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Pycha is a very simple Python package for drawing charts using the great
`Cairo <>`_ library. Its goals are:

* Lightweight
* Simple to use
* Nice looking with default values
* Customization

It won't try to draw any possible chart on earth but draw the most common ones
nicely. There are some other options you may want to look at like
`pyCairoChart <>`_.

Pycha is based on `Plotr <>`_ which is based on
`PlotKit <>`_. Both libraries are written in
JavaScript and are great for client web programming. I needed the same for the
server side so that's the reason I ported Plotr to Python. Now we can deliver
charts to people with JavaScript disabled or embed them in PDF reports.

Pycha is distributed under the terms of the `GNU Lesser General Public License


You can find Pycha's documentation at


You can get the last bleeding edge version of pycha by getting a clone of
the Mercurial repository::

  hg clone

Don't forget to check the
`Release Notes <>`_
for each version to learn the new features and incompatible changes.


There is a mailing list about PyCha at
You can join it to ask questions about its use or simply to talk about its
development. Your ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated!
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