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python-gtkspell - Python bindings for the GtkSpell library…  more info»


This package contains the following python modules, wrapping similarly
named libraries:

  - gtkhtml2
  - egg.trayicon, egg.recent (these are now deprecated)
  - gtkmozembed
  - gtkspell
  - gdl
  - gda
  - gksu, gksu.ui

If you're looking for one of the following python modules, they moved
to the package gnome-python-desktop:

  - gnomeapplet
  - gnomeprint, gnomeprint.ui
  - gtksourceview
  - wnck
  - totem.plparser
  - gtop
  - nautilusburn
  - mediaprofiles

== Installation Hints ==

  When you run ./configure, the libraries available on the system
(with respective header files) are automatically detected.  If one
module was not enabled while you expected it to be, try looking at the
file config.log; it may provide some useful clues as to why detection

  All the modules for which the corresponding libraries are available
are going to be compiled when you type 'make'.  It is, however,
possible to only build/install a specific module, by changing into the
appropriate subdirectory.  For instance, to build only gtkspell, do

  $ ./configure
  $ cd gtkspell
  $ make && make install
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