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Basemap example scripts is the simple example given in the Basemap docstrings. is the same example, but using the "OO" interface (does
not import pylab). exercises all the available map projections by plotting the etopo 
20 minute bathymetry/topography data using imshow. demonstrates the use of filled contours with map projections. is the example on the matplotlib 'screenshots' page (included
in which shows the ETOPO topography as an image on a Lambert
Conformal projection (using imshow). is a version of that does not import pylab - it uses
the matplotlib OO interface instead. is a version of that shows how to mask out
portions of the plot (in this case the oceans) using pcolor and imshow. shows how to draw a great circle on a map (NY to London) draws maps of ireland with the crude, low and intermediate
resolution boundary datasets. It also shows how to pickle and re-load a
Basemap class instance (useful for high-res coastlines when you are plotting
the same small map region many times in different scripts). shows how to plot wind vectors on a map. demonstrates the use of scatter to plot randomly distributed
points on the earth. demonstrates the orthographic projection - you can interactively
enter the reference lat/lon (the viewpoint of the satellite). Also shows
how to plot the default 5 minute land-sea mask, specifying the colors
to be used for land and ocean areas. is a sample multi-panel plot.  Care is taken to preserve the aspect ratio of the map in each panel, and a common title and colorbar is created.  
Requires the opendap module ( and an 
active internet connection to fetch the data to be plotted. is the example from the MatplotlibCookbook scipy wiki page
( is an example that shows how to draw 
and fill polygons (in this case U.S. States) from
and ESRI shapefile. plots hurricane tracks from shapefile data 
(from is an example that shows how to plot raster geospatial data
using the gdal module (  Requires two data
files that must be downloaded manually, see docstrings for URLs. shows how to make multi-panel plots, taking special care to 
make sure that map aspect ratios are preserved (so you don't get squished
and/or stretched maps). illustrates the use of the special-case versions of the 
stereographic, lambert azimuthal equal area, azimuthal equidistant 
projections (prefixed by 'np' and 'sp'). shows how to interpolate (warp) an image from one
map projection to another. Requires PIL, and an image from, makes a 'World According to Garp' map - an azimuthal equidistant
projection centered on a specified location.  Straight lines from that
location to any point on the map have true scale and show the shortest
route.  Shows how to use the 'width' and 'height' keywords
to specify the map projection region (instead of specifying
the lat/lon of the upper right and lower left corners).

More examples of using the 'width' and 'height' keywords (instead of
'llcrnrlat','llcrnrlon','urcrnrlat','urcrnrlon') are given in shows how to make an animation. is a driver script that runs all the examples except,, and (which rely on external dependencies).

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