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E-puck Player Driver

E-puck Player Driver is a driver for Player, which provide a way
for to control a e-puck robot by Player. This driver is only
for control the real robot, the driver for simulation on Stage
is not provided.
Currently this driver work in player version 2.0.X and 2.1.X.

This driver is composite by a PC side program and an e-puck side program.
The PC side program is under folder src, is written in C++ and use the Player
libraries. The e-puck side program is under folder epuckSide, is written in C
and use the e-puck project library.

In the e-puck side program, if the e-puck was turned on or reseted with the
switch in position zero, it will enter in upload program mode, where it does
nothing else turn on the led zero and wait. Any other position will enter in
Player Driver mode.
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