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The file ra/NOTES has some additional documentation.  The "ra"
directory under the R root contains some Ra specific bits and pieces,
including this file.  Grep for "RA_TODO" in the sources for things
that need attention.

Summary of the process used to build Ra from the sources:

    a. Copy the R-2.9.2 sources into a new directory
    b. Install the "jit" package into the new directory
    c. Untar the Ra files in the new directory (this will
       overwrite and add some files)
    d. Build R in the new directory

Step b can actually be performed at any time after a, c, or d.

To build in a Windows environment

I assume you are familiar with building R from the sources.  The Ra
build process will be streamlined in due course, but for now perform
the following steps.

1. Build a clean R from the R-2.9.2 sources in a new directory
       make all recommended
   The make is not strictly necessary but it does ensure that R
   can be built in the new directory.

2. cd to your build root
   To confirm: ls -CF should show COPYING, bin/ doc/ etc.

3. Install the "jit" package by downloading the installer from the
   Ra web page and running it.

4. Copy the jit directory from the installed R-2.9.2 library directory
   to the library directory under your new build root.
   Use something this like this to do the copy:
       cp -r "/Program Files/R/R-2.9.2/library/jit" library
   To check, run the R you just built above and use:

   An alternative to steps 3 and 4 is to download the jit package source
   from CRAN and build the jit package the old fashioned way with "R CMD".

5. Check that you are still in your build root directory and execute:
       gzip -d ra-x.x.x.tar.gz  (change x.x.x to the Ra version)
       tar -xvf ra-x.x.x.tar
   This will overwrite, Internal.h, eval.c, and others.
   It will create new files jit.h, jit.c, and others

6. cd to src/gnuwin32

7. Rebuild R:
       make clean  (important but it is ok not to delete recommended packages)
       make all recommended
   This will write the executables into bin -- the new executables
   will have jitting enabled.
   R.version.string and friends will report that it is a Ra build.

7. Test the new build in the ra\tests directory:
       ..\..\bin\Rterm --vanilla <test-jit.R >test-jit.Rout 2>&1
       diff test-jit.Rout
   The diff should show no differences except for the build date.
   (The "2>&1" redirects stderr to stdout.)

   You can also do a  "make check-all".  All tests should be no worse
   than running make check-all on your standard R build, except for
   a warning while checking base ("undocumented code object jit").
   This warning is under investigtation.

8. Try some things with the new executable.  For example:
   There are a some batch files for doing timing tests in
   the ra\tests directory.

To build in other environments

Dirk Eddelbuettel has done an official Debian port.

People report that Ra builds without issues in other environments.
The procedure is to untar the Ra files over a standard R directory
tree and then do a build as usual.
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