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This directory lists patches used by the Debian package. It is not used
by the normal Debian package build, as the patches are already applied
by the .diff.gz all together.

* If you are NMUing the Debian package:

  Just ignore this directory (unless it helps you to understand what I did).
  Everything applicaple to your .orig.tar.gz should already be in the
  .diff.gz you have. Just modify the actual code, submit a patch with what
  you did to the BTS and let me sort it out and include the patch in this

* If you do a locally modified package:

  Your choice. But you can savely ignore this directory. Nothing in the
  build system uses it.

* If you are preparing a new version

  Start with the clean source from git or the tarball. Choose which of the patches
  from this directy you want to apply and apply them. Copy the debian directory
  and build.
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