ability to create an item while editing an item in the theme
  * Fixed the select a theme, click delete, select another theme, click yes
    in the delete confirmation, deletes wrong theme bug
  * Fixed the select an item, click delete, select another item, click yes
    in the delete confirmation, deletes wrong item bug
  * %c will look for the alias of the chat or user if the preference to
    show alias is enabled
  * Fixed bug in Top-Left Horizontal positioning
  * Added option to choose which display in a multihead system to display
    the notifications on (requires gtk 2.2.0 and up)
  * Fixed positioning so they won't be placed in dead areas created by
    xinerama (requires gtk 2.2.0 and up)
  * Pango 1.2.3-1.2.5 unreadable font bug fixed.  Many thanks to all that
    helped us track this down, as well as Stu, who tweaked it

Version 2.0 8/17/04:
  * Completely rewritten
  * Added theme support and editor
  * Added natural language support
  * Added a bunch of new notifications (more to come)
  * Added a preference for the maximum of guifications to show at once
  * Mouse preferences removed, they will be added back in the next version.
    For the time being, left is open conversation, middle is destory, and
    right is get info
  * Updated to work with gaim 0.81

Version 1.10 7/15/04:
  * Changed the changed signal for spin buttons to value-changed so if someones
    Gtk theme is hiding the up down buttons, the pref will still get saved.
  * Updated to work with gaim 0.80

Version 1.9 6/24/04:
  * Updated to work with gaim 0.79

Version 1.8 5/27/04:
  * Updated to work with gaim 0.78
  * Finally added offsets for the notifications
  * Redefined compiler warnings removed (Stu Tomlinson)

Version 1.7 4/24/04:
  * Updated to work with gaim 0.77
  * Added a notification for a message being received (Aaron Bock)
  * Only the last action performed by a user will be shown.  The last is the
    most revelant, for example, "so and so is back", "so and so signed off"
    will now only display that "so and so signed off"
  * Memory leaks have been sealed

Version 1.6 4/1/04:
  * Added a signal emit so that we can display other plugins contributions to
    the buddy context menu
  * Fixed some memory leaks in the ellipsis code
  * Fixed some spelling mistakes
  * Changed the way that I grab the protocol icon.  This should make
	guifications no longer depend on the prpl_info struct not changing.  That
	means no more releases just to fix that ;)

Version 1.5 01/10/04:
  * Guifications will no longer work with Gaim prior to 0.75, if you do
    not want to update Gaim, 1.4 will work just fine.  There are no
    plans to add backwards compatibility
  * The library name has changed from to, so be sure
    to clear the old file out.  They will both work at the same time, but I do
    not suggest it
  * Guifications no longer needs to be in the Gaim source tree to compile.
    It will still compile with in the gaim source tree, but it is no longer
    mandatory, nor does it require you to edit any of Gaim's files
  * Updated guifications to work without prpl id's, I know this doesn't mean
    much to most of you, but it's a change ;)
  * Fixed a bug where if a connection was canceled and then later established,
    no guifications would be shown for that account
  * Ray added a toggle to hide guifications while away, note: this will only
    hide guifications for accounts that are away.  If you have multiple accounts
    connected, and only one account away, you will still see guifications from
    the other accounts
  * Fixed some errors and left out information in the INSTALL file
  * Fixed a bug where local and server alias would not be displayed correct if
    they contained html special chars
  * Updated the default background: made the gaim guy smaller so the
    default text doesn't overlap him
  * Updated most if not all of the docs

Version 1.4 12/08/03:
  * Added user defined mouse buttons for clicking on a guification.  These
    include: Close Window, Get Info, Open Conversation, View Log, and the main
    context menu from the buddy list.
  * Potential bug where an image gets set with a notification up removed.
    This really wasn't a bug, but it just looked bad.
  * Made clicking a guification to open a window switch to that tab if tab
    windows are enabled and a conversation is already open.
  * Added release notification.  Theres a toggle for it on the advanced tab.
  * Fixed "growing" option menus (dropdown lists)
  * Added the ability to "zoom" the guifications

Version 1.3 11/03/03:
  * Notifications will now open up an IM window when they are clicked.  This
    is probably buggy, so play with it and let me know.
  * Fixed the bug where the notifications were only showing if all events
    were checked
  * Added message box if an invalid image file is selected

Version 1.2 11/01/03:
  * Fixed a compiler warning
  * Took animation out completely, I got it working but it looked like crap so
    I just removed it all together.
  * Windows makefiles added and it should compile under windows now
  * Windows binary added to sf releases
  * Debugging output added to all functions

Version 1.1 10/29/03:
  * Fixed an issue with the file selection dialog showing the current font
    as the previous image
  * Other random fixes and clean ups in the configuration window

Version 1.0 10/29/03:
  * Everything in the configuration window is working except for animations.
    Since I haven't come up with a decent and effective way to do it yet, it
    will have to wait.
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