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UserAgentParser is a php library to parse user agents,
and extracts browser name & version and operating system.

UserAgentParser is NOT designed to parse bots user agent strings; 
UserAgentParser will only be accurate when parsing user agents 
coming from Javascript Enabled browsers!

UserAgentParser is designed for simplicity and will accuratly detect 
most used web browsers, is regularly updated to detect newly OS and browsers.

Potential limitations:
- it does NOT detect sub sub versions, ie. the "5" in 1.4.5 ; this is design decision to simplify the version number
- it does NOT properly detect search engine, bots, etc. user agents, it's designed to detect browsers with javascript enabled.

Feature request:
- it could have the notion of operating system "types", ie "Windows". 
  It currently only has "Windows XP", "Windows Vista", etc.

Feedback, patches:
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