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This directory contains sample input files for `ode', originally written by
Nicholas B. Tufillaro 1982-1994 <>.  GNU enhancements by 
Robert S. Maier <>, copyright (C) 1996-1998
Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Documentation, and instructions on how to run `ode' and display the
resulting output, appears at the head of each file.

The documentation in each of the files refers to `graph -T X', the command
that will display a graph in a window on an X Window System display.  You
may substitute `graph -T ps' to obtain Postscript output, `graph -T tek' to
draw the plot in a Tektronix emulator window, and so forth.

The file is an executable shell script that calls `ode', rather
than an `ode' input file.
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