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  Python 3.1 for Debian

This is Python 3.1 packaged for Debian.

This document contains information specific to the Debian packages of
Python 3.1.

   [TODO: This document is not yet up-to-date with the packages.]

Currently, it features those two main topics:

  1. Release notes for the Debian packages:
  2. Notes for developers using the Debian Python packages:

Release notes and documentation from the upstream package are installed
in /usr/share/doc/python3.1/.

There's a mailing list for discussion of issues related to Python on Debian
systems: The list is not intended for
general Python problems, but as a forum for maintainers of Python-related
packages and interested third parties.

1. Release notes for the Debian packages:

Results of the regression test:

The package does successfully run the regression tests for all included
modules. Seven packages are skipped since they are platform-dependent and
can't be used with Linux.

2. Notes for developers using the Debian python packages:

See the draft of the Debian Python policy in /usr/share/doc/python.

distutils can be found in the python3.1-dev package. Development files
like the python library or Makefiles can be found in the python3.1-dev
package in /usr/lib/python3.1/config. Therefore, if you need to install 
a pure python extension, you only need python3.1. On the other hand, to 
install a C extension, you need python3.1-dev.

a) Locally installed Python add-ons

    /usr/local/lib/site-python/ (version-independent modules)

b) Python add-ons packaged for Debian

    /usr/lib/site-python/ (version-independent modules)

Note that no package must install files directly into /usr/lib/python3.1/
or /usr/local/lib/python3.1/. Only the site-packages directory is allowed
for third-party extensions.

Use of the new `package' scheme is strongly encouraged. The `ni' interface
is obsolete in python 1.5.

Header files for extensions go into /usr/include/python3.1/.

Installing extensions for local use only:

Consider using distutils ...

Most extensions use Python's Note that
by default will install files into /usr/lib/, not into /usr/local/lib/,
which is not allowed for local extensions. You'll have to change the
Makefile accordingly. Most times, "make prefix=/usr/local install" will

Packaging python extensions for Debian:

Maintainers of Python extension packages should read



    Gregor Hoffleit <>

Last change: 2001-12-14
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