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Version 0.5

Implemented support for python 3. This required a significant change to
the C module, hence the new version number.

Version 0.4


The old functions ({get,set,list,remove}xattr) are deprecated and replaced with
a new API that is namespace-aware and hopefully will allow other OSes (e.g.
FreeBSD) to be supported more naturally.

Both the old and the new API are supported in the 0.4 versions, however users
are encouraged to migrate to the new API.

New features

A new bulk get function called get_all() has been added that should be somewhat
faster in case of querying files which have many attributes.


Since LGPLv3 is not compatible with GPLv2 (which unfortunately I didn't realize
before), the license was changed to LGPLv2.1 or later.


Unittest coverage was improved.

Version 0.3

* changed licence from GPL to LGPL (3 or later)
* changed listxattr return type from tuple to a list
* developer-related: added unittests

Version 0.2.2

* fixed listing symlink xattrs

Version 0.2.1

* fixed a bug when reading symlink EAs (you weren't able to
  do it, actually)
* fixed a possible memory leak when the actual read of the EA
  failed but the call to get the length of the EA didn't
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