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The following people have contributed to this program:

   Robert Kaye (
    - Wrote most of it.

   Matthias Friedrich <>
    - Provided a patch and feedback for getting tunepimp to compile on NetBSD.
    - Added readline support if readline is installed
    - Added allowedFileNameCharacters option
    - Provided documentation for the C binding

   Simon George <>
    - Added APE support and the initial Win32 port

   Clayton O'Neill <
    - Added FLAC support
    - Added %format specifier

   Robert Jordens <>
    - Supplied a patch that lets the python and perl bindings build locally
    - Debian package maintenance

   Bitzi Corporation <>
    - The plugin architecture used in TunePimp has been lifted from
      the Public Domain implementation of Bitzi's bitcollider.

   Vidar Wahlberg <>
    - Provided a couple of minor patches for tp_tagger and filelookup.cpp
    - Provided a patch to implement %l, %u and %0 - %9 prefixes to control
      case and length of following variables.
    - Fixed a problem in track.cpp where sometimes tracks would refuse to 
      save if only chase changed.

   Mike McCallister <>
    - Provided a small patch that fixed two memory allocation issues

   John Nilsson <>
    - Provided a small patch to fix building on Gentoo

   Eli Miller <>
    - Provided the Non-album support patch

   David Hull <> 
    - Provided a few small patches to fix a few minor bugs

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