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This directory contains the Perl script and supporting files to:
* Compile Parrot and Rakudo in a way that removes embedded dependencies on
  the builder's home directory; such dependencies have been a problem on
* Package the compiled binaries into a .dmg disk image for Mac OS X.
  Users can open the .dmg file, then just drag the Rakudo_Star folder onto
  the /Applications folder to install.

The process currently depends on first downloading the official R* tarball
for the month, rather than being part of building the tarball itself. This
may seem non-optimal, but it helps limit the chance of the binary varying
too much from a end-user's source build, and it keeps the R* release
manager from needing the same platform as the binary build person. Also,
it is the way I designed and wrote it before realizing there might be any
other way :)

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