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			    SWI-Prolog INCLP(R)

Author: Leslie De Koninck, K.U.Leuven

This  software  is a  Constraint Logic  Programming library,  capable of
solving nonlinear (polynomial) constraints over the  real numbers. It is
based  on interval  arithmetic techniques  and is  built on  top of  the
K.U.Leuven  CHR implementation  which is  also part  of SWI-Prolog.  The
software is released with permission  from the author under the standard
SWI-Prolog  license schema:  GPL-2  +  statement  to allow  linking with
proprietary software.

The sources of this  package  are  maintained in  packages/inclpr in the
SWI-Prolog  source  distribution.  The  documentation    source   is  in
man/lib/inclpr.doc as part of the overall SWI-Prolog documentation.

More information on INCLP(R) can be found at

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