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psgml - Emacs Add-On to edit SGML/XML documents…  more info»


This file requires a recent Emacs or XEmacs (tested with GNU Emacs 19.34 on
Linux and GNU Emacs 19.28.1 on SunOS), together with Lennart Staflin's PSGML
mode (tested with version 1.0.1) and David Megginson's DSSSL extensions
(psgml-dsssl.el). It can also take advantage of David Love's new scheme.el
which defines dsssl-mode. Obviously, you also need working installations of
the programs you want to use (Jade, Jadetex, etc). All of these can be
found following links from the SGML Web page. 

Install this file somewhere on your load path, byte-compile it, and
include the following in your .emacs or site-start.ed file:

 (add-hook 'sgml-mode-hook '(lambda () (require 'psgml-jade)))

Make the file `customize.dtd' accessible to jade and psgml. This typically
means adding a catalog entry for this file like:

PUBLIC "-//Matthias Clasen//DTD Customizable DSSSL Style Sheet//EN" "customize.dtd"      

If you want to customize inherited characteristics, set the variable
sgml-dsssl-added-characteristics to the name of a customizable style sheet
containing descriptions of the characteristics. The file `characteristics.dsl' 
is a small example.

Now, whenever you are editing an SGML document with PSGML, you will
see an additional menu with title `DSSSL'. It contains the following 
entries (also listed are their keyboard equivalents)

  `Jade'                       `M-x sgml-command' 
  `JadeTeX'                    `M-x sgml-command' 
  `View dvi'                   `M-x sgml-command' 
  `Kill Job'                   `M-x sgml-kill-job' 
  `Recenter Output Buffer'     `M-x sgml-recenter-output-buffer'
  `File Options >'
  `Make new style sheet'       `M-x sgml-dsssl-make-spec'
  `Edit style sheet'           `M-x sgml-dsssl-edit-spec'
  `Customize style sheet'   
  `Save customizations'        `M-x sgml-dsssl-write-customize'

For details how to add commands to the menu, see the documentation of
the variables in psgml-dsssl.el 

The listed menu entries have the following meaning:

  `Jade' calls jade with sensible command line parameters.
  `JadeTeX' calls jadetex with sensible command line parameters.
  `View dvi' calls `xdvi' by default.
  `Kill Job' kills a job started with one of the above entries.
  `Recenter Output Buffer' shows the output of the most recently started job. 
  `File Options >' opens a submenu that allows setting of the Jade backend,
   the style sheet, the style-specification and the preferred language 
   for the customization menus.
  `Make new style sheet' creates a style sheet template using 
   David Megginson's `sgml-dsssl-make-spec'.
  `Edit style sheet' brings up a buffer with the selected style sheet.
  `Customize style sheet'  If the style sheet is following the DTD 
    distributed	with this file, this menu entry contains a submenu for   
    changing variable settings in the style sheet.   
  `Save customizations' saves the customized variable settings to a file. 
   The generated file is a fully valid style sheet. You may reload your 
   customizations from this file by selecting it as style sheet. 

You can try out all this using the style sheets `test.dsl' and
`html32hc-cust.dsl' distributed with this file. `html32hc-cust.dsl' requires
Jon Bosak's `html32hc.dsl' style sheet for html printout which should also
be available from the SGML Web page. You will have to adjust the entity
declaration in line 2 of `html32hc-cust.dsl'.

I'd like to hear about bugs or possible improvements or comments on the
whole approach to customizing style sheets. You can reach me at

Matthias Clasen <> 

Have fun, Matthias
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