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  1. General information

     The 'afdsmgrd' is created under $ROOTSYS/bin .
     The configuration files are copied under $ROOTSYS/etc/proof/ .

  2. Configuration information

     This daemon may be configured to use MonALISA, either from a standalone build or from AliEn.
     However, MonALISA is not mandatory for the build.
     To enable MonALISA monitoing from a standlone build use

       ./configure --enable-afdsmgrd --with-monalisa-include=... --with-monalisa-lib=... <other options>

     To use MonALISA from the AliEn build:

       ./configure --enable-afdsmgrd --with-alien-include=... --with-alien-lib=... <other options>

  3. Other information

     CMake is required to build.
     The daemon has been developed and tested under Linux and MacOsX.
     It should work on other Unix systems.
     Not supported on Windows.

  (Feb 8th, 2011)
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