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plptools - Access EPOC device (Psion PDA) over a serial link…  more info»


Changes since Version 0.9

See release notes for each version, and CVS history.

Changes from Version 0.7 to 0.8

 - Fixed lot of bugs, especially in nfs code
 - Series 3 _should_ work again.
 - Added support for KDE (KDE >= 2.1)
 - Added KDE Application "kpsion"

Changes from Version 0.6 to 0.7

 - Changed timezone-stuff again. With S5, now the machine-info is
   evaluated. This info holds the Psion's time-offset so that we
   are able to calculate the offset correctly, regardless of the
   Psion's setting. All that is done in a new class PsiTime.
   For S3, a Fallback is provided using an Env-Variable "PSI_TZ" which
   can be set to the Psion's time-offset in seconds.
 - Added lots of rpc related stuff:
 - Implemented a procfs-like subdir in plpnfsd. Processes can
   be examined and misc. parameters can be examined/changed using
   the entries in <psionMountDir>/proc/
   Several parameters can now be changed on the fly:
     attribute-cache timeout in seconds: proc/acache     (rw)
     debuglevel:                         proc/debuglevel (rw)
     directory-cache timeout in seconds: proc/dcache     (rw)
     Psion's owner-info:                 proc/owner      (ro)
     Unix-owner of mounted directory:    proc/unixowner  (rw)

   Stopping of plpnfsd has now changed:
       reference /mnt/psion/exit
       echo stop > /mnt/psion/proc/exit
   This should be safer than accidentally referencing a file.

   For every process running on the psion, a subdir in proc/ is
   created with two files "cmd" and "args" (both ro). cmd is the
   process-name, args is it's commandline.
 - Added machinfo command in plpftp for displaying lot of interesting
   information about S5. (E.g. battery status etc.)
 - Added killsave and runrestore to plpftpd. Both take a unix file
   as argument. killsave kills all processes on the Psion and saves
   restart-information to the specified file. runrestore reads a file
   created by killsave and starts all processes saved in this file.
   -> Functionality similar to the behavior of PsiWin before/after backup.

Changes from Version 0.5 to 0.6:

 - Maintenance release: bugfixes in plpnfsd and libs which make
   the mounted device writable again.
Changes from Version 0.4 to 0.5:

 - merged all stuff from Matt Gumbley's plptools-0.4-mjg5
   see his README.mjg
 - Added a speedup-patch for plpnfsd from Rudol Koenig. This
   should also solve Olaf Flebbe's problems as a side effect.
 - Added command- and filename-completion to plpftp
 - Changed plpftp's default-drive to "AUTO". This triggers
   auto-detection of available drives and selecting the first one.
 - fixed various bugs in plpftp
 - added hash printing in plpftp.
 - Added new commands "ps", "kill" and "run" to plpftp (these should
   work at least for Series5. For Series3: INCOMPLETE)
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