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QMass Deathmatch Mod

This is a deathmatch modification for Quake2.  It aims to bring the
functionality of several mods into one, and gives the players the ability
to pick and choose features in realtime.


This mod ships with Quetoo, but it should run within any Quake2
compatible engine.  Still, unless you feel like creating a Makefile for it,
your best bet is to download and build Quetoo, and enable the mod at the
configure stage:

./configure --with-games='qmass' [--with-mysql[=path]]
make install


There are several new cvars and cmds, as well as a couple small features
that may be of interest to you:.

log_mysql "0" Setting this to "1" will enable logging of frags and chat
messages to a MySQL database.  To specify the host and database parameters,
use mysql_host, mysql_user, mysql_db, and mysql_password.  See the Stats 
wiki page at

log_fraglog "0" Setting this to "1" will enable logging of frags to 
fraglog.log.  Likewise, setting log_chatlog to "1" will log chat messages
to chatlog.log.

sv_maplist "maps.list"  This is no longer a string of map names, but 
the name of a text file containing the levels you wish to rotate on your
server.  The default "maps.lst" which ships with Quake2 is a good place
to start.  Copy it to your qmass game directory and edit it to your
liking.  File should be in Unix format (\n).  Map titles in quotes are 
perfectly acceptable, just as the default file contains.

sv_rmap "0"  Setting this to "1" enables random selection of the maps
listed in the sv_maplist file.

gameplay "0"  The default value yields normal deathmatch play, ala baseq2.
A value of "1" turns on "Instagib" (Railgun-only) play, and "2" enables
"Arena" play.  All weapons, items, and powerups are stripped from the level
in modes "1" and "2".  Self-damage is also disabled.

teams "0"  Setting this to "1" enables teamplay.  Two teams exist.  Players
must elect to join a team with the team command.  The teamname and teamskin
commands allow players to modify their teams.  Team scores can be reset by 
voting for the "reset" command.

hook "0"  Setting this to "1" enables the (in)famous Lithium II style
offhand grappling hook.  Players should bind a key to "+hook".

sv_allow_vote "1"  Allow things like map, gameplay, and teams to be
voted upon by players.  Players should use the vote command.  A vote must
reach a majority in order to pass.  Only maps present in sv_maplist can be 
voted for.

sv_inter_sound "qmass.wav" This specifies sound file used for intermission
music.  We find a snippet of Miami Sound Machine quite fitting :)

You may also notice that players are asigned a random male skin on connect.
We find that this has several nice effects: 1.  No annoying, skinny, hard-to-
see ladies running around.  2.  People get to see some of the really well 
made but seldom used male skins.  3.  Everyone triggers pain sounds from the 
QMass Sound Pak, see

And lastly, there are some truly tasteless obituary messages.  Enjoy.


This mod performs some file IO.  Quake2 provides no facilities for resolving 
the mod directory.  Therefore, the environment variable QUAKE2_HOME is 
expected to contain the Quake2 data installation path upon loading this mod.
Quetoo exports QUAKE2_HOME as ~/.quake2 upon startup to simplify this.  If 
you are running this mod with a different engine (e.g. R1Q2), you must set 
this explicitly


Jay Dolan,
The QuakeForge Project,
id Software,


The QMass Deathmatch Mod is released under the GNU General Public License 
(GPL) v2.0.
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