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                     Ragel State Machine Compiler -- README

1. Build Requirements

 * Make
 * g++

If you would like to modify Ragel and need to build Ragel's scanners and
parsers from the specifications then set "build_parsers=yes" the DIST file and
reconfigure. This variable is normally set to "no" in the distribution tarballs
and "yes" in version control. You will need the following programs:

 * ragel (the most recent version)
 * kelbt (the most recent version)

To build the user guide set "build_manual=yes" in the DIST file and
reconfigure. You will need the following extra programs:

 * fig2dev
 * pdflatex

2. Compilation and Installation

Ragel uses autoconf and automake. 

$ ./configure --prefix=PREFIX
$ make
$ make install
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