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   -- asciidoc, (package: asciidoc),
      to create documentation in different formats (man, pdf, html)
      NOTE: The distribution tar contains the doc in all available formats,
            so you don't need asciidoc to make and install procServ

procServ is on Sourceforge:

Read-only access to the source code repository (Mercurial) is available at:

For a wiki, and to create bug reports, feature or support requests,
use procServ's Trac instance at:

Building within an EPICS build system

   Unpack procServ at the appropriate place within your EPICS structure.
   Inside that directory, run ./configure --with-epics-top=TOP
   where TOP is the relative path to the structure TOP.
   (For a structure created with, the appropriate place
   for the procServ subdir would be under TOP/src, with ../.. being the relative
   path to specify to configure - which is the default.)

Building from procServ Mercurial repository

   Requires autoconf >=2.61, automake >= 1.10

   Optional asciidoc >= 8.4, FOP >= 0.95, xsltproc >= 1.1.24

   $ hg clone
   $ cd procserv
   $ make
   $ ./configure --enable-doc
   $ make

   Note: When building from the repository you must explicitly
         use --enable-doc or --disable-doc.  Omitting this
         option assumes the distribution behaviour, that
         the documentation should be installed, but doesn't
         need to be built.

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