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2005-02-07  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 2.04.

	* src/ in
	enqueue_and_play_launch_if_session_not_started(), if xmms is not
	already running, just run it without any command-line argument,
	and then call enqueue_and_play(). Rationale: with only one xmms
	call and the -e and -p options, either XMMS will clear the
	playlist before adding the new files/URLs, or it will start
	playing from the wrong playlist entry.

2004-08-10  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 2.03.

	* Change the license for every copyrighted file from GNU GPL
	"version 2 or (at your option) any later version" to GNU GPL
	"version 2 dated June, 1991".

2003-11-19  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 2.02.

	* src/_xmmscontrolmodule.c: Tell the user that play_files is
	deprecated in libxmms.

	* src/_xmmscontrolmodule.c: Use PyDoc_STRVAR whenever possible if
	it is defined.

2003-11-11  Florent Rougon  <>

	* src/ Add the "common" module to __all__.

2003-11-10  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 2.01.

	* Remove the .pyc files created by pydoc
	in the build directory.

2003-11-09  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 2.00.

	* Better structure, (hopefully) better handling of
	glib-config results, PyPI support.

	* src/ error.complete_message does not add a full stop
	at the end of the message any more, so that the user can decide
	whether he wants one or not.

	* src/ PyXMMSGenericException is now an alias for error
	(xmms.error, or xmms.common.error). Referring to this object as
	PyXMMSGenericException is now obsolete.

	* Add NEWS and
	* Update all docs impacted by this change.
	* Add a component for configuration file management. xmms is
	not a module any more, but a Python package. is now
	known as src/, and lives next to src/ and
	src/ (among other less notorious neighbours).
2003-09-14  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 1.07.

	* Get rid of a DeprecationWarning encountered with
	Python 2.3 when passing a float to a function expecting an

	* _xmmsmodule.c: Fix multi-line strings to enable compilation
	with gcc 3.3.

2002-09-06  Florent Rougon  <>

	* _xmmsmodule.c: Mention in jump_to_time's doc that its
	precision is not better than 1s (at least in XMMS 1.2.7).

2002-07-05  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 1.06 (otherwise I suspect the doc could remain
	sub-optimal for a bit too long according to my tastes...).

	* Documentation improvement thanks to Greg Ward.

2002-06-01  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 1.05.

	* Add an argument to fade_out allowing to control
	whether we restore the main volume afterwards (this change is

	* PyXMMSGenericException now derives from the Python
	standard class Exception.

	* Fix a typo (_exit instead of os._exit).

2002-05-12  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Release 1.04.

	* Add the fade_out function.

2002-04-07  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Set the Distutils package name to lowercase to ease
	Debian packaging.

2002-04-06  Florent Rougon  <>

	* INSTALL: Add that XMMS development files are required to build

2002-03-17  Florent Rougon  <>

	* Improve the INSTALL file contents.

	* 1.01 release.

	* Polish the documentation.
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