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pyqtrailer - PyQt4 application to download trailers from…  more info»


This is nice little application to help you download and view trailers
from in a Linux-friendly way :-)

It shows descriptions, posters, and other movie information. See
"screenshots" subdirectory for a few shots of application

== Author ==
Stanislav Ochotnicky (

== License ==

This application is released under GNU GPLv3. See LICENSE file for details

== Requirements ==

    * Python 2.6+ (including Python 3.x)
    * pytrailer
    * python-dateutil
    * PyQt4

== Installation ==

Releases are made using If your distribution doesn't
provide packages for you easiest way to install pyqtrailer on most
Linux distributions is:

 $ easy_install pyqtrailer

You have to have PyQt4 already installed though (depends on your

Now you should have "pyqtrailer" executable script in your $PATH. Enjoy
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