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pkg://request-tracker4_4.0.1.orig.tar.gz:5920720/rt-4.0.1/t/data/gnupg/emails/  info  downloads


Set of emails signed and/or encrypted using real MUAs(mutt, thunderbird).

All messages have subejct 'Test Email ID:\d+'.
ID matches number in name of the corresponding file.
Top most entity of a message as well contains 'ID:\d+' text.

Emails may have either text plain or binary attachment.
Text of plain attachment is
"This is a test attachment.  The magic word is:  zanzibar."

Content of binary attachment is RT's favicon.png.

Encrypted messages encrypted for

Messages signed using key.

Name of a file may contain the following parts separated by dash:
* signed
* encrypted
* MIME - RFC format
* inline - inline format
* with-attachment - text plain attachment
* with-binary     - binary attachment

In total 18 emails using all possible combinations.
18 = 3 (signed/encrypted/both) * 2 (MIME/inline)
    * 3 (no/text/binary)

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