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qbzr - Graphical interface for Bazaar using the Qt toolkit…  more info»


Todo items, feature requests, wishes, and wild ideas.

 - allow changing of location in qbrowse -- is it really needed? [bialix]
 - tabbed (per file) qdiff view
 - more information in qblame (like gblame) -- needs more details [bialix]
 - pluggable API for adding pages to qconfig from other plugins

 - faster qdiff on big binary files: provide small optimization re binary
     1) try to get content of binary file from working tree first
     2) if it's really binary file and it's not image file then skip
        reading its content from revision tree/repository
     3) support for binary settings in rules file (global/local does not
        matter), e.g. 
         * rule name: ``binary``, 
         * possible values: ``auto`` (default, require content check),
           ``yes`` (force binary mode, no need to check content),
           ``no`` (force text mode, no need to check content)
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