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rhevsh - A command-line interface to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization…  more info»


== Introduction ==

This is a command-line interface for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

== Installation ==

NOTE: rhevsh depends on python-rhev, which in return requires a package
called "PyXB". There is a bug in PyXB, which prevents installation via PyPI.
Before you can install rhevsh, you therefore need to install PyXB manually.
If there's an OS package available, use your OS package manager to install
it. If not, download and install it from here:

The version that is known to work well is PyXB-base-1.1.2.

Once PyXB is installed, you can install rhevsh.

Installation from the source directory:

 $ python build
 # python install

Installation via easy_install:

 # easy_install rhevsh

== Usage ==

rhevsh comes with an extensive only help system. To start out, use:

 $ rhevsh --help
 $ rhevsh
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